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Sylvia, a spokesman for Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris, said Thursday.

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The Food and Drug Administration has begun a federal review of the color-coding approach, a step that could conceivably lead to further actions against products designated as light. The industry says that it is complying and that it should be free to use colors on its packages to market different product lines to adult consumers. Sylvia, a spokesman for Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris, said Thursday. In a letter to the F. Dillard III, a senior vice president of Altria, said banning certain colors would be unconstitutional under commercial speech and property protections.

The tobacco regulation passed last year gave the F. One new requirement is that companies must prove to the F. Through trial and error, and later imitation, the tobacco companies developed a system of color-coding their cigarette packages that has become widespread for most labels in the U.

To retain brand identity, the logos and design of the packages would remain similar for all of the "flavors" of that brand, but the dominant color of the package would change. A rule of thumb is that brands that offer a "Mild" cigarette usually use gold for Light and blue for the Milds.

There are two ways in which this color scheme is utilized. Many brands have white packages, and the major secondary color changes. Other brands like Doral and Pall Mall change the background color on the package, giving their cigarette displays a rainbow effect. For brands that are strictly mentholated, such as Salem and Kool , the predominant color is green, with a stripe indicating the "lightness.

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NickTheSmoker - Marlboro Purple Burst 6 Where not permitted to use such product descriptors, a colour-coding the parent brand and is commonly used for regular cigarettes, whereas blue, gold and. The color code for 72's are the same as the regular marbs unless there are some of 72's I don't know about. Red is full flavor, gold is light, silver ultra light. "Light" Cigarettes Going Up in Smoke by June, but their Names and Cigarette makers are replacing those words with colors such as gold, silver, Light cigarettes with Marlboro Gold Pack; its Marlboro Menthol Milds will be.

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