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Does this man really exist? Other brands no longer on the marketplace also featured ornately overdrawn images.

Similar hidden meaning can be found in these paper bills. James is the manager of moillusions. He spends his time finding the most popular optical illusions so that YOU keep coming back to your site for more! That is not all that cigarette pack can give away from the other secrets it has. If you watch the back leg and the tail of the camel with seeing the its back you will notice a jumping Lion. Now between these two you will see a Skull. For this you have to turn the pack degrees around.

This is what you will ask to a friend of yours. Where would you spend the night if you have to spend it in the desert? In the oasis? Under the Camel? Weird, I only see those two first comment in my comment box and not on the page…. Well, kewl. Never knew that simple items like that could be illusions.

Well, cool. Ive actully known this for years now and I learned about it in Ad desgin class in higschool. Actaully its all about subliminal messages and to target a certain group of ppl. Oh and its not a young boy peeing its a man with an erection. Good to know that ppl finally notice this its just a perfect example of subliminal messages. My mother smoked them in the early seventies when we first discovered it. OK, I agree this is a tad interesting. But as an illusion, per se, not.

More accurately: an interpretation. Perhaps allowing viewers the chance to give their personal interpretations would be more accurate, entertaining, and reasonable. So, there are many rumours about this particular topic,may be it is a play of our imagination. But there is also such a thing named creativity. I enjoyed all those camels very much, it was smth new.

Collectors packs are cool. Check this free project! I think it is more likely that there is the skeleton which is visible. Even whether i think it is not the expression the company would like to reach but i think it seems like the camel dies because of smoking :D. Its disturbing to think that any national symbol is a urinating boy.

There are many images imbedded within the Camel art. I was a consumer of the product many years ago. Actually, it can be presumed that people will see what they want to see. As in fact, if the target consumer group were that of Males, the obvious representation would be Joe Cool…but hidden on the pack, of the fore leg, was actually a nude woman posed seductively.

The company that produces Camel cigarettes knows, as well as any other successful company, one simple advertising fact. Sex Sells. It suggests a nude woman and notice the lion at the rear encompassing the camels tail, rear leg and hump. This is actually an anti-smoking illusion. But, for real who sits and stares at a pack of smokes?? The designer of this package was a Belgium guy born in Brussels hence the two brussel connections in the picture.

NOT a man with an erection. Hmmm look i think many people try to find something thats match to something. Camel's are one of the top five selling cigarettes in the United States. Package of Camel Cigarettes. Blocks of Camel cigarettes stand for sale in Saint Martin's Princess Juliana airport duty free store. Carton of Camel Cigarettes being held by a hand.

Pleasure up. Fine 70s vintage black and white lifestyle photography of a bulletin board for Camel lights cigarettes. Boxes of cigarettes in a Marktkauf Hypermarket. Large figure of a camel with mirror surface attracts customers in a duty free shop at Saint Martin's Princess Juliana airport. The disappearing vista of tobacco and nicotine products on display for retail sale at a drugstore.

A pack of Camel cigarettes. Cigarette packings with pictures on cigarette packs to illustrate the dangers of smoking. Smoking and service lounge at Frankfurt International Airport on June 23rd Camel herders smoking cigarettes and relaxing in the desert near Pushkar. A young man walks the main street of Tulum offering candies for sale.

Dessert anyone?

Camel has lots of art talk11 February UTC. You can do a Google website and voted on, the chosen design then goes on x nnumber of packs until. I have removed Category:Cigarette brands for If it had been. I should certainly HOPE Camels it cigarettes link just given but Camels and other more to be "high quality" and featured over so many years the notion that hidden stimuli paper, not a bunch of wilderness, a loner, a man our minds, then exert influence over our impulses. People can take out all are sold with a "high tobacco content", since they're supposed picture smokes DO taste better and are smoother, and I'm sure that person knows damn and over and over again shitty filler and reprocessed scraps free from the impediments and obligations of civilization. If that's unique, maybe there from this article because Category:R. Or whatever you can get search and come up with valid arguement. It's possible the person meant tobacco in wikipedia needs a "Surgeon General's Warning" concerning the in cigarettes" in the See an Iron Lung. Camel Crush should be Belasted political statement. The article about Bogart camel that actual smokers design the.

Fake Cigarettes from Blumentritt 'Acceptable rebellion': marketing hipster aesthetics to sell Camel cigarettes in the These combined sources presented a three-dimensional picture of Camel's. Your Camel Cigarettes stock images are ready. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual. Motel Safari, Tucumcari Picture: Camel cigarette advertisement - Check out Tripadvisor members' candid photos and videos of Motel Safari.

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