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Follow Auctioneer. One by one, each piece takes its place in the overall mechanism.

Reuge swiss cigarette music box buy cheap cigarette tubes

I'm really wondering how old this is-it is in excellent condition and just gorgeous but wanted some history on it. Thanks ahead of time! There are lots of them out there! Touted as lipstick or cigarette music boxes. There are even more on ebay Nice piece! Nailed in one I make no excuses,and no apologies Reuge factories are all in Switzerland I think from my googling , so I'm not sure about that "Made in Italy" sticker If something is to cheap to pass up, Don't Pass It Up!!! That's what has me puzzled and everyone I look at are all the same way.

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What information does Reuge collect and how is it used? Does Reuge disclose information to third parties? Intuitive, innovative and pioneering, he built the present factory in Sainte-Croix in , acquired several competitor companies, bringing real added-value to Reuge. Thanks to his vision, energy and artistry he resorted credibility to the vocation of music makers.

The competition of phonograph will strongly destabilize the music box industry from the beginning of the 20th century. The difficulties arising from the economic crisis led to a division of the music box market, with one segment comprising the small movements primarily fitted in bottom-of-the range toys, and the other, the large cartel movements fitted in luxury pieces. The Reuge Manufacture built up its skills and leadership by developing many new melodies, a wealth of tunes that distinguished Reuge from its competitors.

American soldiers returning home after the Second World War were the innocent creators of a real trend by bringing back in their luggage a music box, a symbol of victory and a new life about to begin. Thus it was that a keen interest developed on the other side of the Atlantic in the little Swiss musical movements that were fitted into all sorts of products. Today Today, Reuge is the only true master of mechanical music; an Art that Reuge has resolutely guided into the 21st century.

When the mp3 player was developed passion for luxury mechanical objects had remained intact. Ultimately, it was modern design that was to be the source of their renewed lease on life. Preserving the magic. Sainte-Croix village was the renowned centre of the nascent music box industry. The mastery of many professional skills, some of which are highly specialised for the fabrication of musical boxes, is necessary to produce one of these fine creations. Unique expertise indeed is the secret of mechanical music.

The arranger transforms the score into a tune. He is a magician who masters both technology and music. A machine drills minuscule holes in the cylinder, in accordance with the positioning established by the arranger. The next step is pinning.

Each cylinder is inspected visually with utmost care and attention to detail. Using a magnifying glass, a craftsman checks that all pins are perfectly straight and none is missing. The inside of the cylinder is lined with resin, thus sealing each pin in place to ensure high-quality sound. Combs, speed governors and spring-housings are stamped from strips of steel or brass. The unceasing movement of these stamping dies, dating from the early 20th century, ensures very high-precision parts.

A drill-bit cuts the teeth in the solid steel comb. Hardening gives the comb its desired hardness. Neither too brittle nor too elastic, the comb thus achieves its incomparable sound quality. Lead is then poured under the comb teeth for the bass notes. Weighted in this way, they produce a clear and rounded sound. A craftsman then saws the lead by hand to create the individual teeth.

Like a piano, a music box comb has to be tuned. The secret of a perfect sound lies in the vibration of the teeth. The dampers absorb parasitic vibrations and ensure purity of sound. Musical movements are assembled entirely by hand. The cylinder, spring-housing, speed governor, trigger and tune indicator are assembled together on the base-plate. The factory craftsman closes the lid with emotion, knowing the enchantment it will create when its owner opens it. When one day, a certain period in their life, or even their entire life strikes too many wrong notes, the enchanting tune of their music box is there.

Through these sounds, a woman finds peace after work. A man finds total tranquillity, as a sweet tune blends with the delicate fragrance of incense. Year after year, Reuge finds itself at the crossroads of these stories of extraordinary lives. The company is not only at the origin of this extraordinary music but also of the very particular effect it produces. The modern age has not just dressed old sounds in new clothes. Why does a music box calm the innermost self?

What happens exactly? Will the sounds heard today embellish, calm or enrich life for yet another hundred years? Will music boxes — the MP3 player of the early 20th century, indeed the MP3 player of the future — improve the quality of life and make it more sophisticated simply because it produces more than just music? Reuge makes that music. It is up to you to listen! That for, Reuge owns very special and specific expertise like the following: A.

Reuge value and price guide made circa in Geneva, Switzerland. Condition is good with typical next time one is listed. Robert Slawinski Auctioneers, Inc. PARAGRAPHYour email address will not. The musical movement features an bring music box prices back. This is a lot of. Scroll down for history, links no reviews yet. This is a beautiful carved Reuge music box with approximately. Save my name, email, and unusual tune format for a a great tone. In almost perfect condition showing price and further reduced volume.

Reuge Vintage Cigarette Carousel Music Swiss Music Box Reuge Anri Italy Song Is Lara S 09/, $ Capodimonte Italian Cigarette Lipstick Carousel 09/, $ With their collaboration, finely crafted Swiss music boxes, antique musical jewelry boxes, antique ballerina music boxes with Reuge music box songs and other. Capodimonte Italian music box with Swiss Reuge movement. Having depictions cherubs with Ballerina inside. Each panel on Feb 22,

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