Plain packaging cigarettes debate

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Plain packaging with large, graphic, warnings, was considered to impact on smoking cessation. Cancel Save. A distinguishing methodological feature of this study was that it used a Control to assess changes in sales, compared to the methods used in the earlier studies.

Plain packaging cigarettes debate harley davidson

In Australia over the past two years there has been a fierce statistical battle between the tobacco industry and anti-smoking groups over whether plain packaging works. Aussie smokers have been picking up their cigarettes in bland brown packs, plastered with pictures of black tar-stained lungs, yellow rotting teeth and pink bulging tumours since December Since then the number-crunchers on either side of the debate have been putting out research to claim that it has either been a success or a failure.

The tobacco industry generally says plain packaging hasn't reduced smoking. Well they would say that, wouldn't they. Anti-smoking groups say plain packaging has reduced smoking. So I'm going to stick my neck out. It appears to be working, but relatively slowly. Figures from Australia's Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Health show that by just about all measures cigarette smoking has decreased since plain packaging was introduced. These figures are comprehensive and worth reading all the way through.

The figures for the first quarter of were the lowest ever recorded. Research has shown a considerable increase in the number of people calling quit-smoking advice lines. The affirmative side should follow Nicola Roxon's model of olive brown cases for tobacco products with health warnings on them, and that only the brand name will differentiate one brand of cigarette and another.

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The Ugly Truth: 5 years of plain packaging in Australia tobacco, no matter how absurd, becomes the subject of legitimate debate. The idea of mandating plain packaging of tobacco products can be traced back. The recent debate over the effectiveness of plain packaging playing out in Since the introduction of plain packaging tobacco sales are at their. Last July the Department of Health announced that standardised plain packaging of tobacco in England will be put on hold until the emerging.

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