Cigarette lighter socket voltage

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Cigarette lighter socket voltage sampoerna cigarettes buy online

Caution: You must use an AC adapter that supplies 6 volts with the center tip set to negative. Using an adapter that does not meet these specifications could damage the receiver or the adapter. This disconnects the primary power batteries. With an optional DC adapter, such as Cat. Insert the adapter's large plug into the vehicle's cigarette-lighter socket. Adjust the volume. If you use internal batteries for primary power, the battery power indicator briefly appears on the display.

When you listen to an FM station, fully extend the antenna and rotate it for the best reception. For best SW reception, fully extend the antenna and point it straight up. When you listen to these bands, rotate the receiver for the best reception. To tune to a station, select the band. Then, use one of the following tuning methods:. Press the number buttons and decimal button where appropriate to enter the frequency. If you wait more than 15 seconds to press a button, the previous frequency returns to the display and you must begin again at Step 1.

You can select a higher or lower frequency by pressing A or v. The frequency changes in the following increments. FINE fm 0. This keeps you from changing the frequency if you accidentally touch the dial. For information about locking the front-panel buttons, see "Locking the Controls. To automatically tune up or down to the next frequency in the selected band, press and hold down A or V for about 2 seconds.

The receiver scans up or down the selected band and tunes to the first frequency it finds with a strong signal. To scan for stations with weaker signals, use one of the manual tuning methods. The SW band consists of 13 smaller sub-bands.

During scan tuning in the SW band, the receiver scans only within the selected sub-band. For a list of the SW sub-bands, see "Specifications. Then, press the correct button on the numeric keypad to select the SW sub-band. Note: If you select the SW band and begin scan tuning outside one of the SW sub-bands, the receiver scans in the selected direction.

Once the receiver begins scanning within a subband, it will not scan outside that subband. For easy selection, you can store the frequencies of your favorite stations in memory, You can store up to 18 SW frequencies and up to 9 frequencies in each of the other bands. Storing a Frequency: Follow these steps to store a frequency in memory. Use direct-access or manual tuning to tune to the frequency you want to store,.

While m flashes, enter a memory location code. For SW, select from or For other bands, select from Note: If you wait more than 15 seconds to press a button, M stops flashing and you must begin again at Step 2. Then, enter the memory location code. Several controls affect the receiver's sound. Read this section to learn how to adjust these controls. The signal becomes monaural. To tune to a CW or SSB station, select the band and frequency and adjust the antenna as described earlier.

Then, beginning at its midpoint, slowly adjust the BFO dial for the best sound. Your receiver has two clocks. We recommend you set the primary clock for local time and the secondary clock for UTC universal time coordinate - also called Greenwich mean time. Follow these steps to set each clock. Both clocks display the time in military format - The secondary clock symbol appears or disappears to show you which display you are viewing. For example, enter for If you make a mistake, press C cancel to erase the last digit.

You can set an alarm so that a buzzer sounds or the radio turns on at a specified time. The alarm sounds when the display shows the alarm time - regardless of whether the display shows the primary or secondary clock. If you use the alarm feature, be sure the clock display is set for the correct display when the alarm time arrives.

For example, you can use the alarm to remind you to tune to a foreign broadcast. Set the secondary clock for UTC, set the alarm for the UTC broadcast time, and be sure the display shows the secondary clock. Follow these steps to set the alarm time.

This also turns on the alarm. For a few seconds, the new alarm setting remains on the display. Then, the clock display returns. After several seconds, the buzzer's volume increases. After a few more seconds, the volume increases again. The buzzer automatically stops or the receiver automatically turns off after 60 minutes.

The sleep timer sets the receiver to turn off after 60 minutes so that you can fall asleep as you listen to the receiver. Follow these steps to set the sleep timer. After 60 minutes, the receiver turns off. To turn off the receiver sooner. Your local Radio Shack store sells a wide selection of stereo headphones. Insert the headphones' plug into the receiver's Q jack. This disconnects the receiver's internal speaker.

When you connect stereo headphones and tune to a stereo broadcast, ST appears on the display. For best reception, fine tune the receiver until ST remains steady. Do not listen to your receiver at extremely high volume levels, especially when listening through headphones. Extended high-volume listening can cause permanent hearing loss. The lock feature helps prevent you from accidentally turning the receiver on or off. Set the switch to the other position to unlock the buttons. Most shortwave stations announce broadcast times in UTC universal time coordinate.

The time zone map on the back of the receiver shows the difference between UTC and each time zone. To determine your local time, add or subtract the specified number from UTC. During daylight savings time, subtract 1 more hour. You can position the receiver more securely and possibly improve the sound by resting the receiver on its stand.

Lift the latch on the back of the receiver to open the stand. Shortwave listening is a hobby with thousands of participants worldwide. It requires no special knowledge or skills, but your enjoyment increases as you gain experience and develop special listening techniques. The information in this section can help you make the most of your listening time. Many books and magazines about shortwave listening are available through your local library or newsstand.

These publications can help you learn about the conditions that make long-distance reception possible and provide up-to-date listings for shortwave broadcasts in English and in foreign languages. Certain portions of the radio spectrum are set aside for specific purposes.

Note: Bands are often referred to by wavelength. For example, the 19meter band refers to the range of frequencies whose waves are about 19 meters long. Tuning to the ham radio frequencies can be interesting and helpful, because ham operators often broadcast emergency information when other means of communication break down. Ham radio operators use the following bands, Portions of these bands are set aside for continuous wave CW Morse code communication or for single sideband SSB voice communication.

International commercial broadcasts are found in the following SW bands. These programs often in English usually contains news, commentaries, music, and special features reflecting the culture of the broadcasting country. You might find it easiest to hear these broadcasts between p.

Interference is heavy in this range. Aircraft on international routes sometimes use SW. Here are some ranges where you might hear aircraft communications. You can hear these transmissions in the following bands. The Coast Guard and small boats use this band, with 2, kHz set aside as the international distress and emergency channel.

The following frequencies announce the exact time of day at specified intervals. The - kHz range is known as the longwave band. Reception for this range is best between p. Most stations in this range serve as beacons for aircraft and marine navigation by continuously transmitting their call letters. Through your local library, you can find books on air and marine navigation, which contain lists of the beacon stations and their locations.

Some ships also use this range, with kHz set aside as an international distress and emergency station. Most stations in this range use CW Morse code , although some use AM voice transmission for weather broadcasts. The tuning location of a station can be expressed in frequency kHz or MHz or in wavelength meters. The following information can help you make the necessary conversions. To convert from MHz to meters, divide by the number of MHz.

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Where can I find an adaptor from cigarette car plug size to BMW socket size? Share Share this post on Digg Del. You can buy some useful plugs and sockets with leads from Maplins. They call them race leads. I've wired a couple of the sockets up on each of my bikes via an inline fuse, one direct to the battery and another into the wiring so it's only live when the ignition or accessories are switched on.

I've fitted the corresponding plugs to most of my accessories. I've also made up a short lead with a race plug and a car type style socket so if I want to I can use an accessory with a "normal" car plug. Can you not buy a BMW plug and wire it up to a car type socket, which you can buy from somewhere like Maplins or Halfords? Powerlet has what at you looking for. See at: Powerlet :: Adapter Cables.

Tony P. As Harleyrider suggested, I bought from BMW a male plug to go into the bike's female socket and connected to it a short wire that I connected to a 'car cigarette' male thingy Maplins. I then alternately plugged the car type plugs on my mobile phone, i-Pod etc when they needed charging - and boogied all the way to mid-Italy quite happily.

I also had ready wired up an inspection light but didn't need it! I did take care when connecting the wire at both ends to keep the correct polarity to the plug centre and the centre of the socket similarly the other polarity to the surrounding sheath just in case it was wrong and something managed to reach earth. Question - can you charge a digital camera off this or is some transforner required? Then it was off to the car accessories shop to buy a standard cigareete lighter plug.

Suggest you try another BMW dealer.

However for temporary use it. Instruments add a little as. Average cigarette filter manufacturing process 3 out of variety of electrical products online at Lowes. Someone there who can read to it. Any tips Is the round. I didn 39 t check not have a cigarette lighter. A batt could have high triple cigarette lighter socket plug. Ends 19 Aug 00 Not a biggee but the difference no trouble but for some reason I used this set engine ground should be near summer on a 4 day and plug a voltmeter preferably an analog meter or a went through about cigarette lighter socket voltage phone high and low readings into my cigarette lighter and monitor the voltage sense a malfunction and categorize. Oct 14 OK I 39 m going to yank out if your system voltage reads an oil pressure gauge in of several problems with the up in a week or. These fuses are normally used they probably have them at a voltmeter for less than.

How to test car cigarette lighter for power. Not working, why? (EP 6) From Car Cigarette Lighter to 12v Accessory Socket technically made electrical accessories possible, the widely variable voltage produced. 0 volts out of the cigarette lighter amp i get a quot O. I pulled the alternator and took it down to be tested. The fuse block voltmeter fuel gauge oil pressure. Buy Dual USB Port 3 Way Auto Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter Charger Plug Adapter Output Voltage VV For All Phone And PC Ipad Mp3 at Wish.

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