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Cat supplies.

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Wireless speakers 1 Smart speakers 1. Home entertainment. DVD players and recorders 1 Television accessories. TV aerials 1. Car and motorcycle. Car seat adaptors and bases 29 Car battery maintenance 11 Car tyre inflators and air compressors 6 Car seats 3 In-car tech accessories 3.

Camping accessories. Air pumps 1. Baby and nursery. Baby car and travel accessories. Car seat adaptors and bases 29 Baby car and travel accessories 4 Car seats 3. Pram accessories. Pushchair accessories 2. Ride ons and rockers. Electric ride-ons 1. Garden power tools. Amazon Prime Day Looking for cheap car tech deals?

There are a few key questions you must ask yourself before buying any of these products. Firstly, will they fit in your car, and once in place will it be easily accessible? Most cars locate their 12V socket somewhere obvious between the front seats, and some even offer a second socket in the back. But some are tucked away, hidden from view, or located close to a piece of interior which could obstruct anything you plan to plug into them.

Some cars even locate the 12V socket deep in the front passenger footwell, out of sight and almost out of reach; great for subtly installing a dash cam, but not so helpful when trying to charge your phone. Thankfully, many of these products come in a variety of colours to help out with that last point.

You should be aware that the charging capabilities of these products depends on how many devices are plugged into them, and you should avoid leaving devices - especially larger ones like iPads - charging while parked, as they could drain the battery. It has two USB ports for powering two devices at once, and has a scratch-resistant metal finish.

So-called iSmart 2. The charger is available in black, gold, red and silver, so hopefully you can pick one which best suits the interior of your car. The charger offers up to 2. Our only criticism here - and one shared with a lot of these chargers - is how the ports contain a bright blue light, which can be distracting, especially when driving at night.

The charger is available in black, silver and red. Spring-loaded arms ensure any smartphone fits securely in the holder, and it can be rotated to hold your phone in landscape or portrait orientation. Most car chargers are limited to two USB ports, but this option from TeckNet serves up four ports, with a total power output of 9. The manufacturer even claims the device can charge four tablets at once.

This charger is particularly useful if you need to charge up two smartphones, while also powering a dash cam and satellite navigation system - or if your rear passengers are also low on juice. This device from HiGoing comprises two separate pieces. First there is a USB charger, which slots into the 12V socket and can power two devices at once. Travel accessories. Travel adaptors 5. Car and motorcycle.

Car tyre inflators and air compressors 1 Car battery maintenance 1 Car cleaning 1. Garden power tools. Pressure washers 2 Garden power tool accessories 2 Hedge trimmers 1. Filter by. Customer Rating Radio Options. Brands Apple Masterplug Belkin 4.

Feber 3. Juice 3. Filter Showing 1 - 30 of 48 products.

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Cigarette Lighter Socket Extension Male - Car Cigarette Lighter Male - Socket Extension Cord Cable Find 12 volts extension lead cigarette lighter from argos from top brands such as Brodit and Hama at Bizrate. Buy cable reels and extension leads at they are essential when you need 1 Year Guarantee; Heavy Duty Plug & Socket; High Visibility Cable. Masterplug 3 Socket Switched Extension Lead - 2m + 2 Year Warranty - ? + Free Click and Collect @ Argos. ?Argos Deals. Avatar.

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