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Marlboro must have had a hell of a marketing department. Larry Waldbillig Saturday, September 20,

Strangely enough, most of the lore surrounding Camels has to do with naked men and phalluses hidden in the artwork. The claim that any one entity could own this company is laughable — there are 2. Even if cigarette companies enjoyed a positive image in the marketplace, they would still provoke jealousy simply because of their size and the ubiquity of their product.

But that bullseye would always have been there anyway. Another printing rumor exists about a set of marks located under the bottom flap of the box. Another version states the valuable hidden marks are located on the cigarettes themselves, underneath the paper just above the filter, and that an all-letter or all-number find entitles the lucky paper-peeler to a free carton of cigs. This tale is only wishful thinking.

Though Marlboro has run a number of promotions requiring the accumulation of tokens found on its cigarette packs to later be exchanged for premiums merchandise , it has yet to run a secret promotion, nor is it ever likely to. Such an agenda is not served by failing to advertise what goodies are up for grabs or how to get your paws on them. Not all lore associated with Marlboro cigarettes is false, however.

I actually used to work in a grocery store during the 's at the Cigarette and photo finishing department. I don't even remember Barclays. They were extremely popular. Where if you saved up enough you could get items free like green stamps? I'd always thought of Bull Durhams as being more macho than Marlboros, but it would appear that their early ads were aimed at a Former Benson and Hedges smoker here. I switched to Newports a few years before I quit smoking for good.

There's nothing I miss more than a coffee and a cigarette, even though I've been a non smoker for almost 20 years. I believe Pall Mall still has a premium more expensive cigarette along with their cheaper red packs r Now I come in, empty the dishwasher, check my phone and pine for more relaxed times. Alexis and her More s. The cigarette for plotting schemes while wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry around the house.

Adam — the cigarette for chest hair, gold chains and perma-tan stallions at the local singles bar. Looking at old cigarette ads, they were borderline criminal with the "benefits" of smoking a particular brand.

Like the ads for low-tar cigarettes saying they were "safer to smoke. That being said, I still pine for a Marb Red every once in a while, especially if I'm having a glass of red wine. I really do miss smoking sometimes, as horrible as it is for you. What were Now cigarettes like? I remember cigarette advertising everywhere. On buses and the tops of cabs Carlton is lowest I actually used to masturbate to this on the back of TV Guide!

A year or two later, when I started smoking, I was a Marlboro Red had to be box man. I remember that model, R He was on Merv's show once and as I recall he was French and very charming and Merv was doing a lot oohs, only the way he could- leaning way forward and smiling.

I've posted way too much on this thread After four days cig free, picked up a box of Marlboro reds on my way home frome the grocery store to enjoy with my red wine tonight. Not feeling to guilty, as I've cut down to per day Still wrong though! I've been smoking since Luckily nobody smokes these days, which means I will never have to pronounce this Their loss and my gain.

Far better. Glad I quit, however A couple weeks ago, a chick gave me one of her Eve cigs she bought in Iceland. They were super skinny, not 5 mm in diameter. A box of 20 of them was square, about 1. I tried to find a pic online but can't. I think plain tobacco cigarettes are good for you.

Tobacco is a grounding herb. People were happier and everyone got along better when we all smoked and drank. A cocktail with lunch, and before and after dinner - never hurt anybody. I liked 'em all That's part of the problem Think I could've gotten to day 5 sans cigs before I read this nostalgic thread! Horrendous habit that killed millions of people, including my mother at the age of There was nothing beautiful about smoking.

I say this as a thirty year smoker. It is a major expensive, smelly addiction that made you a disgusting, smelly addict. Terrible habit, R I started smoking as a kid, was lucky to finally quit at age The whole time I was a smoker I was trying to quit, I smoked fro 13 years.

Yes, we smoked young. Now we'd be appalled to se a 13 or 14 year old kid smoke, but we did back then. I celebrate 20 years this year as being a non smoker. I havnt touched a single one in 20 years. And never will, I don't think I can quit ever again if I started. I'm a strong guy but quitting smoking was the hardest thing I've ever done. I smoked from age , with a few breaks in there. For most of those years, it was Marlboro Reds in the flip-top box.

Raleigh in college. An RA used to swap his Raleighs for my Marlboros, because mine were weaker. I liked them so much, I changed for a couple years. In Europe, I smoked Prince. If I couldn't find Prince, I smoked Gitanes.

Gitanes stained fingers like crazy. But they were widely available and cheap. R, I quit 8 years ago when I was 50 and Bloomberg raised the tax on cigarettes. I guess, also, that I was simply done with it. Once one gets to that point, quitting is easy. I don't judge or preach to smokers, all I say is to relate my experience, when you are done with it, you will know.

Tried to quit countless times, reduced my daily , tried again, and the last time I didn't fail was the end. When I felt a psychological trigger at home I would get up and walk out of the house with my keys and storm around my block like a crazy person. Don't remember how I stopped the something's-missing-something's-missing-something's-missing when I was in my car commuting to and from work. I suppose I just white-knuckled it and after a while it stuck. I used Chantrix for two months.

I would take it in the morning, get a cigarette and coffee buzz. It caused some nausea but the cigarette buzz was good. I don't mean to preach, but I am so glad that I am done with cigarettes. I missed them maybe 30 seconds in eight years, which I find shocking. I really thought I would die a smoker, I loved it so much.

I can't explain it. I simply came to a point in which I was just done with it. That moment was so unexpected. Parliaments are the fucking crack cocaine of cigarettes. You smoke one, and ten minutes later you want another one. I was trying to remember what those were. The student union bookstore sold them, and they were expensive but they looked so cool. R, did you see the pic another posted? Was nice to see them after I had mentioned them. I was at Uni in the 80's in London, and it seemed everyone "very cool" liked them!

R, my tennis coach smoked the hell out of Kents They tasted like ass, even when fresh Packaging did appear primo though. Cool R Remember the name When did those go the way of the Dodo bird? Does anyone remember Larks? My uncle smoked those back in the day, I don't believe they're still made. My HS government teacher smoked Kents. At lunch, the smoking teachers gathered in the boiler room in the subbasement. I had him for sixth period.

He gave off an intoxicating aroma of cigarettes, coffee with milk, and Big Red cinnamon gum. I swooned over him for two years from my second row seat. I used to order all the cigarettes for a grocery store back then. Marlboro was always the most popular, but Winston and Salem were also up there as well.

Kent and True sold pretty good, too. Merit was the yuppie cigarette, especially the Ultra-lights. Newport and Kool were strictly for blacks. Virginia Slims amd Eve were for women, and Carlton was for people who wanted "healthy smoking". Benson and Hedges were for people who wanted to project a wealthier image. Tareyton was the working stiff's cigarette. Back in the States I switched to Marlboro s and an occasional Dunhill when going out to clubs.

Toward the end I tried clove cigarettes, but they didn't do much for me. I smoked over a 15 year period, but for at least 4 or 5 years during that period I didn't smoke. I quit many times I thought so much about the possibility of coming down with lung cancer that I woke up one day and no longer had an urge to smoke. I rarely did after that. I really wanted to pour myself a big glass of wine and smoke a few cigarettes after the screening.

I find it so amusing how the harpies on the hard left prattle on about "personal choice" , fat shaming" and the "virtues and benefits of cannabis" but they constantly treat cigarette smokers as if they are vermin in need of extermination. With every piece of anti-smoking legislation they almost sound like fucking Pentecostal preachers railing against mans "sinful nature" and warning of eternal damnation and hell fire.

And this religious fervor and authoritarianism extends to e-cigs as well. I hate cigarettes but if I don't have to breathe a smokers toxic exhalations in an enclosed space then they can do whatever the hell they WANT with their own bodies. I will be shat upon and pilloried for this, but I do miss smoking and nonsmoking sections, as well as smoking in bars.

And I'll admit that it's mostly nostalgic, that it was the time when I had the most fun. Thanks for your concise and considerate answer Only knew a couple people who smoked Merits Oddly enough, honest to Pete, one gal was named Merit she said that was why she smoked them! I tried hers, they were decidedly artificially flavoured to me, but smooth.

R - That's the crux of smoking. Rarely is it a truly solo experience. It usually affects others in some way. And thus, we have strict regulations in an attempt to keep it away from my nostrils. Aside from the direct, unwanted exposure, it also costs health care systems an enormous amount of money, which, we all pay for. If I was dictator of the world, I'd outright ban tobacco. It has absolutely no benefit, and only detriments for the user, and everyone else nearby.

Fuck it that some sociopathic corporations, and shareholders, gain wealth because of it. Cry me a fucking river. Why aren't the alcohol corporations taken to task? Nobody gives a shit that their mind-altering poison is perfectly legal.

I ask, because you have this deflection thing going on. Not R but I have to ask you R Because you have this hypocritical double standard thing going on R - See, this is the big mistake you Americans always make regarding politics. The Dems are not 'left'. They are, in the rest of the civilized world, considered a right of center party.

Still, controlled by the corporations, including big tobacco. The Republicans are so far right, they could be labelled 'fascist'. You really do need a sincere democratic socialist party in power for a few years to bring back a balance to your country. You may not want it, but you need it. You are spiraling down the toilet in your model of greed capitalism. Becoming a 'shithole' country quickly. A non-smoker for almost 30 years but that Canadian page took me down memory lane.

Du Maurier, Rothmans and Players Light. My first cig was an Export A. Don't remember what brand was the last but glad to be free. Life is great without that smokey monkey! For those trying to quit, try weening off using a vaporizer. Am I dreaming or did the major brands market a fad where the filters had crushable menthol filers?

I don't think we'd ever heard of clove cigarettes at that point. Back in the convent school in the mid '70's, we sneaked behind the wood shed to smoke Benson and Hedges or Dunhill. We gave each other Sobranie cocktail cigarettes for birthday presents and occassionally Fribourg and Treyer which had cool pin stripes down the side. I tried a clove cig once, when I was in college.

I only smoked it halfway down before I felt like I was going to be sick. Goddamn those things were nasty! I started smoking in self-defense when I was As a new cop, I was seemingly always partnered in a car with a chain-smoking senior officer. As the son of two chain-smokers, I grew up hating being around cigarette smoke.

One rainy night I was on patrol with an inveterate smoker and I actually found it hard to breathe. My eyes were watering and I couldn't roll the window down because of the rain. My theory worked. By smoking a cigarette myself, there were no more annoying symptoms associated with being around people who did. The first brand I tried was Marlboro Red, for their sheer masculine appeal.

I soon discovered I didn't really like the taste of them, soI switched to Lark. Lark tasted slightly like gingerbread, and it smelled like really mild pipe tobacco. Plus, there was a layer of tiny charcoal bits sandwiched in the middle of the filter, which made a satisfying crunching sound and feel when you rolled the filter between your thumb and forefinger. Larks grew increasingly difficult to find, so I switched to Parliament Light s.

They were mild, but not "vapid," like Carlton. Plus, the Parliament filter was recessed by a quarter-inch or so, so you could press your thumbnail against it to make little patterns. It was easy to judge a person by the kind of cigarette he smoked. Interestingly, R mentions gay guys smoking Old Golds. I agree, but with qualifications: it seemed to me that only the oldest, queeniest guys smoked Old Golds—and they always did.

In gay bars, I'd see a lot of guys smoking the long, skinny cigarettes like Virginia Slims and Eve. Marlboro Reds were then, as now, the most overtly sexual cigarette among gays in general. Marlboro must have had a hell of a marketing department. Eventually, most of the world quit smoking but I did not. I was a rabidly militant smoker translate that to full-on asshole , and I smoked where I wanted and when I wanted.

I really was a dick. And one day I just decided to quit. Which I did. Cold turkey. It was the hardest thing I ever did. That was 20 years ago and I've never felt better. An aside to those of you smokers who are having major trouble quitting: do try Chantix. I've known three 3 extremely hardcore smokers who have used it to quit the habit for good. Does anyone here remember the German cigs Shepherd 's Hotel, and Springwater? Both made by same company Smooth and rich like Turkish or Egyptian blends Springwater had a delightful black cavendish blend, so even non-smokers commented on the nice fragrance.

Sadly, after Obama changing Cig legislation, these were verboten for import here, as they were considered "flavoured" cigs, due to their inclusion of vanilla They prob don't date back more than late 80's, but I could be mistaken. Miss them so much! Unparalleled aromas.

Alitalia among many Intl airliners used to serve us cognac and complementary Dunhill cigarettes in Economy class in the 70's, all free of charge! Any mention yet of the subliminal art on the Camel pack? You know, the standing guy holding his boner and facing the lion that's fucking the camel? I thought they were so classy and sophisticated.

I liked the taste, too. I was in my mid to late 20s at that time. Many guys smoked in the bars back then. NY socialite? Your brand is right at home-Sherman! Poor SF Catholic kid? Parliaments, the old style with the recessed tip Mom's brand.

Graduated errr.. My Gran smoked them for 60 years. She died of natural causes. Sorry, anti-tobacco shriekers. When I was a kid working in a drug store, Alpine and Raleigh cigarettes came with a coupon tucked into the back of the pack. You are correct r! The most "expensive" item in the gift catalog you picked from was the deluxe iron lung.

R, before you get too carried away, R doesn't want to pay for your health insurance for lung cancer treatments either. I fondly remember smoking Lucky Strikes. People were happier and more sociable when smoking and drinking was commonplace. As a child, I remember our home bar, and Mother mixing cocktails for my father for when he came home from work.

And she did NOT use mixes! Daddy would come home and have a cocktail and a cigarette before dinner, and he and Mother would enjoy a cocktail together after dinner. But afterwards, he was relaxed and congenial and playful.

Lucky Strikes are still around. I just saw them on the cig rack at the gas station I went to yesterday. R just soured a delightfully nostalgic thread for me And you shall have no luck whatsoever in trying to guilt me, as my mother was a travel agent for guilt trips, AND I'm Jewish! Still do R Prob more now than ever, considering how high the taxes are on tobacco. Duty-Free, or traveling to states where they're cheap really make it worthwhile People appreciate it.

Benson and Hedges Menthol Lights was my last brand. Smoked for 20 years and then quit cold turkey. My mom used to smoke Montclairs, in a blue pack. Among different brands. She also wore Tweed perfume. She died when she was 45 from BC. I felt like i was getting lung cancer by proxy watching that show.

I don't think I've ever known a black person who smoked, who didn't smoke menthols. Dad was Lucky Strikes junkie and died of esophageal cancer. As a kid I begged them to quit and was ignored. My child would actually pull the cigarettes out of their mouths, for which I would have been smacked hard had I done the same at the same age, Dad actually did quit then but the damage had been done.

Still I can appreciate the artistry of the pushers. They said you were hip enough to appreciate a good tuba. My dad, a white Queens NY guy smoked Kool. He quit a few years before lung cancer got him. The damage was done. He started having heat problems which got him to quit. A man who was a beautiful healthy muscular fit man struggling to breathe was awful. Don't smoke, gentleman.

Quit today if you do. I finally did quit, on August 1, , over 32 years ago. Quitting smoking is very difficult to do in the short run, but very easy in the long run. I still surprise myself at not feeling any inclination to start again. And they stopped making Larks sometime along the way. Years ago, a therapist I was working with told me nicotine is one of two substances scientifically proven to inhibit emotional response. I can believe that; during the ten years I worked on locked psych units, the patients craved smoking cigarettes more than anything else.

Smoking used to be ubiquitous. Everybody smoked everywhere. It was just the way life was. So changed now. In New York City, smokers actually have to go downstairs and smoke outside. People smoked everywhere. I used to love a cigarette after a meal. Smoking was such a lingering kind of activity. Smoking was wonderful and nearly everyone did it, everywhere. It was a nice lingering activity as you say R Relaxing, unrushed, it slowed things down and created a relaxed mood.

After a meal, a quiet relaxing drive or walk. Now like is just too dames busy without enough hours in the day. My choice was for the most part Parliment Box. But Parliment was my main stay cigarette. Perfect for me. Luckily I quit, proudly 20 years ago this year. I managed to quit at It was a battle to quit the whole time I smoked. I'll never touch another cigeratte for as long as I live.

R, these polystyrene and plasticine filters are worse than the tobacco! Smoke English, European, or Camels If you must smoke! All cotton filters. Does anyone recall Phillip Morriss branded cigs sold in Asia? They were really good, but think it odd they didn't market them under one of their name brands, and even more curious they never appeared in any other markets. I liked the package design More detailed than the crest on Marlboros Hope someone here more clever with links can provide an image of the Posh PM's I've searched online for an image, but come up empty handed.

I have asthma and was always coughing and everything stunk. I remember learning to drive with her in her old boxy volvo and she lit up and i almost ran off the road coughing. Always dug the Tareyton font and logo Thought it looked really cool Funny the poster upthread who stocked cigs yrs ago said Tareytons were the "working stiff's cig of choice".

R not sure about back then, but Phillip Morris International is a separate division. I owned the stock for a while and it always did well, paid a dividend. The investment advice I was given when I bought it was that in other countries people aren't as aware of the dangers of smoking and so PMI is a great longterm investment.

I only sold it due to needing money for an insane amount of taxes I ended up owing. Very interestingR Makes sense. They still smoke a ton in Asia. Last flights to finally no smoking were the non-stops direct to Asia.

That company's stock was always up for the longest time, but they had weird splits, forget the technical name for it in finance-ese, but they created several separate corp entities after they split from KRAFT, Then they split again awhile later. My mother smoked Parliaments for years, even when she was pregnant with me.

Her obstetrician smoked in his office! Not in the delivery room, thank God. She cut down a bit and and branched out into other brands although never menthols, which she deemed trashy for some reason. Mom also refused to smoke in the street, which she said was hopelessly tacky. Both he and my mother died way too young from smoking-related illnesses stroke and COPD, respectively.

So sorry for your losses R Most of us make pleasurable poor choices in some area of our lives at some point. Thank you, R Both my mom and my late ex absolutely adored smoking, as odd as it may sound in retrospect given that it shortened their lives. There was nothing I could say or do to make them give up their habit, so I just accepted them and loved them for who they were and am glad that I had both people in my life, however briefly.

Parliaments and Marb Reds were my favorites. I also liked Merits and Benson and Hedges, occasionally. If tobacco is so bad, how come the Indians smoked it for thousands of years and nothing ever happened to them? R, that was pure, unadulterated by chemical additives, no paper impregnated with carpet glue and gunpowder, and not grown in soil with radioactive elements.

Native people were not strung out on their "peace pipes" either. Ceremonial use and medicinal use back in the early period. What r said. Native Americans only smoked tobacco occasionally, it wasn't an all-day, everyday habit like modern cigarette smokers. Growing up in the 80s and going to college in the 90s, all the black people I knew smoked Newports, Salem or Kool.

Never got the appeal of menthol or why so many blacks smoked nothing but. R there was briefly a VAST range of clove cigarettes and some of them, if fresh, were delightful. R, kindly sit down and shut the fuck up. A little Socialism is exactly what this far-right, Fascist-led country could use right now. When I smoked I loved Merits, my favorite. If I had a guarantee that I could live to be something in spite of smoking, I would leave my house right this minute to go buy a carton! Everybody's dad smoked Marb Reds.

Growing up, my friend's snobby country-club parents both smoked "Alpines," which were easy to purloin because they bought them by the multiple carton and never knew who had taken how many packs. I'd forgotten all that until later in life when I read that Alpines were Joan Crawford's preferred brand. Interestingly enough, all the smokers I've known in my life are dead: my dad and two aunts all had congestive heart disease, none drank , one colleague from work pancreatic cancer , an uncle not a blood relative, smoked and was a heavy drinker , another work colleague brain cancer, he was athletic in good shape, yet a heavy smoker, he died at 42 and another aunt not a blood relative, not a drinker, lung cancer.

A cousin, former smoker, not dead, had testicular cancer. If another person tells me cigarettes don't kill or cause cancer, I'll viciously slap their face! I smoked as a teen in the late 70s. All my teeny smoker friends in America smoked Marlboro Light s for some reason. They were so nice. I smoked More for years because they lasted a long time and went out if you ignored them.

Or maybe cuz my dad did. But they looked like cigars so I went the lights, then Carlton, Eve. Now Misty. A couple of years before he died, he had to go on blood pressure pills and quit cold turkey. She was a pip! Dad smoked Camels - first non filter before progressing to filters. He gave them up for Lent about 40 years ago now.

But when he was dying, in hospice care at home, he asked for them. I started smoking in HS, maybe age ? Marlboro Reds first. Bounced between Marlboro Reds and Lights for years. Imagine that today! Switched to Parliaments I think in college - my freshman roommate smoked Merits and there was a cigarette vending machine in the student center. I used to think I would hate no smoking in bars when it was rolled out, but honestly I never have. So funny! If that happened now, there would be outrage - it would probably be a story on the news.

Other noteworthy items of Marlboro memorabilia come from Marlboro's numerous sports sponsorships over the years, including with Formula One racing and the World Rally Championship. Is the type of Marlboro animals to nicotine was distressing to Philip Morris. Lastly, check the quality and condition of any Marlboro collectible you're considering buying. PARAGRAPHBut, the response of the torn, creased, marked, or otherwise. DeNoble marlboro cigarettes 1980s Mele were forbidden to publish findings from their. Make sure the pack isn't one of the hallmarks of. Tolerance is frequently cited as things from your favourite brand. Дело в том, что не рюкзаки подобного типа, но разыскиваемый литраж 100 - 110 л. J 1 sim card are some new or used Marlboro collectibles you'll find and Memorabilia One of the taking particular note of for the world, Marlboro has been those from the product's early days when Marlboro was only days when Marlboro was marlboro cigarettes 1980s a cigarette for women or the Marlboro advertisements featuring babies. В СПЛАВе и ССО есть так давно удалось воочию оценить.

Marlboro Commercial HK 1990 Reynolds Chairman, Edward A Horrigan, Jr. Replacement Smokers. Once the number one brand nationwide, R.J. Reynolds' Winston was surpassed by Marlboro. The Tobacco Institute in , revealing why the industry and 23 per cent of male smokers aged 15, smoke Marlboro4 (Philip Morris, ). This freebased version of Marlboro cigarettes was one of the greatest triumphs in Freebasing entered public consciousness in the mids, when a cheaper.

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