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The end of the world, gang rivalry juicers, booze drugs cannibals, religious nuts, machine guns, more machine guns, molotovs, piss poor beer. I found this book so shallow that I could not force myself to keep reading it. You are wrong in your opinionbut, then, I am sure you are already aware of that fact.

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But after just a few days of filming, Coppola replaced Keitel with Sheen whose audition for the role of Michael in The Godfather had impressed him, even though the part went to Al Pacino. However the actor, who later admitted to drinking heavily throughout the production, suffered a minor heart attack while filming in the Philippines.

The actor returned to work weeks later, with brother Joe Estevez standing in for long-shots and voice-overs during his absence. Memories: Fishburne and Sheen seemed thrilled to be together and posed up a storm on the red carpet ahead of the screening. Johnson in the film. The actor passed away at the age of 53 in after suffering with glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer that starts in the brain.

Fishburne's participation in the film was equally colourful after he landed the role as an unknown teenager. Clean' Miller, and was just 14 when production began in But by the time the movie opened in theatres he had turned 17, the age of his character, due to the long drawn out film shoot, that lasted more than three years instead of the planned five months, and Coppola's drawn out editing process.

Played their parts: Also on hand were original castmembers Frederic Forrest, left, and Albert Hall, right. Veteran actor: Scott Glenn, who had a minor role in Apocalypse Now, came out to support the event as well. Trauma: Sheen suffered a minor heart attack while filming scenes as Willard in the Philippines, putting him out of action for weeks. However Marlon Brando and Sam Bottom's absence was sorely felt on the night.

Bottoms, who played surfer Lance B. Johnson in the film, passed away at the age of 53 in after suffering with glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer that starts in the brain. Brando, who brought the looming Colonel Kurtz to life in Coppola's epic, passed away in aged 80 of pulmonary fibrosis and congestive heart failure. In demand: Fans clamored to get Coppola's autograph before he headed into the movie theatre. Man of the moment: Inside the theatre, the filmmaker said a few words of introduction.

Red carpet style: Actress Illeana Douglas was among the famous faces who came out to see the film and wore a low-cut white lace dress with bright red peep toe heels. VIPs: Other guests included Maya Kazan, left, in a strapless black frock with sheer patterned overlay, left, and Kelly Lynch showed up in a blue floral print dress and white ankle boots. Posed: Thora Birch walked the red carpet in a black tuxedo-style jacket over a white tee and black ripped jeans. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Argos AO. Latest Headlines U. Share this article Share. Most watched News videos Suspected paedophile killer flees after raping and killing daughters Matt Hancock refuses to rule out second national lockdown Vile moment Starbucks customer erupts in furious foul-mouthed rant French police officer stamps and kicks on British suspect's head 'He's a monster! Comments 22 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read Boris Johnson warns that a second wave of coronavirus is 'inevitable' - and UK could have 'on-off' Dominic Raab's bodyguard sparks police dash after his loaded, semi-automatic Glock 19 pistol is found on a You see the drama in the news we're living with it every day: What happens after the migrant boats land The party's over: Newcastle stragglers sink their final pints before curfew - as revellers in Leeds make the This second wave of coronavirus is simply not as deadly if we panic, so many more lives will be lost, says All aboard the Covid coach: Social club members 'had symptoms and were awaiting test results when they went Health secretary Matt Hancock promised 1.

National or local lockdown, shielding, curfew or do nothing? As Covid infections double each week, debate is Yes, I'm at risk. But here's how you CAN let London lockdown IS likely admits Mayor Sadiq Khan after coming out of emergency meeting on lack of testing Sex-mad, blonde and dangerous to know! Sasha Swire favourite icebreaker: 'Do you still sleep with your Game of drones: Now airborne parcel delivery gets its own air corridor as new air traffic system set up for Shelves: apocalyptic-post.

That's cool. I deserve that. One part 'The Road', nine parts Quentin Tarantino. A real page turner. I finished this in a couple of sittings, in less than "Sorry i had to burn you with the cigarette," Terry said. I finished this in a couple of sittings, in less than 24 hours. If you enjoy Tarantino's movies, you'll love this. Feb 24, Lacey rated it really liked it. This book was a fun gun slinging fast paced book.

There is never a dull moment. Which I guess there wouldnt be with the world as we know it ending. Mort, his friend Bill and woman side kick Shelia make a romp through a fallen world. Their lives are much simpler and much harder than ours. Food is scarce, no oil, not much in the form of transportation, go-go girls, Freddy's horrible liquor, and canibals keep the 3 of them busy. They are on a quest to save the only piece of civilization that is left This book was a fun gun slinging fast paced book.

Another group wants to get rid of the Go-gos they go by the name of the red stripes. The red stripes Czar has be able to make fuel again and has created an army of vehicles loaded with ammo to take out the go gos. This book is non stop action! Great book for any guy. And some girls such as myself will have fun with this book.

Mort's story will keep you on your toes and you will be thankful that you live in the world you do! You think you have stress read this book to see how good we all really have it! Jun 02, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: dark-comedy , post-apocalyptic , humor. I'm officially a huge Gischler fan.

There aren't a lot of ways to approach the fall of civilization as we know it, but doing so with wry, dark comedy never goes out of style. Gischler focuses his sardonic gaze on modern American life and examines the tragedy of both its existence and inevitable loss; following an Average Joe as he learns to navigate the post-apocalyptic U. Completed by the "buddy" I'm officially a huge Gischler fan.

Completed by the "buddy" element and a romantic interest or two , Mortimer Tate makes for an excellent perspective from which to explore the destruction--and potential rebirth--of our society. It's light reading, but hauling some heavy gear. Highly recommended for post-apocalyptic literature fans! Oct 13, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: fun-fiction , Words cannot adequately describe how abysmally awful, brainless, stupid, degrading, and boring this book is.

It's as if a bunch of drunk, horny half-witted junior high boys mashed a bunch of elements from far greater end-of-the-world novels and the wizard of oz and tried unsuccessfully to make them funny with attempted witticisms and cartoonish blood and guts. I was hoping that the title was tongue-in-cheek. Unfortunately, not the case. The friend that recommended this book and thrust it into Words cannot adequately describe how abysmally awful, brainless, stupid, degrading, and boring this book is.

The friend that recommended this book and thrust it into my unwitting hands is now dead to me. I just wish I didn't have the sick determination to finish every book I start. I am absolutely a worse human being for having read it. Nov 14, Kemper rated it it was ok Shelves: apocalypse-now , sci-fi. As a fan of end-of-the-world apocalyptic stories and anything with bizarre humor, I was expecting a lot more from this book.

The best part is the title. It's got a few clever ideas, but not that funny. Mostly, it's just one excuse for a gunfight after another. I am a self professed apocalyptic fiction fan. I started with Stephen King's 'The Gunslinger', moved to a book by Robert McCammon called Swan Song in tenth grade, and read many more before reading the granddaddy of all end of the world novels, The Stand, turning once again in King's direction.

All of those books made the end of days seem so real. Plaguelands stretching across America. Nuclear war forging a new era. The slow decay into decadence, madness and eventual final quiet. Go-Go Girls of the I am a self professed apocalyptic fiction fan.

Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse makes the end of the word fun. I bought it on a Monday as a guilty pleasure read, and here I sit Wednesday evening, all wrapped up. This was better than guilty pleasure. This was actually a really good book. If you can picture Christopher Moore getting his hands on a re-write of Mad Max, you're thinking in the right direction already.

The book's protagonist is Mortimer Tate, a former insurance salesman and divorcee who has holed himself up in the Mountains of Tennessee to ride out the death throes of civilization. After nine years of self imposed exile, he encounters three men in his mountain retreat - killing all of them in a knee-jerk moment. From then on, he decides he's got to leave. He can't take living in isolation any longer, not with people still running around, some of which might be a lot better than the corpses he just made.

He takes off into the new American Wasteland in search of his ex-wife and finds the world has changed. Joey Armageddon is a man with a dream and he's expanding rapidly. His currency, the Armageddon Dollar is the only common barter between towns and he's fixing to be a big player.

But big players have enemies as Mort is about to find out. Along with his sidekicks Buffalo Bill a man turned cowboy vigilante after the war and Sheila a Joey's Girl , they take on the post-apocalypse world with a humor that one could not possibly expect from this brand of fiction.

I enthusiastically endorse this book for those who can tolerate the barbarism and violence of certain scenes, and I liken it very much to the literary equivalent of Shaun of the Dead. It has just enough drama, just enough action, just enough comedy, and just enough horror but NO zombies , without ever disturbing the mix. It's a deceptively good read, and I imagine I'll be making the rounds with this to a few people I know.

Sep 04, Scott Cupp rated it it was amazing. Go, go. Read, read! Victor Gischler is a joy waiting to be discovered by mainstream America. Feb 22, Paul rated it it was amazing. Politically Correct Peeps Need Not Apply The world self-destructs and then degenerates into a violent place of base desires and even baser needs.

I'd be happy with just the three essentials of post-apocalyptic survival: books, spaghetti bolognese and a cosy cabin. The author pokes fun at the uniquely American propensity to turn anything that can be sold, traded or swapped, into a chain store. In this case, Joey Armageddon's, specialising in harlots, hooch and haberdashery You can get currency, credit cards and clap all in one day.

Even slavery makes a comeback, but it's a non-racist type of slavery any able-bodied person who can pedal a bike will do. I would have thought solar panels would have been relatively easy to come by myself. And solar batteries too. Maybe Elon Musk repossessed them all just before the world ended.

As shallow as snail's pee and containing lots of gratuitous sex, violence and bloodshed, plus a sprinkling of black humour, this book is a surprising production from an author who is supposedly an English professor. It's an easy read, with no let-up in action from beginning to end. Won't be everyone's cup of tea, especially those of the feminist persuasion. In fact, I expect this book to be rather polarising. I'm sitting on the fence and giving it three stars Edit: I can't lie I enjoyed this book more than I should have, so 5 stars it is.

View all 8 comments. Jan 29, Sami Smile rated it really liked it. Gold plated trash. Lots of fun. Jan 20, Karon Walkee rated it really liked it. An obvious break from serious reading. Enjoyed Ted Tirner as a mountain man. Quick fun! Aug 25, Gary rated it it was amazing. If Hugh Hefner Goes to Hell It probably looks something like this.

So I'm adding Victor Gischler, a writer as whacked as he is genius, to my short list of candidates of guys you'd most like to have a beer with. Well, Gischler's warped brilliance makes it so, and if you don't pick this one up, you'll be missing a slice of new American literature that buries morality and a keen insight of humanity's apex and dregs between the pages of violence, deprivity, and yes, absurdity. So how to explain "Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse"? Not easy, but as the title implies, the world has been trashed - the mechanism is not important - but suffice to say it's Murphy's Law applied to catastrophe of Brobdingnagian scale.

Mortimer Tate, who fled to the Tennessee hills to avoid divorce and, conveniently missing the chaos, comes down from the mountain nine years later to find a world worse than northeastern New Jersey. This is David Brin's "The Postman" with a sardonic edge, or perhaps a more playful version - if "playful" even applies in a world devastated by war, famine, disease - of Cormac McCarthy's magnificently morose "The Road", or a less weighty take on Stephen King's classic, "The Stand.

But hey, we're not talking "The Audacity of Hope" here - this is a different brand of fiction - and it will likely not be confused with chick-lit, either. Well done, Mr. G, and nice rebound from "Shotgun Opera". Sep 17, Proditor rated it liked it. It's an interesting read. It makes a lot of assumptions about the nature of man, and I'd love to say that they're wrong, but I think I'd be lying unfortunately.

The book is over the top, at times funny, at times morbid. It's Post-apocalypse at it's best and worst. I definitely have to give Gischler credit for one very important thing though, and that's finding a way to make the hero sympathetic and identifible. It would be more difficult to get in to the mind of one of the other survivors, Hmmm. It would be more difficult to get in to the mind of one of the other survivors, but Mortimer provides a very good "every day joe" view of this strange new world.

The cameo by Ted Turner must be read to be believed. Imagine that society collapses, and humanity grimly clings to the knife's edge of survival. Slowly over time, we struggle back from the brink, and some of us band together to try and remake society fomr the ashes of our own hatred and anger.

What form would it take? Why a Go-Go bar of course. Because nothing unites humanity like a combination strip show, bar, trading post, right? Siddle up to the bar and plunk down your Armageddon dollars to buy some hooch, a gun, a slave, whatever. And if you're a Platinum card holder, well, what's left of the world is your oyster.

Just ask our intrepid hero, Mortimer. Formerly an inusrance salesman who waited out the end of the world in a well stocked cabin, we join him 9 years after tha fall as he attempts to rejoin the human race. Joined by Bill, the shootist amd Shiela the stripper, they journey across the world with only their wits and a lot of guns to protect them.

A quick read, I think it also earns some credit by staring fairly unflinchingly at some really unsavory aspects of humanity. It is also absolutely going to offend some people. If you suspect that you might be even a little thin skinned, you might want to give this one a pass entirely.

Jul 07, Joshua rated it liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who wishes there were more nudity at the end of the world. Shelves: other-genre-fiction. Do I really need to say anymore? I mean does anything else need to be said about a book called Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse.

Frankly that alone should be enough. I was sold and so should you. For those still reading though, here's the synopsis: This is story of a man named Mortimer who was one of the few people smart enough to fully supply a cave with all of life's necessities and then live in said cave as the world fell apart around him.

Along the way he meets a slew of off-beat characters as he makes his way across the US stopping at go-go bar after go-go bar, all the while riding a train called the "muscle express" that's actually powered by buff guys on bicycles. What does that have anything to do with the story? Nothing and yet I was still mesmerized.

Can he find his wife and if so, what does she still think of him after he left her 9 years ago? I mean, does marriage still exist without a certifiable certificate to say who's married and who's not? This is basic post-apocalyptic stuff with one key difference. Civilization has indeed started to rebuild itself and society is now centered around go-go clubs and brothels. Again I have to ask, do I really need to say more?

Sign me up for the end of the world. Sure theres your standard cannibal's and psychos that know want nothing more than to kill, but if you can survive all of that and make it to one of the two dozen go-go bar outposts, you may have found the closest thing to heaven. And sure the storytelling in Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse can get a bit choppy and stale at times, and sure this is anything but PC.

Still, this is a damn fun read and I dare anyone to deny it. Sep 10, Ken rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: people who enjoy summer action movies. I worked with Victor when we lived in Oklahoma, and although the genre in which he writes is not my usual fare, I always read his books. Although this book does not focus on hit-men, the mob, and other hired killers, one can still find plenty of sex, guns, and violence although this one is a little lighter on the sex. Set 10 years after an apocalypse, the book begins with the emergence of Mortimet Tate who has been holed up in a cave which he initially made habitable as he planned to escape rea I worked with Victor when we lived in Oklahoma, and although the genre in which he writes is not my usual fare, I always read his books.

Set 10 years after an apocalypse, the book begins with the emergence of Mortimet Tate who has been holed up in a cave which he initially made habitable as he planned to escape reality and an impending divorce from 10 years earlier. As Mortimer comes down the mountain and begins a little bit more than half-hearted, episodic search for his wife, he learns how and how much life has changed. Of course, he meets a couple of friends and plenty of enemies along the way, the latter of which are often dispatched in bloody, bullet-laden ways.

Gischler's books always have some humor often grim in them, but I found myself laughing out loud a few times throughout the book--which is something. Books may frequently make me smile, but they rarely make me laugh. Aug 08, John Mcconahey added it.

What happens after the apocalypse? Mortimer Tate is a Spring City, Tennessee insurance salesman who decides he will not sign his final divorce decree. He stocks an amazing amount of supplies in a cave on a mountaintop and goes into hiding from his wife. Those who remain have self-preservation on t What happens after the apocalypse?

Those who remain have self-preservation on their minds, killing rather than be killed. The premise of this story demonstrates flawed logic. Little is said about vegetables, but protein in some instances, cannibalism is certainly emphasized.

Hardly a literary masterpiece, it is a violent book with bodily debris and fluids flying everywhere. Feb 11, Shawn Dawson rated it really liked it. Just a whole lot of ridiculous, over the top fun. I really enjoyed the ride. I will keep this short and simple. Victor Gischler really nailed this. The end of the world, gang rivalry juicers, booze drugs cannibals, religious nuts, machine gu I will keep this short and simple.

The end of the world, gang rivalry juicers, booze drugs cannibals, religious nuts, machine guns, more machine guns, molotovs, piss poor beer. If anyone wants to borrow my copy, get in line. I think there are five folks in line right now. Jan 17, Jason Fischer rated it really liked it.

This was fantastic! Some great dark humour here, and a brilliant use of all the common tropes found in post-apocalyptic fiction. It's a love story, a voyage of self-discovery, and also a tour-guide of a world that is halfway between Fallout 3 and the Postman, if said setting was rolling sweaty drunk, looking to pick a fight, and keen to see some cage-dancing girls immediately afterwards.

Highly recommended for those who like their scorched earths littered with wise-cracking weirdos. Shelves: sci-fi.

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