How much nicotine is in a cigarette vs nicotine gum

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The gum also acts more quickly in the body than the patch due to the way it enters the bloodstream directly from the mouth. It take an average of 7 minutes to smoke 1 cigarette. The gum on the other hand lasts for 30 minutes and in that time you are getting either 2mg or 4mg of nicotine.

That comes out 10 of the 2mg pieces or 5 of the 4mg pieces per day. It is very important that you make sure you figure out how much nicotine you were getting while smoking. If you want to be successful with your attempt to quit then getting full nicotine replacement is a must.

Since nicotine products can be bought over the counter, most people do not get adequate advice on using the products from their doctor or pharmacist. This results in not getting the proper dose of nicotine from the gum to replace what they were getting from smoking. The nicotine from the gum is released in your mouth. The area where you park the gum between your cheek and gums is a very good place to absorb certain drugs.

Nicotine is one of the drugs that is very well absorbed from your mouth. The word absorbed in this case means the drug is able to make it into your bloodstream where it provides the effect you feel from it like you would a cigarette. Nicotine not well absorbed in stomach. The reason is that the acid that is released in your stomach prevents nicotine from being absorbed.

This means that if you swallow the nicotine you are essentially wasting your money because it will not be absorbed and not help with your nicotine cravings. If you notice a strong, unpleasant taste and lots of tingling you are chewing too fast and will waste the gum.

This can also cause:. The stomach is not the only place where acidic substance can cause issues with the gum. You should make sure that you space out chewing the gum from other beverages that are acidic. Drinks such as coffee, drinks with lemon juice and soft drinks can cause reduced absorption of the nicotine from your mouth.

You should try to space them out by at least 15 minutes from when you plan to chew the gum. Comparing nicotine replacement therapy to the cost of smoking makes another strong point for trying to quit. Look at the example below:. Cost of 1 pack of cigarettes in U. To replace 1 pack per day you would need 10 of the 2mg pieces of gum per day. That comes out to 70 pieces.

Keep in mind that Medicare does not cover nicotine replacement so you will have to pay out of pocket. Most commercial insurers follow what Medicare does and will not cover this. Below are prices found at various locations for nicotine gum. Also, many employers offer wellness programs that allow you to save on your medical costs overall if you stop smoking.

Enroll in that program as another motivator to quit smoking. This is because not only is the smoker inhaling the mainstream but sidestream smoke as well. The million dollar question is whether nicotine gum is a safe resort or not. The dangers of nicotine gum are non-existent in comparison to that of smoking. In addition, nicotine gum has its pros against smoking, some of which are briefly described below.

Moreover, nicotine is also believed to interfere with a number of body functions and even causes blood pressure levels to increase. Consuming less nicotine through chewing gum is a vast improvement from smoking that sabotages your health through a number of other chemicals as well.

It is not just the nicotine that makes cigarettes such a threat to health, but a number of other cancer causing substances are also present in cigarettes. Nicotine chewing gum does not contain any substances that trigger cancer but cigarettes do and if one has to decide what is worse among the two, it is definitely cigarettes.

Nicotine gum and lozenges are both popular and convenient forms of nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine gum gives you control over your quit. It allows you to choose the flavor you want and to regulate your nicotine intake throughout the day.

This can be particularly helpful because it allows you to tackle cigarette cravings head on. Feel a strong craving coming on? Take a piece of nicotine gum. Nicotine gum can also help you overcome the oral habit of smoking, which for some can be as difficult to break as nicotine addiction 2. Chewing gum gives your mouth something to do, which can help relieve the oral habit of smoking.

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What Can Happens As A Result Of Taking Nicotine Gum For A Long Time? 8 Nicotine Gum Side Effects Medscape - Smoking cessation dosing for Nicorette gum (nicotine gum), frequency-based adverse effects, comprehensive interactions, contraindications,?. Like many people, Daniel believes nicotine gum is far less harmful for him than smoking. Doctors worldwide agree. By giving up cigarettes, they. Nicotine chewing gum is used to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Nicotine chewing gum should be used together with a smoking cessation program, which?.

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