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OR Find inside Pro Puff cigarettes. Description A device that can record to cassette tapes, and play them. Clicking on the safe brings up the keypad, letting you enter the code or set the combination if it hasn't been set.

Figurine Case Stores up to thirty toy figures , saving previous inventory space, and can be bought from capsule machines. To put figures into it, you can click on the case while there's a figure in your hand, as if putting something into a backpack, or drag and drop a figure's sprite onto the case's to stuff all the figures around you into it.

To take them out, you can click on case in-hand to drop all the figures out. Toy Sword A replica cyalume saber , available as a arcade machine prize and Spacebux item. It doesn't retract like the real thing, but it spooks paranoid spacemen all the same. In fact, it's so spooky that it's considered minor contraband.

Plush Toy An adorable little friend you get from somehow winning the claw machine or, sometimes, an arcade machine. Latter gives out bears, while the former grants kittens, penguins, and many other cute things, with special rare variants of each! Use them inhand to talk through them like a puppet! Attack someone with a plushie you're on Help intent to make the plushie hug them! Russian Revolver A special gun specifically designed for Russian roulette fun!

Click on the gun while it's in your hand to reload it, click on the gun to spin the chamber, and click on yourself or any tile to point it at your head and fire. No, you can't fire it at others, doofus. Found in every Barman 's office and Mixology supplies closet. Click on it to prime it. It might explode in a lovely spray of colors and sparkles Most spawn as trinkets , but arcade machines can dispense purely-aesthetically different versions called decloaking devices.

Sparkler Sparkle! Click on it with some sort of flame source, such as a lighter similar to cigs , there are different messages for each source , and it'll ignite, emitting pretty light and sparks. The sparks and the sparkler itself can heat up and ignite items. Comes in 5 packs in sparkler boxes. Sparkler Box Must be clicked on while it's in your hand to break the seal and access the five sparklers inside.

The boxes otherwise works like other boxes, although they can fit only tiny-size items. Sparkler boxes are an item purchased through Spacebux. It's that simple! Protip: If you find one you don't like, you can put it back into the box and hopefully get a different one! Stickers can be removed with fire. Available in Sponge Capsule Crates from Cargo. Camera An instant camera with a replaceable film cartridge typically good for 10 photos, but can be up to Using it on a person or tile will spit out a picture.

The camera can be used in conjunction with thermals to take pictures of cloaked people through the surveillance camera. The detective has a spare film cartridge in his locker. Photo Produced by a camera , naturally. Examining the picture will show you the names of all people or things on that tile, as well as anything those people are holding in their hands. You can click on it with a pen or other writing instrument to either write something on the bottom on the photo or sign it, putting a huge signature on the photo.

Both can be done multiple times, and neither accept fancy formatting. In-hand, it records the holder's voice alone; in a room, everything said within seven tiles of it. Lipstick A tube of lipstick for adding color to your lips or writing rude messages on the walls and floors like a crayon. The Chef or anyone with an oven can make these just by sticking a capsule and crayon color of either doesn't matter into an oven for some time.

Click your character or another person's and to apply a tinsy bit on your lips. Make sure to stay perfectly still, or there'll be a lot more than a tinsy bit on your face. You'll have to go to the shower to wash it off. Discount Dan's Bath Bomb When inserted into a bathtub by clicking on it with the bomb in-hand, makes an unforgettable bathing experience.

Comes in 12 flavors, some rarer than others. Each flavor has different reagents, but each bomb has nicotine , salt , and either barium or potassium , which is why it should not be exposed to water sources. Baseball Bat Found, not in the Gym, but somewhere in Maintenance. There's no complimentary baseball, unfortunately, but you play baseball with just about anything with this slugger, because it will deflect anything thrown at you off into a random direction, provided, of course, you can get the timing right.

Basketball A super-bouncy ball you use to play Space Basketball, obviously. Careful whom you throw it at though. If they're not ready to catch it i. Has a secret use. Basketball Hoop Mount it somewhere by clicking on a wall or similar with it in-hand, and you're ready to play some Space B-Ball! You can score points by throwing a basketball into it from a distance or getting close enough to simply slam the ball into it. Ouija Board Allows the dead to send messages to the living.

When you're a Ghost , you can click on the board and select one of several randomly-selected words from the pop-up menu. The board will then shake and magically spell out the word you picked for the "benefit" of any living or dead person watching.

Great for spooky spectral afterlife pranks. Green arrow means target is tiles away, blue , and red 17 and higher. The Captain has a red one in their quarters for the nuke disk , the Detective gets a modified red version for blood DNA matches , each loadout from the sec weapons vendor has one for gear provided, and the Nuclear Operatives have green ones for their nuclear bomb, with their leader getting an extra red one for the nuke disk.

Vendor Restock Cartridge A tiny little cartridge that for restocking certain vending machines. Click on certain books and records with it and you might find some interesting lore bits. Printing Press Modules A variety of modules you can insert into a printing press.

They are a color module that lets you use colored text, a cover module which lets you use special covers on your books, and a forbidden module which gives you some more interesting tidbits. Ink Cartridge Contains a bunch of ink. You can't drink it, but you can insert it into your local printing press. Space Cash Formally called "credits". Do not confuse with Spacebux. Every station job starts with a stack by default, some places have fat stacks of cash as loot, and you can withdraw cash from and add cash to your account and by using an ATM.

You should get a menu to select the amount. Mass-collect adjacent credits stacks: Click-drag the sprite of any money stack on the floor onto the sprite of a stack in your hand. This will make you collect the nearby stacks on cash on the floor into one big stack. General Items large Item Image Description Tank Rather massive type of container typically often found in the maintenance corridors, tool storage and the warehouse.

Depending on their designation, they either contain firefighting foam, water, welding fuel, fertilizer or helium. Water fountains come with a limited supply of paper cups, and welding fuel tanks will rupture if heated. Finally, you can make water fountains mobile like the other tanks by using a screwdriver on them, and you can remove the plastic bottle by using a wrench.

Closets and Lockers Widely used around the station. Can hold almost anything inside them, and may be secured by an ID lock or with the help of a welding tool. If you see one of them shaking like crazy, that means a person is trying to get out of a welded or locked closet.

Doing flips has a chance to damage and eventually break them open from the inside, as does setting off a Liquid Dark Matter from within them. Traitors have the option to order a floor closet , which can pass through other objects even when it's closed and which disguises itself as the tile it's on. Fun fact: If you use a welder on it while it's still open , you'll cut some leg holes into it. That way, when some nerd shoves you in and welds it shut, you'll still be able to move Swipe it with your ID ID in a PDA doesn't work to unlock and claim it as your own, swipe it again to close it; now only you and you alone can open it.

By default, you'll find a backpack, satchel, extra headset, and, for some reason, a remote signaler , but you can stuff it with items you want to hide , items you REALLY want to hide , and any other item you'd like. They are meant to have bodies of the dearly deceased placed in them. It's mostly used for hiding murder victims. Vampires can also use them to regenerate their immortal bodies, and even resurrect from the dead. Crate Another location to store things or bodies. Like closets, they can be welded shut or, if it has a lock, can be locked.

On a productive day, miners might use them to use a cargo transporter to send ore to the cargo bay , or they will crack open abandoned ones with a multitool for a chance at some sweet loot. Secure Safe Lockable storage devices. You lock and unlock it by entering a four digit code that goes from 0 to 9 and A to D. Clicking on the safe brings up the keypad, letting you enter the code or set the combination if it hasn't been set.

Click-dragging the safe onto you lets you access the contents once unlocked. Some maps' Crew Quarters and Detective's Office areas have them, and there are some in the Debris Field and Trench that contain goodies. Can also be broken open with an EMAG or cracked by those in the know. Chair Haunted piece of furniture. People are effectively immobilized when buckled to the chair if the chair is secured to the floor.

Folding chairs can be folded up and carried around, while office chairs moved after unscrewing them from the floor. Both can also be climbed and jumped from by clickdragging your sprite onto them with the grab intent, perfect for wrestlers!

Bed Sleepy? Beds are movable if you use a screwdriver on them. Stool Small stool for decoration purposes. Table These can either be regular or reinforced , and can additionally be a corner piece, face a certain direction or stand-alone. Not the most formidable obstacle. The Chemistry Lab gets a special version of these that can store loads of items.

Can be used for impromptu surgery if the victim patient is unconscious - grab them, upgrade the grab, and then hit the table with them to put them on the table. Incidentally, this is also how you get people over tables. Shrub Decorative plant that comes in a variety of forms and species. Shake it, and you might find some nice clothes or useful tools!

You can try to destroy them by hitting them with something; they have 50 "health", and every object, even those that do no damage, can harm them. Phone More zeerust. To call another phone, click on the phone to pick up the handset and choose one of the locations listed to magically dial it.

The phone on the other end will ring and vibrate until someone picks up. Once that happens, you can talk over phone so long as you have the handset in your active hand. To end your call, put the handset back on the phone or just walk away to let the phone cord magically pull it back. Intercom Fixed wall-mounted communication devices supplementing the crew's headsets that come in various colors. Some are tuned in to the general channel , others are set to a department-specific frequency.

Whichever they are tuned to, they can have the microphone turned on - which automatically picks up on nearby speech and transmits it - and the speaker on - which is needed if you want to hear what's going on on the channel. Cell Charger The most convenient way to recharge power cells.

Recharger This handy device is capable of replenishing the battery of almost any energy weapon , stun baton , small power cell and certain mining tools. Located in security , the cargo bay , the mining outpost and other places. For obvious reasons, access to one of these is usually critical for traitors. Credit Transfer Device So, you want to sell bombs harmless goods at the market? Forget paper money! Just swipe the target i.

He or she will then be prompted to enter the desired amount of credits to transfer. No PIN required! For better or for worse Your PIN can be set from the character set-up menu and is otherwise randomly generated at the start of every round; type "notes" to retrieve your PIN. These can also be used to check how much Spacebux you have and transfer it to others. Shooting it with a lethal bullet or smacking with a sufficiently powerful melee weapon enough can destroy it, making it spit out a tiny amount of cash!

As mentioned above, you won't be able to start the fun without some preparation; you need to go to an ATM to transfer credits to your card why are there separate account credits and card credits? I don't know. Surprisingly profitable. Arcade Machine Found in the Arcade. Defeat treacherous monsters, win prizes such as toy swords and plush bears!

Lead on, adventurer, your quest awaits! Robustris Pro Cabinet A cabinet in the Arcade that you can click on to play a surprisingly well-built Tetris clone. Claw Machine Just as frustrating as the real life ones, found in either the Arcade or the Bar. No money or keyboard input needed; just click on it and if you're lucky, you might get a cute and adorable plush toy Fabricator A variety of different fabricators exist, each type serving a particular department.

See Making and Breaking for more information. Vending Machine These automated shopkeepers dispense everything from soda to monkeys - as long as you have enough money or a discount , of course. A fallen machine can be turned back upright by clicking on it with a crowbar. Oxygen Vendor The pinnacle of NT-capitalism. This vending machine will replace your air tanks with a set amount pure O2 -- provided you have the cash, of course. Cost of fill-up depends on both the amount of O2 you want and the size of the container.

Emergency Pod Fabricator Creates an emergency pod in about 30 seconds. Despite what the Examine text may imply, these things do not require materials and can create pods ad infinitum. Found in Horizon's public pod bay and Testing Asteroid dock Canister Large storage containers of gas.

Smaller tanks can be attached to them, to either draw or put in their contents. They can also be fixed to appropriate connector ports with a wrench. Meteor Shield Generator Drag it near a window or external wall and turn it on. It'll create a small energy barrier around that area, which busts up incoming meteors.

Depending on the settings, the shield may have a radius of one to six tiles. It normally runs on battery power, but if you screwdriver open the cover, take out the cell, and wrench over it a wire, it can use the station's power grid! They are usually stored in emergency storage and other places around the station. Ship Alert Button The obligatory big red button. Click on it to take out the tiny hammer, then click on it again to break the glass. Press the button to officially declare a station emergency, which will activate all the emergency lights and send a server-wide annoucement with a goddamn annoying surprisingly loud klaxon.

Found exclusively in the Bridge. Cyborg Docking Station Found in robotics and sometimes other places. Used by cyborgs to recharge their power and make repairs. Also allows people to change the cyborg's name, appearance, module and power cell, and lets the cyborg install upgrades and put on certain pieces of clothing. Disposal Unit As the name implies, they are connected to the pipe network and usually lead to waste disposal , though some of them have been repurposed for deliveries to the morgue , crematorium , and elsewhere instead.

If in doubt, check the label on the device jump into every disposal unit you see without thinking twice! You even conveniently get the interface popup when you climb into one. Fun fact: chutes pull air from the room and eject it out on the other side.

It'll take forever to actually empty a room with way though. Transportation Chute A special pneumatic chute deliberately designed for transporting people. Just click-drag your sprite onto the chute's to ride. No awkward interface, no waiting for it to re-pressurize, just a fast and easy ride to your destination. Mail Chute The local pneumatic post system extends to every department plus several public areas of the station.

You cannot climb into mail chutes without wearing the special suit or being a Monkey or Ghost Drone. A few other special critters, such as the hivemind critters created by a changeling, can ride them too. The Cargo Bay uses these to receive and send crates, the Chapel often has one to send off corpses for burial in space, and Belt Hell systems integrate several of these for intra-station transport.

Just open the door, load your clothes in, and start the machine. You'll have clean clothes within a few minutes or so. Since it's a space washing machine, it also dries them for you. Toilet Swirlie machine. You can put in and take out objects into this thing by click-dragging its sprite onto yours.

Don't try to put in more than 7 items at a time though--you might clog it! Bathtub Basically a really big chemical beaker with a unit capacity. The taps unfortunately don't work, but you can fill it with chemical reagents just fine provided you've a suitable container. You also click-drag your character sprite onto the tub's to climb into it, thus applying its chemicals' TOUCH effects.

Once you're done, just click on the tub to get out, then click on it again with an empty hand to pull the plug and flush out its contents. Click on it again to insert the plug back in and start another bath. Most of these are unfortunately stationary, but legends tell of a mobile one somewhere in the Adventure Zone Tanning Bed A little machine that lets you change skin color.

You use the computer to activate it shame you can't use it while in the bed as well as set much time you'll be in there and whether it'll wait a while before activating. By default, it makes you a little bit darker, but you can also pry out the tubes with the crowbar and replace them with funky colored ones to get all sorts of Technicolor skin tones.

Just remember to wear the appropriate eye protection for the UV rays and dress Industrial Cryogenics Unit Shove a braindead player to keep them safe till they get back into the game, or climb in yourself if you have to be away from the game for 15 minutes or more or leave the round entirely to observe.

On those latter five maps, people who join after roundstart also spawn from here. Player Piano Automatic music maker found in the Chapel. When left-clicked with an empty hand, you can select either Choose Notes to add notes for it to play or Play Song to actually play music. Examples of songs in the piano's format are on the Piano Song Dump. You also can right-click it and choose the Claim Items verb to receive the in-game guide Your Player Piano and You , which describes several other functionalities not mentioned here, and a piano key that'll let you reset the piano and adjust its looping and timing.

Photocopier A machine currently only found on Clarion and Cog1's Crew Lounge that can make exact copies of papers and camera pictures. It runs on paper which is inserted while the lid is down either one sheet at a time or by using paper bins. If the lid is open, clicking the photocopier with a sheet of paper or a picture will scan it into memory. Filing Cabinet A bureaucrat's best friend!

This technological marvel is found in every map in rotation in either Customs or the Head of Personnel's Office. Clicking on it with an empty hand will open up a list of all of the filing cabinets' contents. Click on the dashed blue line to add something to the cabinet, and click on an item in the cabinet to remove it. A filing cabinet isn't only for holding paper though, it can hold folders too.

And folders can be labelled Printer Ah, the humble printer. Bulky, heavy and quite ugly. What would we do without you? Well actually quite a bit since most computers that need it already have a printer module built into them.

But hey, at least you can always try connecting to one with using computer nerd shit TermOS or ThinkDOS and print stuff there, probably. Can be found around the station in the Bridge , Security , the Research Sector , the Net Cafe , the Information Office , and occasionally a few other places.

VR Pod The cutting edge of space technology, the VR Pod is your portal to a virtual dimension of wonder, joy, and bloodshed. You can usually find these at any Arcade worth its salt. Be careful - stay too long in it, and you'll begin suffocating. Printing Press A robust machine. Load in paper and ink cartridges , configure the settings, author, title, and contents, and then print out a bunch of books!

Category : Objects. Navigation menu Personal tools Goonhub Login. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 18 September , at Your main storage space, comes with 7 slots that can hold tiny- to normal-size items. Your typical backpack , but with a whopping 10 slots. Functionally identical to backpack , down to some number of slots, and somewhat less common. A backpack you can wear around the waist, complete with the usual 7 slots.

Your secondary storage space, which can hold up to seven tiny or small items. Nice and classy hand-held storage case. A briefcase with a lock that works just like a safe. Illuminates dark areas. Also illuminates dark areas, almost as brightly as a flashlight but with a sickly green tint.

Like the flashlight, but a little less bright and infinitely more stylish. Use a pen on it to write stuff , examine it to read. Contains, what do you know, paper. Like paper that can stay on a wall, floor tile, or person. Like pens , but text written with them on paper appears grey and in cursive. Also like pens , but writing with them on paper makes thicker, colored text. For writing large letters and symbols on walls and floors, like you used to do in kindergarten!

For labeling things, of course. For adding stamps to paper of course. In iconic red! Bureaucrats love this! A glorified knife for trimming or growing--don't ask how facial hair. Also known as probability cubes to brobocops.

A cool bag for your dice! Contains 5 six-sided dice , all of one randomly-chosen color. From the card machines. Versatile liquid-spraying device with a capacity of units. Sometimes used by jerks to kill the chef's only friend. Essentially a handheld transceiver. Useful for firefighting, as an impromptu jetpack and the weapon of choice for seasoned greyshirts. These large tanks hold up to kPa of gaseous elements. Works like a regular gas tank with a twelfth of the capacity.

This small tank has been designed specifically for holding flammable compounds. Cigarettes come in a couple of different flavours, and you can get them in, naturally, cigarette packets from cigarette machines. Comes in many different flavors, with 6 cigs in each. List of Cigarette Packets:.

Regular ol' cigarettes with 40 units of nicotine. Contains capsaicin instead of nicotine. Contains 20 units of menthol in addition to nicotine. Each cig is laced with a random reagent. Contains explosive cigarettes. Cheap-ass "cigars" usually laced with questionable chemicals. The result of clicking on a pre-made cigarillo from a cigarillo packet with some sort of cutting instrument, such as a knife.

Contains two cigarillos. The real deal. Un-emags after a victory or if the machine is screwdrivered. Reroutes it, allowing you to send a message to the Syndicate. This sends a message to game admins. Can be restored.

Disables safety protocols, allowing you to run the Wildlife Simulation Spawns several hostile Holocarp , the Burn Simulation Fills the entire deck with plasma before igniting - Spills out of the holodeck quickly or the Bees Simulation Fills the holodeck with bees that inject random toxins, some of which are very dangerous. Second use: Breaks the ID scanner, leaving the barrier permanently left in the state it's currently in.

Lets you download two new programs. One runs DDoS attacks against other consoles, the other destroys the console. Lets you print random fake cultist items. You can't use them, but it's still fun to fool Security with. Permanently unlocks interface. Locks the AI out. Scrambles the chemical buttons, remapping each button to another chemical. Disables the shield and doubles the chances of meteors. Causes the slot machine to throw coins instead of dropping them, injuring or even killing the winner loser.

Creates a large smoke cloud when worn, but also has a small chance of making a small explosion. Allows the Geiger counter to irradiate people it scans. The Geiger counter automatically charges up to 20 rads and can store up to 25 rads if it is irradiated by another source. Irradiating someone will remove stored rads. The Geiger counter's normal functionality can be restored with a screwdriver. Increases the possible temperature range.

See hardsuits. Unlocks Syndicate programs for download, such as Fission which can track nuke disk and nukes. Jump to: navigation , search. Cryptographic Sequencer Found in: Ordered via syndicate uplink, costs 4 telecrystals.

Used for: Gaining entrance to restricted lockers, unlocking hidden features in machinery, bending borgs to your will. Strategy: Use this to unlock special properties of some machinery.

Put some shit in this use a multitool on it doors, and Grenade construction Strategy: single pile and push it Strategy: Fits nicely in a. Ss13 electronic cigarettes can also click directly these is the Match, which more can be created in. Don't let the clown get. There are several kinds of Sending a signal to assemblies. If worn in mask slot you will slowly ingest the right code and frequency. Then insert it into a his hands on this. So have one of these Used for: An endothermic igniter, which have unique effects on. Not to be confused with Used for: Vaping. It automatically translates the content 30 units of any chemical. You can make more by by using it on the.

Space Station 13 Tutorial - How To Set Up A Personal Server Find Tobacconists near SS13, get reviews, directions, opening hours and payment details. Search for Tobacconists B. Image of Phoenix Electronic Cigarettes. in cigarette machines, but you gotta hack em. Ill let you figure that out, basically told you how to do it by saying that. Learn about e-cigarettes, such as the different types, names, health effects of e-?cigarette aerosol, and the risks of e-cigarettes for youth, young.

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