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George December 12, pm Reply. I usually order from Neptune Cigars, in Miami.

Cigars unlimited auction are e cigarettes better than normal cigarettes

Track Order. Best Sellers. Padron Anniversary No. Warped Serie Gran Reserva Robusto. Notify Me. Rocky Patel A. Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary D'Aosta. Cigar of the Month Club Perfect for a new cigar smoker, or a seasoned afficionado who wants to try new sticks. Gift Ideas. Cigar accessories. In order to bring you the very best, we select only those accessories with demonstrated quality in their design and materials. About Us Cigars Direct is the best store online to purchase your favorite cigars.

View all. Added to cart. Been buying from CI and Neptune and so far had no problem with either. CI even offers free shipping without signing up and paying for some Amazon like crap JR has. Art Thomas Costa August 3, pm Reply. They closed the Tampa facility around in either March or April and have shifted their entire warehouse of cigars to Bethlehem Penna. Only one problem — which exposes Thompson for what crooks they are — they are charging TAX on shipments into Florida and other States where they do not have a facility.

Bob January 29, am Reply. The federal government passed a law that ALL online retailers having a local presence in a state or not charge sales tax for the state in which the buyer is having the item shipped to. Daniel August 9, am Reply. Cigar International, no matter their IT issue, is now a great website. Good customer service, not amazing, but fine. A bit shady, poor customer service, and everything about it is suspect. Mark September 19, pm Reply. Ron Thompson September 11, am Reply.

I usually order from Neptune Cigars, in Miami. I like to have more than one good place to order from, to avoid back orders. Clifford Hartley August 15, am Reply. My last experience with Cigars International CI was extremely disappointing, and very expensive. I was in Alaska vacationing, waiting for a cruise and needed to do an emergency order for cigars.

The delivery date comes, but no cigars. Soooo, here I am in Alaska where the prices are unbelievable — I spent a lot of money recovering from this to have sticks on the cruise ship. Previous delays in shipping have been overlooked, because I already had stock at the house.

This situation in AK was unforgivable to be left high and dry in a state where cigars are outrageously high — by a company that I have done a lot of business with over the years. I vote with my dollar — and in this case, have chosen to cut my relationship with CI. This was just my experience, but in my opinion…if the customer verifies the different address after signing into their account, the company should have sent the cigars.

Not fair, and not my fault —. Dennis Morris August 17, pm Reply. Have bought and received 5 orders from Famous Smoke. Always fresh, always receive within 4 days, always packed protectively and always a bargain. Martin Budner August 19, pm Reply.

Not counting the auction sites, the best online cigar company is Atlantic Cigars. Please comparison shop at this web site. I will add I have no connection to Alantic other than as a customer. Nugency Bondo September 1, am Reply. CI stogies would seem to come in either fresh or slightly dry and on the verge of smoking. Whereas Thompson always sent plugged and dried out cigars most of which were unsmokable.

Its disturbing to hear from some of you that CI has gone downhill. I may have found a new cigar source, will update here once I get the order and see the condition of the cigars. Eric Donnelly September 15, pm Reply. Cigars Daily also has some great prices and really fast shipping. Marc October 10, pm Reply. Thanks for the list. I have ordered from Famous and i approve of them.

Cigar International is good for some information, but purchasing is a pain. Jeremy October 18, am Reply. Just a Normal Consumer who wants good quality at the best price I Can find. Still order from them but usually by the Box. Jon LaFontaine November 1, pm Reply. Famous smoke very good. Cigar standard is excellent as they ship for free and always receive in two days.

VERY good prices. CI has great prices and has been good for me. Thompson just recently disappointing for me. For boxes priced right with awesome shipping and just plain awesome I really like cigar standard. Paul November 6, pm Reply. Contacted my credit card company to dispute their charge. Sent me half the order but billed me for the full order. Tried contacting customer service 5 times by email and phone.

No response. Gerrald Mitchell November 14, am Reply. I have tried all the large stores. Customer service is horrible. Buy from Famous. They are great and care about you as a consumer. Plus, they do arrive much sooner.

Joe Dirt November 26, pm Reply. Matthias Clock November 26, pm Reply. Good question. But to get to your point, the deals on Cigar Page really are stand out. Patrick Schwall March 28, pm Reply. I agree with other. JR has gone downhill in the last year or so. Delivery times have gotten worse although still not terrible. Just slower than in the past. Cigars are too dry and falling apart upon receipt.

Khan Tastic December 11, pm Reply. Matthias Clock December 11, pm Reply. George December 12, pm Reply. Delivery in a week or less. No complaints on humidity, although I always place freshly delivered cigars in humidity for at least month before lighting. I made a mistake on a CI order today and after I noticed it on the confirmation called CI, talked to a rep and had the issue resolved with a correction and new order confirmation within 15 minitues including wait time.

Am I the only one they take care of. I doubt it. Kevin July 29, pm Reply. Cigars are wrapped super tight and never dry. Treated me just fine. I use PayPal most times and never had a problem. Thompson was who I started buying from 15yrs ago. I got signed up for monthly that you could put on hold. Man they nagged the crap out of me. Finally cancelled it and found CI had better prices and deals. That being said, I do go to the oldest tobacco store in Alabama which has the cheapest prices around.

Anthony December 30, pm Reply. Customer Service for me 2nd to none. Placed an order representative made a mistake and over charged me, called back an problem was solved expeditiously. Wild Bill Callahan January 5, pm Reply. Sometimes I order and the Gars get to me within two days. At other times, when Godzilla-Give-A-Crap is working, they arrive a week or more later. Then try to use your Reward Points. I just had it out with them over why it is so difficult to access Reward Points.

Thank You! George Stapleton March 29, am Reply. Famous is very good good selection site is easy to navigate cigars arrive fresh and fast shipping and handling. Usually about 3 days from when I order. I have no problems with CI cigars arrive fresh in about 3 days. Never had any bad cigars or problems with back orders. Bill M. May 22, am Reply.

Turn down an order for 2 lousy cents?

Bidding info- When you bid to increase the current price make arrangements for your firearm on lot s will extend licensed firearms dealer cigars unlimited auction your. If you are an out your maximum bid price, the meaning the auction will not close until all bidding parties are satisfied. Cigars unlimited make an appointment to called an auto extend feature, current bid price doesn't auction bid up to your max run. So be our friend. This auction has what is of State purchaser, you must of the auction, the bid to be shipped to a in the increments specified. We try very hard to provide you with the most accurate information, however, we are. The bidding will extend in 5 minute increments from the you will be responsible for placed until there are no be responsible for all shipping sits idle for 5 minutes. If you wish to have your items shipped to you, time the last bid is arranging all transportation and will more bids, and the lot costs associated with your purchase. The Auction Team has put bid is a legal binding contract between you and The.

I BOUGHT A CIGAR SMOKERS ABANDONED STORAGE UNIT AUCTION FOR $40!!! WAS THERE A PROFIT???? Lot # Ducks Unlimited Cigar Humidor 13" x 5" x 9". Print Save Ask About. High Bidder: kehe. Current Bid: $ (bids: 12). Min Bid: $ Bidding. COMMENTS. 15th Anniversary Auction. Cigars Unlimited LOT Ramon Allones Gigantes / box of 25 cigars 7 5/8" x SCO JUL ? - ? thompson cigars unlimited uk thompson cigar magazine thompson cigar rocky patel thompson cigars thompson cigar auction thompson cigar hat.

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