Replacement cigarette lighter socket

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Replacement cigarette lighter socket girls smoking cigarette

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As long as you have your key out of the ignition, you are fine. Locate the fuse box in the vehicle. The fuse box typically is underneath the hood or the dashboard. It looks like a covered black box with a bunch of colored plugs inside of it and is sometimes labeled. Some vehicles even have multiple fuse boxes controlling different parts.

Remove the cigarette lighter fuse with a pair of pliers. Look for letter labels near the fuses or on the fuse box cover. You can usually remove a fuse box cover by hand, but you may also need a Phillips head screwdriver for yours. Once you locate the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter, use needle-nose pliers to pull it out of the box.

Use a multimeter to make sure you deactivated the lighter. A multimeter is a handheld device that detects electrical currents. To test the lighter, you have to first find an exposed piece of metal in your vehicle, such as a bolt on the door. Hold the black probe to the piece of metal, then touch the red probe to the cigarette lighter socket.

If the meter picks up electrical activity, check the fuses again. You may have removed the wrong one by accident. Method 2 of Use a hook to reach the slots in the cigarette lighter. Look inside the cigarette lighter socket to find the small openings around its sides. These slots allow you to grip the socket, but you need a strong piece of metal to remove it. The easiest tool to use is a lighter socket removal tool, which looks like a small metal bar with a pair of prongs on the end.

Fit the prongs into the slots to begin removing the socket. Also, ask at your local auto parts stores for alternatives. For instance, you could use a metal hook or bend a metal coat hanger to latch onto the socket slots. Turn the lighter socket clockwise to loosen it.

The socket rests inside a second metal tube on your vehicle. Unlike most other connectors in the vehicle, you have to spin the socket clockwise to disconnect it from the tube. Use the removal tool to loosen the socket by spinning it in place. When the socket is loose, it turns freely and may even pop out of the dashboard. You may need to get a pair of pliers to turn the socket by hand.

Check the panel first by trying to remove it with your hands. Work around the edges of the panel, gently prying it away from the rest of the car until you are able to lift it and look behind it. Make sure you get plastic ones instead of metal to avoid damaging the car panel. This is especially true if the socket is near the radio, since the radio and climate control wires most likely also attach to the panel.

Unplug the wire connector if it is still attached to the socket. Lay the panel flat so you are able see any wires behind it. Find the back end of the socket and check it for a wire attachment. If the lighter socket has a wire in it, squeeze the plastic connector, then pull it away from the socket. The connector is typically a round piece of plastic with a bright coloring like blue. You may need to pull it with a little bit of force to pop it off of the socket.

You can remove other connectors on the panel. If you removed the plate around the radio, for instance, the radio controls also have plastic connectors. Pull and turn the socket as needed to finish removing it. Reach behind the panel to push the lighter socket toward you. Most sockets pop out of the dashboard panel without much difficulty. You may also need to spin the socket to loosen it a little more before it pops out. Grab the front end of the socket to turn it by hand until it slides out of the panel.

It is pretty easy to remove, so if it feels stuck, chances are it is still attached to the car. Check for a wire connector and rotate the socket clockwise until it loosens. Method 3 of Remove the side panel to access the back end of the lighter. If the lighter is near the gear stick in your vehicle, reach into the chamber underneath the stick to get to the socket.

Move the seats back as far as possible, then pull off one of the plastic panels in the center part of your car. Work slowly around the edge of the panel until you are able to slide it off. To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Back seat of crew cab big enough for booster seat? Post Reply. Hey TW! My wife GX has one and we haven't stop using it since we bought her GX 6years ago!!!

Below is a picture of what our GX has and it seems like it will fit perfectly in the small switch hole of the Tacoma. I wish Toyota would have include one of these socket instead of having two cigarette lighters in the cabin. Any thoughts? Last edited: Jun 24, STrooper , Jun 24, BangosTaco likes this. You probably need some sort of converter to make 12vV. Lunabird , Jun 24, SearArtist , Jun 24, LstMinutePanic likes this. Last edited: Jun 25, LstMinutePanic and VirusCage like this. Tacospike and TacoPharm like this.

Gonna see a fireworks show. Anchovy , Jun 24, It's a simple add:.

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HOW TO REPLACE CAR CIGARETTE LIGHTER (12V) QUICK AND EASY IN ANY CAR 2018 A 12V socket also known as auxiliary power outlet started out as a way to power the simple but brilliant cigar lighter. The cigar lighter (cigars were more. Whether you want to replace a lost lighter element or install a new power socket from scratch, at AutoZone we make it easy to find the best. Other vehicles include a single cigarette lighter socket and then several 12V accessory sockets that won't even accept cigarette lighters. The.

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