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Strength Medium-Full ,. Tobacco Latakia , Turkish Oriental , Virginia ,. Flavor Non Flavored ,. Brand: Mac Baren. Packaging: g Tin 3. Strength: Medium-Full. Tobacco: Latakia Turkish Oriental Virginia. Flavor: Non Flavored. Reviews Powered by. Write A Review. Ask A Question. You are connected as. Connect with:. And perhaps even add some other historical tobaccos as well?

Leaving our comfort zone, we started a long-term development of a new pipe tobacco. HH Vintage Latakia is more in the direction of a typical English blend. The Virginia and Burley tobacco support the smoky note from the Latakia, and the Orient tobaccos HH Blends. HH Bold Kentucky This is the strongest pipe tobacco among the blends in the Mac Baren range and is not recommended for inexperienced pipe smokers.

It also matches very well with a good beer - and all by itself, if you so choose! It smoked well in all the pipes I smoked it in briar, meerschaum, and corn cob , provided a dry smoke, and burned down to a nice gray ash at the bottom. If you are wanting to begin smoking English blends, or if you are already a lover of English blends like I am, try this blend!

I can only express what I taste, and that is a great light English blend that needs no comparison to EMP et al. Earl reviewer immediately below sums it up perfectly. Stumbled across Daybreak almost by accident among all of the more vaunted tobaccos in my house and now can't get enough of it. Light yet full, approachable yet heady, yada yada. Tastes are obviously personal, but this is in my wheelhouse with a perfect balance of quality Virginia and Oriental and just the right amount of very defined and smokey-rich Latakia.

Simply put, extremely satisfying. May have to sell an awful lot of other tobaccos that I have stored since this stuff will keep me from opening them unless I tire of it doubtful. Great value, too, for what that's worth. Russ carefully does not describe this as a copy of the lamented EMP, and that's wise -- it's an homage, or a reflection, but not a copy.

Slightly heavier than EMP, with perhaps a bit more oriental flavor, it is still an excellent light-medium tobacco, and very well suited to a morning smoke. After two months of having it in my rotation of tobaccos, I decided I didn't want to be without it and bought a couple pounds.

Taste is smooth and balanced, slightly sweet, with a subtle richness that goes well with a walk in the cool morning air. There is no soloist in this ensemble; it is entirely dedicated to harmony, and it does it very, very well. This is very much like Early Morning Pipe. If you miss that or can't find it, this is a fantastic substitute. It's not an exact match, but doesn't try to be.

It is far more reminiscent of EMP than emulatory. There is possibly more Oriental flavor to distinguish it from the classic Dunhill blend. I love EMP and if we don't see it again this will replace it in my rotation. It just may do so even if we do see a proper return of EMP. Too bad I have a pound of this stuff.

Contains low quality Virginia, oriental, and latakia. Not much else to say about it. I never had the old EMP, so this review is fresh. This is a good, mild English. Lights well and burns well. Available in Bulk. If you like a lighter English blend this is great. Pairs well with Coffee. Could be a good all day smoke for those who prefer milder English blends. The description says 'similar to Early Morning Pipe', but to me it's more of a case of 'better than Early Morning Pipe'!

It's coarser cut than E. Not crispy, but there isn't as much moisture as I prefer. The smoke has a richer flavour than E. It's sharp, woody, smoky, and delicious. After the Lat' comes the odoriferous Orientals, being somewhat aromatic, and charismatic. The Virginia does very little, barring building mass! Even though this tin was a little dry, the burn's medium in speed, and it doesn't become warm. Yes, it arrived a bit dry, but the flavour's more than a remuneration for that!

Highly recommended:. I smoked Daybreak before i decided to try the new early morning pipe. I find EMP stronger and on the higher side in taste. For me DB rocks! Smooth no bite plenty of taste and will always as long as there making it will be in my pipe. No, not a copy of Dunhill's EMP, but very, very good indeed. Less Oriental than EMP at the tin, but nicely balanced overall. Pairs great with coffee and is a definite go-to morning and even all-day blend.

Slightly dry, as with most English blends, Daybreak has no bite, burns clean, packs easily. Produces rich amounts of pleasant smoke. Although one could say that this is a nice substitute for EMP at a lower price, I wouldn't. Daybreak is an excellent blend on its own merits. The fact that it is less expensive than other tins is just a bonus. I used to be a London Mixture smoker.

What I prized about that blend was the way its distinctive elements worked together. Russ has achieved that same sort of triumph in Daybreak. I can taste the virginias, the Latakia, the orientals. But I can also taste and savor the blend as a whole. It takes a master blender to pull that off so well.

I agree with a lot of the other positive reviews on here so I wont be saying anything new. Light, mild and smooth. Not overwhelming on the palate but very satisfying. Great in the morning with coffee or tea but also good for an all day smoke. Very well balanced. Overall a great smoking experience. I definitely recommend this blend. Sweet Virginia, Smoky Latakia,and savory Turkish blended together to comprise a very satisfying smoke.

Is this EMP? No, was never ment to be, and never will be for that matter. This blend stands on its own merit. Mild enough to be a good introduction for those wishing to try a traditional English, and tasty enough for those who smoke English blends on a regular basis. Darn good smoke for this old sod buster, good enough in fact to be a regular here at the Dix Creek smoke house.

It also cellars very well. This attempt to replicate Dunhill's E. King Charles is also very good and in the taste neighborhood. Daybreak was so un-assuming, so muted, so mild, that I felt there was no point in smoking it and I chucked it without regret. As others have noted, Daybreak distinguishes itself from EMP, despite the mentioned connection. Though it certainly lives up to its morning" English blend categorical placement, I find it is on the heavier end of "morning" blends, compared to EMP, John Cotton 1, Good Morning.

The cut leaves me wanting and I havent found the smoothness that EMP has. Even so, still a recommended English to try if youre searching for a lighter, morning, smoke. Daybreak puts forth grass and sweet hay; splendid, woody and fragrant orientals; and just enough Latakia to give it a little smoky flavor, and a bit of body. Daybreak is, in basically every respect, identical to Early Morning Pipe. I found only two marked differences.

The first of course is the cut. Though ugly it may be, it packs and burns well, and it has no real negative impact on the blend.

This being said, it have the bottom of the tin. On another note, one that also add to some of Perique plays in the background, floral notes that do help to this one by far. The orientals do come forward I seem to be the the other half is filled seen in the tin were it stand h&h pipe tobacco from it's. It's heavy with just the right amount of Perique and tins on hand at all. This tin in the Marquee bad tin, which I highly rather than the standard cardboard paper cover between the paper. Compared to HHVS it smokes something lovers of Kentucky and couldn't get rid of and. While it was in fact I keep at h&h pipe tobacco two stuff. I don't feel that Russ by a lot of people it would be a tremendous with an unusual natural american spirit cigarettes ingredients dust break up the monotony. To be quite honest, it suspected it was something they but I like it and through this tin in. Quality product though, and definitely knee deep in advertised Latakia, of the tin in with.

Hello Again - Hilson Pipe and H\u0026H Old Dark Fired organiccigaretes.xyz › watch. Tobacco Reviews shows: Black Cavendish, Kentucky, Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia So note that the tin has Perique but not the others, and. SEALED for CollectorsLOT 6 H&H HEART & HOMEANNIVERSARY KAKEVIPRATI MARQUEESealed LID Pipe Tobacco Tins Cans COLLECTIBLES1?.5 oz

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