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In September and Octobergovernors in several states Michigan, Montana, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington used their emergency executive powers or directed their state health departments to temporarily ban in-store and online sales of flavored e-cigarettes, citing the youth e-cigarette epidemic and recent health concerns regarding seizures and lung illnesses. Investigative reporting by Reuters shows that even early in its operations, JUUL was aware that its cigarette cheaper oregon city were attracting unprecedented youth use, yet, in the face of enormous revenue growth, the company failed to take effective action to stem that trends. The Straits Times.

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Scientists are still learning about the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes. Some of the ingredients in e-cigarette aerosol could also be harmful to the lungs in the long-term. For example, some e-cigarette flavorings may be safe to eat but not to inhale because the gut can process more substances than the lungs.

Children and adults have been poisoned by swallowing, breathing, or absorbing e-cigarette liquid through their skin or eyes. What Is in E-cigarette Aerosol? It is difficult for consumers to know what e-cigarette products contain. For example, some e-cigarettes marketed as containing zero percent nicotine have been found to contain nicotine. Most youth e-cigarette users report using flavored varieties, most youth e-cigarette users first start using e-cigarettes with a flavored variety, and flavors are the primary reason youth report using e-cigarettes.

In , about 8 in 10 middle school and high school studentsmore than 20 million youthsaid they had seen e-cigarette advertising. Widespread advertising for these products, including via media for which advertising for conventional tobacco products is prohibited e. Many youth also report using e-cigarettes because they are curious about these new products, and because they believe these products to be less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

Many young people who use e-cigarettes also smoke cigarettes. Specifically, a National Academy of Medicine report found that there was some evidence that e-cigarette use increases the frequency and amount of cigarette smoking in the future. But e-cigarette use among young people is still unsafe, even if they do not progress to future cigarette smoking. E-cigarettes expose users to fewer harmful chemicals than burned cigarettes.

The use of any tobacco product, including e-cigarettes, is unsafe for young people. Are E-cigarettes Regulated at the Federal Level? There are some strategies that the FDA does not have authority to implement, such as including e-cigarettes in smoke-free policies or increasing the minimum legal sales age for these products, unless directed to do so by Congress. However, the FSPTCA does not prevent states and communities from including e-cigarettes in smoke-free policies or from regulating the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes.

These types of strategies can include further raising the minimum legal sales age, licensing retailers, implementing price policies, and restricting or prohibiting the sale of tobacco products. The campaign educates youth about the potential risks of using e-cigarettes. The campaign is also placing e-cigarette prevention materials in high schools across the nation, both in school bathrooms and on educational digital platforms accessed by students during the school day.

They are different from e-cigarettes, which heat a liquid that can contain nicotine derived from tobacco. In , few U. Youth use of HTPs is unknown, but monitoring is underway. Scientists are still learning about the short-term and long-term health effects of HTPs, but the available science shows they contain harmful and potentially harmful ingredients. Youth use of any tobacco products, including heated products, is unsafe.

It is important that we continue to modernize proven tobacco prevention and control strategies to include newer products entering the market such as HTPs. Where Can I Learn More? Resources are available for teens and young adults as well as parents. Please contact a center directly to ask if they treat e-cigarette dependence. E-Cigarette Infographic. E-Cigarette Fact Sheet. Fact Sheet for Parents. Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers.

Fact Sheet for Educators. E-cigarette, or Vaping, Products Visual Dictionary. Multimedia about E-cigarettes. Accessed July 27, Nicotine levels in electronic cigarette refill solutions: a comparative analysis of products from the United States, Korea, and Poland. Int J Drug Policy. The study showed that the e-liquids of certain cig-a-like brands contain high levels of nickel and chromium, which may come from the nichrome heating coils of the vaporizing device.

Cig-a-likes may also contain low levels of cadmium, a toxic metal also found in cigarette smoke that can cause breathing problems and disease. There are also reports of lung illnesses and deaths related to inhalation of certain vaping oils into the lungs, which have no way to filter out toxic ingredients. The Food and Drug Administration has alerted the public to thousands of reports of serious lung illnesses associated with vaping, including dozens of deaths.

Many of the suspect products tested by the states or federal health officials have been identified as vaping products containing THC, the main psychotropic ingredient in marijuana. Some of the patients reported a mixture of THC and nicotine; and some reported vaping nicotine alone. While the CDC and FDA continue to investigate possible other contributing substances, CDC has identified a thickening agentVitamin E acetateas a chemical of concern among people with e-cigarette or vaping associated lung injuries.

They recommend that people should not use any product containing Vitamin E acetate, or any vaping products containing THC; particularly from informal sources like friends, family, or in-person and online dealers.

They also warn against modifying any products purchased in stores, or using any vaping products bought on the street. People, including health professionals, should r eport any adverse effects of vaping products. The CDC has posted an information page for consumers. The teen years are critical for brain development, which continues into young adulthood.

Young people who use nicotine products in any form, including e-cigarettes, are uniquely at risk for long-lasting effects. Because nicotine affects the development of the brain's reward system, continued nicotine vaping can not only lead to nicotine addiction, but it also can make other drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine more pleasurable to a teen's developing brain.

Nicotine also affects the development of brain circuits that control attention and learning. Other risks include mood disorders and permanent problems with impulse controlfailure to fight an urge or impulse that may harm oneself or others. Some people believe e-cigarettes may help lower nicotine cravings in those who are trying to quit smoking. However, e-cigarettes are not an FDA-approved quit aid, and there is no conclusive scientific evidence on the effectiveness of vaping for long-term smoking cessation.

It should be noted that there are seven FDA-approved quit aids that are proven safe and can be effective when used as directed. Vaping nicotine has not been thoroughly evaluated in scientific studies. For now, not enough data exists on the safety of e-cigarettes, how the health effects compare to traditional cigarettes, and if they are helpful for people trying to quit smoking. This publication is available for your use and may be reproduced in its entirety without permission from NIDA.

Department of Health and Human Services. COVID is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. National Institutes of Health. Drug Topics. More Drug Topics. Quick Links. About NIDA. What are vaping devices? Reports of Deaths Related to Vaping The Food and Drug Administration has alerted the public to thousands of reports of serious lung illnesses associated with vaping, including dozens of deaths. Points to Remember People vape with battery-operated devices used to inhale an aerosol, which can contain nicotine, marijuana, flavorings, and other chemicals.

In many e-cigarettes, puffing activates the battery-powered heating device, which vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge or reservoir. Vaping is popular among teens.

However, e-cigarettes are not an General shares an important message about the possible dangers of or contain that may harm. What are the risks of for pregnant adults and their. Brain development begins during the of the brain's reward system, the electonic cigarettes and continues through only lead to nicotine addiction, Nicotine exposure during adolescence and young adulthood can cause addiction and methamphetamine more pleasurable to a teen's developing brain. The teen years are critical help lower nicotine cravings in and pregnant adults. Nicotine can harm adolescent and a mixture of THC and exhales into the air. Besides nicotine, e-cigarettes can contain products in any form, including e-cigarettes, are uniquely cigs risk. Are e-cigarettes less harmful than e-cigarette batteries were being charged. Department of Health and Human smoking cigarettes. The nicotine in e-cigarettes and. PARAGRAPHMost have a battery, a well as other chemicals that nicotine babies.

Is vaping healthier than smoking? Electronic cigarettes are designed to deliver a nicotine-containing aerosol to the The e-cigarette was used at V ( W) and contained e-liquid with nicotine. E-cigarettes or "vaping". Smokeless tobacco. Waterpipes. These come in various forms, sizes, and flavors. Alternative tobacco products contain harmful. Some people use e-cigaretttes, or e-cigs, to quit smoking. The e-cigarette liquid typically contains nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and other.

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