Ww2 japanese cigarette case

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Excellent detail and with the original pin.

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For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. This page was last updated: Sep Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Excellent conditon still a bit flexible with great hoses. A matched set dated by BF Goodrich.

Later the tunics were made with the pockets but early on they just stuffed them in at times slippage would lead to drowning early on , thus the inside pocket added later. About 15 inches by 11 inches. These are tough and durable but bakelite. A nice addition to a mess hall or field kitchen set you may have. Has a small chip as seen but no cracks. It's true intended use was to protect from chemical sprays of the enemies like blister gas.

Excellent original unopened package nicely dated Every soldier was issued one of these with hi gas mask set. The perspiration of the face would fog the lenses and this would stop that. Issued for every gas mask in the field. Excellent unissued condition. Excellent condition of the box and a great addition to a gas mask collection.

Extreamly nice set and in superb unissued condition. You just dont see these around any longer and this one just walked in. Excellent condition in the original box with the original instructions. These were given out to other countries as well as supplied to areas of the United States. Nice condition overall. Excellent unisseud condition. This set of gloves have all 10 fingers and are well knitted in this fashion.

Excellent condition and a set that would really stick out in a collection of cold weather gear of WWII. Being yellow they would be great for signaling for distress from the ground or water. They are complete with the original liners which are usually seen with the wrong ones or none at all. Excellent condition with the fake fur tops. He was in the 22nd Marines as a corporal in to the end of the War. Excellent almost unissued example and VERY supple. The Marines liked these for hand to hand sparing on the ship decks to pass time and to train for battle.

Try finding a wonderful set of these gloves that the officers wore with it. Excellent condition and a large size I have only had 1 other pair about 15 years ago. These are for large hands. Its hard to find but this large quart size can will keep you busy making repairs the original manor and correct. Nice for restoration pieces you don't want to have glowing in black lights.

They have the leather brow section to prevent sticking and marked on lens "Poloroid Ski Goggle Co. They are snug fit and better that our issue ones. Only a soldiers inginuity could bring a old gas mask back to a useful life. Excellent original packages and condition is Unissued on both pair. These are from about and are in excellent condition and are for the 8 in, 75mm, mm, and a mm I believe.

Just a few spares if you are in need of filling a chest or kit for a artillery collection. A very hard to find complete set in the original M23 leather carrier with the original tie down on the bottom. Excellent unissued condition with the leg straps tucked inside.

Still a scarce empty canister for your grenade. Excellent mint in the wrap with the original carrying case for the Web belt. Excellent accoutrement for the M1 garand or the carbine rifle, also the Springfield rifle. Nice small grouing and rank of SSGT. Rank of Corporal. Has full discharge, service certificate, life insurance forms, and Truman appreciation letter.

These slings wore out and if you need a replasement this is a wonderful one for you. It is the original shipping canister that would of held it safely until needed. Well marked original lid and 14" high and 12" across the top. Some surface light rust in a couple spots from being wrapped in only 1 piece of paper but a great find for a quartermaster collection.

Usually the 2 straps of the equipment would go through the loops to secure it. Great tag still on the outside of the box and well dated Excellent condition with the recievers made of a brown bakelite instead of the usual black seen. Complete set. Excellent MINT condition including the nice leather ear cup pieces. So rare to find a set in this unissued MINT condition and still in the box. It has a very nice WWII pilot design to the front and about 7 inches by 4 wide.

I think its a original cap from the 20's or 30's in cotton. Very nice homefront piece. Number is unknown why, but some of the best Combat Crews like the th and others flew out of here. This was produced for civilians using limited rubber and usually did not last long. In original emergency marked box. As you can note they are to be hid out of sight when not in use. These were used for the soldiers in conditions of Ice and such to wear on their boots to give them better traction.

Also used by 10th Mountain troops as well. Excellent over all condition and dated. Used in Europe also. Right from a original box. These often got tossed out in the trash like the box did as well when issued. Nice condition with the folds from being in a box. They just went on the bare wire to protect from grounding.

Excellent condition with no chips or damage. These are clearly marked as most seen have faded. Want more than one? Excellent markings and excellent condition. Excellent excellent condition. If you know more about it give me a quick email. I think they were for a head band or on certain articles the soldiers carried. I got them with a full sun good luck flag and other veteran items.

This has the explosive tip setion and the timed fuse section that was carried this way to arm the torpedo when attached to the pole sections. Complete but been blown and inert. Also was used as a boobytrap on occasions. The rope has been recreated to match excactly the other one that came into the shop at the same time.

These are never seen on the market hardly ever. This I got through research. The one end is broken but can be repaired but for display this is a outstanding sling considering the rarity of any Japanese marked sling. If you can translate it it may say that as well. Excellent conditon but paper wont come out. Original button and small tab is included. Just in case you need one. Here is a nice original one. Also by the Army in wet condition in Europe to keep their food rations from becoming wet in the field.

Excellent MINT unissued condition and fully flexible. I carefully opened it to see and can't tell where it was opened. Excellent with the original desiccant bag inside as well. Excellent early khaki color and the full size tall variation. Excellent condition with the gold embossed wings and propeller on the front. Corner bumps and a small blemich on front of the pressed cardboard book cover.

Not distracting as seen. All nice condition. This was worn also by the Seabees and Naval engineers during landings. Excellent condition these were used by the Air Corps mostly to make custom ammunition type belts up for certain missions or aircraft. A great addidition to your Air corps or Signal Corps collection.

A nice piece for display or if you have a empty case here is a nice one to fill it. It could also hold small parts for a quick fix in the battlefield. A great accessory for your WWII rifle or carbine. This one for the. They all have wear and light rust in some spots very light, and all the levels are there and working.

A nice little set of different manufactures. Excellent to place in one of the kits you may have. Well marked MKI and not often seen in this excellent unissued condition. These were not popular due to the length making them hard to swing and stressful.

Excellent condition without markings but this strap could be used on many pieces of equipment in the signal corps as well. About 36 inches in lenght. These were issued to the men to have dry matches in the field. This is where they got they early contracts with and is in very nice condition with the original inside velvet board as well. VERY scarce box to find on the loose for a medal you may have. But original engraving and light research with serial number, and branch of immaterial.

Not a scarce medal but to have the whole set complete is nice to see. The spare ribbon was for the making the bars for the ribbons. Made by Medalic Art Co. Also has the fJapan bar on the ribbon by attachment of 2 wires on the back. Nice condition and a harder set to find. Some bleeding to the ribbon colors but a wonderful medal from the City of Utica. The top pin and hinge is there but it needs a hook repacement and the ribbon is a little worn as seen.

Still at this price its a nice addition for a lower price. Excellent condition and no research has been done with this one. You may have more luck but I'm sure he was in one. No research has been done on this medal. Excellent condition. Excellent condition ribon and planchet and a nice named medal for any collection. Also comes complete with the "ASIA" bar on the ribbon.

Excellent condiiton and a nice scarcer one to find. A very early and excellent Missouri national guard medal. Excellent condition and a scarcer seen issued medal to civilians during and after the WWII. I will include the infor and a photo of his grave. Looks to be a 's reissue to him. Excellent condition and no chis wear or crazing and complete with the lid with hole for spoon.

Also used by the Messengers on bike and other units. Excellent unissued condition with all the pages and the carbon papers. Excelloent mint condiiton. You can look up the info of this mic on google, but they were a carbon type and worked close to the lips and this one is MIB.

A excellent set not often encountered together. Nice and clean. Standard size and unused condition. Used in training, this one was found years ago in the western desert on a old training area. A repaint, but still a very difficult mine to find. This one appears to be a LIVE one that is deactivated without smoke holes.

These are a scarcer mine to see and this one with the original plunger is nice and excellent for any WWII ordnance collection. Complete with carry handle. This was a Training one with the small smoke holes filled and repainted. It has the original bar on the original ribbon. The planchet is sterling marked as the bar and has the original mirror finish to the sterling. Excellent scarce WWII or earlier state troops award. These are mentioned in the instructors manuals as a classroom 3D silhouette model that can be hung from the ceilings.

Well marked for Army and Navy use. They must have made these for the Men as well in the PX's. I don't think issued but this one is dated which is odd and may just be even if for pilots and such. It is well marked on the lid and has the original paint including on the back belt hooks. A excellent upgrade to one you may have or are missing one.

This was a popular brand and has a contract and stock number on the box. I find the oddest stuff in boxes but this is great to fill that pouch you may have with a WWII issue contract brand. This unsatisfactory item was horrible to place on the face and the moisture would glue it to your face and freeze!!

Very scarce item used in the war but not many survived and most went to the felt type masks. If you drop these on your toes These unissued original dated type 4 ski boots are without the size on the outside and have the channel on the heal for this dangerous pair of ice cleats.

These are almost impossible to find. Size 8E and Goodyear sols. Original waxed laces and flexible as they can be for Herman Munster shoes. The frame is complete with all the straps. Excellent early OD color and also with the original cotton laces. The later ones were actually white and took the place of these later in the war.

A must have item for the FSSF guys and 10th mountain. Excellent condition and a harder item to find for a mountain troops display. Excellent condition with no damage or crazing. A much harder piece to find compaired to medical china from WWII. Excellent condition with no chips or crazing. A harder to find piece of china compaired to all the medical ones they made.

They are on the boards by Comet Metal Co. Used to train the sailors in morse code for ship to ship use. They were used to compair distances and sizes land other functions on maps and photos on the ships. They have the 2 larger but appears the smaller is missing. Excellent condiiton with one still in the facttory wrap. Excellent condition with the original plastic globe and the scarcer canvas bands still present. In nice condition and one of the harder to find cans. Its in great shape with the Metal hinges and the ordnance markings on the top.

Excellent condiiton and a really nice hard piece to find being made of early plastic. A great addition to a flight helmet collection or to repair the one you have. A original box dated size small with the original instructions and the spare parts still inside.

Excellent used condition and a great item no collection should be without. Excellent mint condition and dated , the soldiers would incorporate these pads on their packs and other gear as well for the added comfort. This training rifle is 34" long mostly painted furniture and working bolt with clicker type trigger. Also included is the rarely seen rubber marked bayonet that fits on the rifle complete but repaired.

This was carried in many of the kits for drafting, and map making to sketching to the basic map cases they carried. Excellent condition and still in a nice length. NO mothing or damage to the felt. Alo all the collar insignia and such is all screw back early design. A very decorated pennant from the 's from Missouri. The rest were pics of the field and such but this one stood out ofcourse. A very nice group photo just before the WAR.

He is unidentified but really that Humphrey Bogart look to him. Light crazing to photo but image is very clear. A scarcer USMC photo with a pith helmet being worn. Great detail of the bike and loaded up as well. He later becomes a General in 's. These Photos arent as important to him as they contain a Jeep with a altered bumber and the nice Woman art on it as well like I have not seen before.

I would like to knowwhat this bumper is if you know.

French yellow enamel cigarette case markers mark to back, 12. Tortoiseshell cigarette case 10 cm Show 6 more like this. A Bakelite cigarette box 16 x 5 x 13 cm Show 7 ww2 japanese cigarette case like this. A tortoiseshell cigarette case measuring box, monogrammed Show 7 more. A cloisonne cigarette case Show All marked Tallest Group of. Early tortoiseshell cigarette case, Length x 8 cm approx Show. A tortoise shell cigarette case case, c. Japanese Komai cigarette casea figure of a greyhound. A gilt sterling cigarette case purportedly from parts of the. A group of two damascene and jasperware panel cigarette case, Boucheron, early 20th century the of seven Japanese cases and compacts 20th centuryincluding: one with figPARAGRAPH.

Inside Yossi's Vault: Bette Davis Cigarette Case No information is available for this page. Check out our wwii cigarette case selection for the very best in unique or WWII JAPAN Damascene Vintage 's 24k Gold Cigarette Case, Mount Fuji. About the object. Vintage post WW2 Japanese mixed metal cigarette case. \n\n2 1/2 inches x 3 1/4 inches x 3/8 inches high. 24/10/ US. New York, NY, US.

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