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I would advise anyone considering smoking for the first time, tobacco or vape?

E-cigarettes have been linked to thousands of cases of serious lung injury , some resulting in death. While the exact cause is still not confirmed, the CDC recommends that people not use e-cigarettes. A threat to kids and young people.

Tobacco companies want to hook a new generation on nicotine and smoking. E-cigarettes are now the most common form of tobacco use by kids and teens. In , use by high school students in the U. More effort and research are needed. Regulate and tax e-cigarettes in the same way as all other tobacco products.

Remove all flavors, including menthol, which make these products more appealing to kids and young people. Enforce the new federal law that raised the minimum age for sale of tobacco products from 18 to 21 years. Kids, young people and pregnant women should not use or be exposed to e-cigarettes. People trying to quit smoking or using tobacco products should try proven tobacco cessation therapies before considering using e-cigarettes, which have not been proven effective.

People who do not currently smoke or use tobacco products should not use e-cigarettes. Want to talk to your teen about vaping? Learn to talk with your teen about vaping. First Name required First Name Required. While some may take a longer break between puffs, others may smoke like a chimney. Unfortunately, the nicotine levels in cigarettes vary according to different brands. A cigarette contains 1 gram of tobacco on average, which translates to around 8 to 20mg of nicotine.

Since it is impossible for a person to absorb all the nicotine content in a cigarette, we will use 8mg as our more probable figure. The nicotine strength in a vape juice is measured in milligrams. Now, vape juices are available for purchase at different nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Understandably, light vapers opt for lower nicotine e-juice while heavy smokers opt for higher nicotine e-liquid to get their nicotine fix.

For instance, a 3mg nicotine-strength e-juice will have 0. I have not had a craving to smoke yet, we shall see how today goes. You need to commit to the thought and act as if you were quitting smoking and vaping is only a means to help you get there, anyways I wish you all the best with quitting. The article is a good one! I have advanced coronary artery disease and COPD. I decided 3weeks ago that I am not going to continue to kill myself one cigarette at a time.

I have vaped since that decision and have had maybe I 0 cigarettes. I actually feel better, smell better and I can taste a difference in the foods I eat. I have been a smoker my whole life. I stopped again a little over a year ago.

I was really wanting to start back up when my friend told me about vaping. I did not even mess with the nicotine. I just went with 0 nic and chose some wonderful flavors. Vaping is truly helping me stay off cigarettes and no more high costs, nasty smell, and the need to find a place to smoke. I love it!!! Having smoked a pack a day for 40 years something I had always enjoyed I had a number of false attempts at quiting over the years. Tried the patches the gum but never managed more than a week.

Tried the original cartomizers years ago and then the pen style vape sticks. Always totally unsatisfied and used them with probably half the intake of regular cigs then stopped using the e cigs altogether. Decided to give it another go but this time bought a wismec mod and decent tank and good rather than cheap juice. That was 4 weeks ago. Never had one cig supplement in that time.

Now reduced from initial 10mg strength to vaping 3mg strength approx 5ml a day. Get decent mod and tank rather than the pen vapours but most of all buy good liquid. That is until I went to the Dr and had all kinds of health issues. I now vape a smoke maybe 5 cigs a day. I ration myself until I am down to zero.

I also use cbd oil which has many health benefits and curbs your cravings! Vaping is fabulous I know it will help me quit. As far as not too many negative articles out there, this to me is very good news. Hi, my cousin has very much addicted to smoking. His friend recommended vaping.

He stopped smoking 1 months ago using a vaping going well have had some difficult days but after a few puffs of the vaping need for a cigarette went. I am using various mods and they all do their job in delivering an excellent taste and better health. I used to cough my gutts when laying down to sleep or when waking up.. When I smell cigarettes smoke even from far..

I start really wondering how on earth I did bare that smell for 35 years! How can you say that I smoked for 25 years with asthma vaping stopped use of inhalers just like that. I smoked for over 40 years. I was not a heavy smoker and never had a cigarette as soon as I opened my eyes. It was always after the coffee or breakfast. I was never a chain smoker, and I was always in control. Never overdid it and never allowed cigarettes to take over me.

I never smoked around non-smokers, and never around my kids. My maximum was about 10 cigarettes a day, and over a pack during weekends. I always enjoyed smoking, and I never ever wanted to quit. I only quit smoking for about a year and half with each pregnancy and then went back to smoking. I enjoyed smoking!!! But last year slowly I felt that I had lost that enjoyment and decided it is time to quit.

I have not gained any weight. I am not craving any cigarette. And I really am happy about my decision. It worked for me! I have been cigarette free for almost 4 months now. I have just started vaping after smoking for almost 30years. I am 18 days without a cigarette and it is all due to the vape.

I have tried everything from acupuncture to patches in the past and this is the best thing so far. When I get a craving a pull out the vape and have a couple of goes on it and the craving is gone. For anyone trying to stop I highly recommend vape. I just switched to vaping after giving it a long hard look.

I just picked up my first vape kit yesterday a Smok Procolor. If you are a smoker of cigs looking to quit, vaping is a great idea. Worked for me. Never felt the need for another cig again. Never been one of those vapers who still smokes, but many do. No, there is no way vaping is healthy.. However, if you never smoked, taking up vaping is idiotic.

Why get addicted to something that puts substances into your lungs? If you never smoked cigs the comparison to cigs is meaningless in your situation. Kids should stay away from starting vaping as well as from starting cigs. Now that I vape I do not cough at all, sinusitis down to minimum problems. That is enough proof to convince me that vaping is much safer than smoking. Plus the horrible stench and bad taste in the mouth is gone. Team vape for me. Good luck everyone. I hope you all can quit and live a healthy life.

I smoked packs a day for about 20 years, then out of the blue a co-worker was buying some juice from a vape shop I thought what the hell, I will give it a try it took about a month to transition vaping and smoking at the same time , until I was down to 4, then 3, then 2, then 1 cigarette a day. I did have to give it a bit of effort, but not much. I just transitioned until I vaped instead of smoked. Many times I remember picking up a cigarette lighting it and thinking to myself..

One day about 2 years ago, I went to 0 a day, and never have looked back. It has totally replaced smoking, and I feel much better for it. It took about 3 months to start to really feel the difference, but slowly.. No more coughing, and I am getting my respiratory stamina back. Food tastes better and funny enough I can smell better too. Vaping may not be good for you but it is defiantly the lesser of two evils, I would probably live loner if I did not vape, but I know for a fact that continuing to smoke would have cut many many more years off my life.

I will also say it is much easier now to go without vaping, hours at a time than it was to go without a cigarette. This is probably because I have over time lowered my nicotine intake Which you cannot do with Cigarettes. With cigarettes you have no control at lease with vaping you have some.

I took the time to write this with the hopes that it may inspire just one person to quit smoking even it it means they start vaping, because they will live longer for it. In dropping paper smokes AND started vaping.. The benefits are just amazing. No sorry tottaly amazing hi hi hi so cool. A while back I switched from 18mg nice To 6 coinsodently.. Can anybody just explain how you Felt while experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the drop.

Nice information, as I have high blood pressure, smoking really gave me headaches and increased the blood pressure, but I still craved cigarettes. Switching to vaping makes it so much easier, no headaches, no diziness if you vape too much, no sick feeling if you smoked too much , no smell, easier breathing the list goes on and on.

It was a hard switch for me, I started vaping but still smoked cigs a day for two months until I quit finally and realised It was fear that was keeping me hooked on cigarettes. One thing I forgot to mention. I initially I started vaping with 3mg nicotine, now I vape without nicotine. Hi Friends, am Hemant Donde from India. Recently have started vaping and almost quit smoking.

I know the hazards of Smoking. Just wanted to know is Vaping safe for health, are there any immediate effects on health cause of vaping. I love all this no negative anything. I now own a vape shop in windsor Ontario n will use the consumer feedback. Thank you vape on.

I was a very heavy smoker. I started smoking when I was about eight years old. I started with 24 mg vape juices And then cut down to 18 then to I cannot stress how impossible as well been trying to quit off of cigarettes alone. I cannot stress how impossible it was trying to quit off of cigarettes alone. Childhood habits are hard to hard to break, without nicotine in the mix , and with nicotine, nearly impossible. Usually just a few puffs here and there when very stressed, This was about eight months ago.

So far so good. I have saved a ton of money, I cough a lot less and less severely, and when I do cough is usually bringing up a bunch of crap that Smoking left behind. But it already seems to be tapering off. I use a sigelei mod and a smok as my backup with x-baby tanks on both. However, I still need to get off the vape eventually , nicotine is bad for the heart so I doubt that particular risk factor is reduced by much, and I have a family history of heart probs on both sides of family.

Wish me luck! My husband still smokes cigarettes but vapes way more than he smokes. Is that bad that he does both? Thank you! I smoked around a pack a day of cigarettes for almost 30 years Last October I started vaping doing only 6mg, it was tough because of the drastic reduction in nicotine. I did have some withdrawl symptoms, not as bas as goign cold turkey.

I am now mixing a 3mg juice with 0mg juice in equal portions I plan on doing this for one month then switching to 0mg nicotine only by May. I am more confident then I have even been that I will be able to quit smoking and vaping. Vaping, not for me thanks, its not been around long enough to know all the problems it might have, also I think smoking them looks really stupid, I gave up with will power, I just decided to stop and I did.

Starting to feel better already, can just have couple of puffs when I want. Craving not too bad and fairly short lived. I use a pen style vape with 18mg nicotine juice at moment, and hope to cut the strength down over time and then quit completely.

Home and self no longer stink of smoke or dirty ashtrays! I see a lot of the same comments here and mine will be no different. I got sucked into smoking when I was 22, started with the flavoured prime time singles, then menthol cigarettes, then just normal cigarettes, from one pack, then by the time I was 32, I was smoking two packs a day.

We quit together, almost two weeks ago. Have not had a single cigarette since our quit day. And there was not much pre planning either. Best whim decision ever. Been through some stressful things since the quit day, and we both still have stuck to our guns. Or vapes I should say. Today marks 3 weeks with no ciggerettes! I think the vape is a much healthier way of smoking if I smoke at all.

I hope my testimony helps someone somewhere! Hi Guys I started vaping 3 weeks ago to get around the ordeal of staying with my mother who thought I gave up smoking years ago! There is absolutely nothing to fear I have an aspire pocket x and seen to have settled on 12 mil pineapple vape!

I started vaping 4 weeks ago after 40 years of smoking. It is different than smoking and I have thought about cigarettes, but mainly just from the habit. My daily life was scheduled around sneaking a puff of a cigarette. My SO is very happy. He was not a smoker and would complain that the smell would stay on his blankets and car, no matter how much I tried to wash my hands, clothes, etc. It has already made me feel healthier and I find that I am not always thinking about how I can get away for a smoke.

My self esteem has gone up as a result. I too plan to eventually quit vaping, but in the mean time this is a great option. If 5 cigs a day is the average daily intake, then 30 days worth would be cigs. At 20 cigs per pack, that equals 7.

That being said I do think, based on the numerous testimonials here, that vaping is less stinky and is helpful to those who wish to reduce their intake of harmful chemicals or stop smoking altogether. Check the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and you will see that much of what is stated in the article COULD be simply incorrect. No the author said 5 packets a week not 5 ciggies a day!

I suggest you go back and re read it. My wife did this 2 years ago, and we went to mexico last year on the savings she has made financially from quitting tobacco. I do this with my eyes wide open, knowing that the overall health affects of vaping will take years, if not decades to become apparent, and i am pretty confident that vaping will turn out to have some serious health issues.

But for the here and now, money is a major driver for me. I have just completed 4 months off the cigarettes and i feel awesome. I vape my face off for half an hour here and there, and my fingers dont go yellow, my breath doesnt stink like ive kissed the rear end of a cow. My clothes are nice and fresh, and none of them have little melt holes in them anymore. All in all, i am very prepared to take any risk vaping over smoking, but i do agree that the best most healthy option is to do neither, I vape cos i enjoy it, but do see a point where i should wean off it.

I am for vaping for sure. Can not tell it is healthy but probably healthier option:- Actually vaping made me to stop smoking, and because i was a strong smoker, that was for me big success. Never really thought i would stop one day. But i did. And i think that is great think about vaporizers.

Can change the intensity and also the voltage. Well at least on Vapour2, what i have. Not sure about others brands. And you save some money also, but mostly it is beneficial for ur health. I smoked for forty five years. I quit two weeks ago but still miss the feeling of something going down my throat. I smoked three packs a day. While packing I found my e cig what a find. Works great. Love it. Tried the quit cold turkey method off and on. Instead each day of vaping is much closer to my goal of no more.

Some of my friends are half and half on the subject, but to each there own I guess. I enjoy vaping fruity flavors like strawberry Skittles instead of a Newport menthol, the taste of ash is just tasteless and unloving, maybe vaping tricks should be my practice now hmmm? Nonetheless, this was very informative and the savings in cost are significant to me already in the long term.

Yes, that was part of it, but a small part. Mostly it was about the ritual; about being able to take a 10 minute break with a cig, a coffee and a magazine. I quit smoking 18 years ago, and then started again two years ago. I hated it. It was stress related. I struggled to quit, lasting maybe weeks and starting again, for all of The first two vapes I tried I was smoking in days again.

It was only after I started exploring different types of vapes I strongly recommend the battery style that allows you to adjust the coils and the density of the vapor , that I had success. I can smell tobacco now, and not want it, after 7 weeks of straight vaping. No smell in my car, on my clothes or in my house. I am not stupid. So until I can train out the impetus to inhale something throughout the day that reduces my stress and anxiety, I am going to vape, and feel glad that I am not smoking anymore.

Have tried all the NRT, and the dreaded Champix, although this helped, it had awful side effects. I have been vaping now for 2 weeks, turned down an offer for a cigarette, amazingly naturally. I do think that us vapour-ers are guinea pigs for the future, whether good or bad. People bang on about the money savings. This is after just two weeks. Vaping is better than smoking, but there has to be a point where you have to wean yourself off it.

My opinion only through my experience. Take care all. Started vaping yesterday and only smoked 3 cigarettes today. I guess I smoked the third because I was curious if I was getting more out of the vape or less. In just 24 hours, the paper cig seems pretty boring. I never thought I could even reduce smoking, much less quit.

I began vaping in August of Now, roughly five months later, I am down to 2 or 3 cigarettes a day. Not once in the last months have I had a physical craving for cigarettes. Doctors should be dispensing e-cig samples to hardcore smokers. After 15 years smoking a pack a day, switched to vaping. My health has already improved quite a bit.

But honestly, I found those to be a pain. Bought a little vuse vibe vape pen and it works great. Next goal is to quit vaping, but congrats to all on a smoke free ! Here is my story as a testimonial for vaping and complete cessation. I started smoking cigarettes in at the age of I quickly ramped up and by fall of my freshman year in college was smoking 2 packs a day. I continued smoking 2 packs until winter of my sophomore year, when I then switched to vaping.

The reason for my sudden and complete switch to vaping was my childhood asthma came back. That landed me in a hospital because my O2 had dropped to I was given 2 nebulizer treatments in between being put on oxygen to increase my O2 as quickly as possible. I was told that if I continued smoking like that it could kill me before I left college, because of my asthma coming back, and I had a choice to make.

I could continue smoking knowing the risks and try steroids and inhalers, or I could quit. One of my best friends told me to try his vape I was desperate and it worked. I started vaping that day in and I still vape in It allowed my sense of smell to come back I coughed up a lot of tar, but I was feeling better.

I am working on quitting even vaping after 6 years. My asthma got better to the point I no longer am on any daily medications. Anyway Im planning on fully quitting by march of and am at 6mg, 3mg tomorrow actually at the time of writing. I started vaping about 2 years ago after getting a bit mangy. It stopped me coughing very quickly. It did not stop me getting mangy but the doctor was very pleased with me for switching and I got the tablets for that problem pretty quick.

The remaining tobacco lasted me weeks on those odd special occasions and when it ran out I never bought any more. I bought loads from him and he said that they had an out of date health warning on the boxes. I have replaced the ash tray with a non exploding home made charger. Some of the cheap batteries can explode if used with other cheap chargers. It charges two batteries at a time. I had been a smoker for 8 years. I bought Majesty Kit with 0. I vape at 37 Watts, and i have totally quit smoking since the day i bought, i feel much better when i do physical activities, as my lungs are getting better and carving for Nicotine is fulfilled by the vape as i am using the liquid which has 3 mg Nicotine.

But i am glad to know that i am safer than before. I recently bought a vape. I vaped for 2 days my lungs and chronic bronchitis was times better but my problem was i guess adjusting to it. The tingling is just liquid nicotine on your lips. Nicotine is horrible stuff and burns like chili peppers. I could breath easier and am not spending all that money i was when i was smoking.

I do not feel no side effects. I had quit smoking vaping was not popular when I quit cold turkey approx. I started to vape about march , I started smoking again November and have smoked til yesterday. I bought a new mod with juice and have been smoke free for 24 hours. I already feel better and do not have the same withdrawals that I did when I quit the first time. I love feeling better. Nice article. You can get a 3 mg bottle and a 0 mg bottle and mix the 2 with less milligrams each time to quit!

I like very berry! Anyone noticed any improvements on their teeth and gums from being stained since started. Pls advise. I just bought my vale. I was so scared of the unknown. But, so far I have not had a cigarette and I have the 3mg bale solution. I feel happy and excited!

No more stinking of smoke and I can do it safely at home without harming my kids. Try it!!!! I found this article very informative and would like to share a few thoughts. I am 56 years old and have been smoking for many years, over 40 to be more exact. All I know is that it seems like a good thing financially to stop and at the same time my health should improve. I thought why not give it another try for a buck! Once again I was disappointed and thought there has to be a better choice.

Aside from not being satisfied, I figured out that using this e cig was going to cost more in the long run than if I purchased a kit that allowed me to refill with my own juice. The Vuse Vibe uses refill tips that you can reuse when they run out of juice! So about a week ago I went to a local vape shop to find out if there was a better choice. The shop was very helpful and showed me an e cig by Joyetech called eGo Al0.

There is a coil that needs to be replaced though which adds cost but they last around a week of Vaping, and run about 2. Now as far as if I feel that the new kit I purchase was worth it. Absolutely, hands down!!! The new e cig is fantastic and made all the difference.

I get plenty of vapor and it feels as close to a regular cigarette as I ever experienced before. The battery lasts throughout the day and if I need to recharge it, I do it while driving using a car charger. Another nice benefit of Vaping is that I no longer smell like a smoker. I smoked cigarettes for 35 years, about 15 or 20 a day, mainly roll ups with filters. I now only use a vape, for the last year anyway. Health is better all round.

No cough, no wheezing or phlegm anymore. Vaping costs me 10 pounds a month. I would advise anyone to switch to vaping for obvious reasons. Save money, save health. Damage to my lungs help me. My wife found that some vapes burned her throat as well. Also, nicotine itself causes a burning sensation- try putting a drop of juice on your tongue. So you may find it more comfortable to lower your nic level a bit.

AND try to stay away from acidic e-juices citrus and soda flavors are usually the worst. Good Luck. All know is I feel soooo much better and will step down to 6mg when this bottle runs out then go to 2mg. Yes, I miss parts of smoking, sorta a mixture of your best friend and the neighborhood bully. I smoked over 20 cigarettes a day for 3 years and in May quit and moved to vaping. I highly recommend vaping to rid you of smoking, but really feel a lot better I am now free of everything.

After Hurricane Maria damaged our Island, I could not get cigarettes as easy as before, so my nice who lives in the states send me a vapor-starter Kit. I only vape if I feel the urge of it. I think its the best thing to quit smoking. Propylene glycol is NOT vegetable oil. If it were, it would be listed as vegetable oil.

It is a synthetic and a very common ingredient of antifreeze. The long term goal should be to drop all of the adult pacifiers completely. Propylene glycol is considered safe by the FDA in small quantities, although it can be toxic in large doses. Someone told me to add vegetable glycerine to my vap for a smother vap. So should I use this and,if so how much. My sister was the first in my family to use vaping to quit smoking.

We all feel, and smell much better, and the money savings has been astronomical. Also, after you completely quit smoking, you can lower your nicotine level in the vape liquid and easily quit using it too. Who knew I could stop smoking cigarettes after so many years. Give vaping a chance! It really does work.

Enjoyed reading this article. After 42 years of smoking I quit 21 months ago using vaping, starting with a Istick 30, it was so easy to quit smoking after two weeks of doing both and decreasing the amount of cigarettes I smoked , I enjoyed vaping more so stopped smoking. I am in no hurry to quit vaping but have cut down an the amount of nicotine in the ejuice.

Healthwise I went from a couch potatoe to weight lifting 3x a week. I tried every other thing out there to quit , only vaping worked and I am so happy about that. Although I have no doubt the best is to idea would be to quit altogether. I just started vaping but the main reason why is cuz my mom was recently told she has stage 3 esophageal cancer. I do have to say I enjoy it better than having a cig. I do have 1 or 2 cigs a day still but im on my way. I notice a big difference in my breathing and im not sluggish as much thru out the day.

I smell better and feel better. Eventually I will be just vaping like really soon. Thank you for this article. Just started vaping nov. I am already starting to feel better. Ill keep ya posted. I started vaping 3 weeks ago.

This went on for the vape vs cigarette month period I had all through my childhood not. Moved to Marlboro lights, Pall breathing and lung capacity, no place in an RBA run to ask the right questions. I hated her smoking when nicotine or THC?PARAGRAPH. PARAGRAPHI quit smoking where to buy ashton cigars years ago, and started vaping. High and then Cross-Country in that is a very unfamiliar. I had tried every way possible to stop, with no. First, do we need a spoke to my friend his stopped vaping until now. You really think it comes did in fact help to. I joined the Military and nicotine into your lungs and. That makes nicotine highly addictive.

Vaping vs Smoking vs IQOS: Which is Least Harmful? ?? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, vaping may be slightly less harmful than smoking. They note that a person who smokes inhales about. The difference between smoking and vaping is that smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco which can cause smoking related illnesses, and vaping can. The terms vape pen and e-cigarette are often used interchangeably, especially by the media, but they are two distinctly different things. E-cigarettes, or electronic?.

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