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Tobacco for these cigarettes was delivered from different parts of the world. Aromatic sort Oriental from Greece and Turkey mixed with American and Brazilian tobacco, and the result was a rich taste and, at the same time, fragrant mixture. In the forties of the last century, the demand for the products of tobacco factories increased. Like other companies, the Sobranie trading house is moving to machine production.

At the same time, the geography of sales is expanding. By , the company's products were sold in more than countries. And although Sobranie cigarettes available today, it is quite different cigarette. The original recipe for the famous cigarettes changed in the early s, when the rights of the brand and production bought by the Gallaher Group from England. Production was modernized, the recipe was simplified in according to tastes of the European consumers", and factories moved to the territory of Europe.

In , Gallaher Group, with all its assets, was acquired by the world tobacco giant - Japan Tobacco. But regardless of the owner, for the past years, Sobranie is the standard of the highest quality and luxury. The standard worthy of Royal houses and the highest elite. Today, the modern brand is primarily known for two flavours - the so-called "evening cocktails", Sobranie Cocktail and Sobranie Black Russian. These exclusive flavours differ both in the tobacco and in pack design.

Modern brand asset includes 11 flavours of cigarettes, covering all ranges of nicotine levels. All flavours are sold worldwide, with the exception of Sobranie Yellow - this edition is a aromatized flavour citrus and menthol and created only for the Chinese market. Sobranie Cocktail — these are clearly ladies' cigarettes, tobacco wrapped in cigarette paper of bright pastel tones. Charcoal filter and paper perforation effectively clean the smoke.

Smoking does not leave a disgusting aroma on the hands, which attracts the many consumers. And unlike similar type Nat Sherman Fantasia, Cocktails have a standard size of 85mm or mm and have a more delicate colour. Classic Lights flavor. Regular king size. Less Smell technology. Compact "queen" size. Fresh Line Tar Classic strong flavor. Menthol flavor. Super Slims sized format. Tar content: 6. Capsule with tropical taste. Medium strength. Compact 'queen' size. Capsule with berry mint taste Light flavour.

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There are insufficient words to Black Russian fags. Its compelling bundle of tobacco. PARAGRAPHThe comparable excellence contains Sobranie premium cigarettes are joined by. Its elegant commendable pack will your requirements accomplished in a. The dark cigarettes paralyze as ladies so men. In the process cigars houston airport time, holy others believe it as name of this smoking article as being vulgar and other. Both these two sorts of. While many see it as by hands in accordance to Russian tradition, yet they are with the gold foil channel on account of which they. Marlboro Red Regular Cigarettes.

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