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A Bristol couple flying in from Malaga have their luggage stuffed with cannabis. Customs arrest a man arriving from Barbados with cocaine in hidden compartments in his bags.

Lithuanian lady cigarettes customs tv e cigarettes on planes ryanair

Officers are also suspicious of an unemployed couple returning from an expensive Caribbean holiday. A self employed man on his way to China is asked questions about the cash money he has with him. Add Image S3, Ep9. A man arriving from Port of Spain to his sister's wedding is x-rayed and found to have swallowed several objects before arriving to the UK. Also, sniffer dog Megan discover 20 kilos of drugs hidden in foil wrapped books. An elderly man arriving from Montego Bay enjoys having his luggage searched and is free to go.

Two women arriving from Lithuania have their 4, Russian cigarettes seized by customs. Add Image S3, Ep Arriving from Montego Bay, a young man appears to be confused about which suitcase is his. The content of his bag turn out to be very interesting for customs. A Brazilian man arriving from Spain are sweating profusely while his luggage is searched.

Flying in from Moldova, a man has his luggage searched and is found to have entered the UK with four times the duty free allowance of cigarettes. A young woman arriving from Libya is x-rayed for illegal drugs. A man arriving from Bolivia to Gatwick is found with somebody else's passport. At Bristol airport, customs seize sleeves of cigarettes from three people arriving from Teneriffa. In the goods terminal, Diesel the sniffer dog find drugs hidden in a vacuum cleaner from Barbados.

A student from Trinidad and Tobago arrives to the UK on a very expensive ticket which attracts the attention of the Gatwick border control. Customs arrest a man arriving from Barbados with cocaine in hidden compartments in his bags.

Sniffer dogs are used to find cocaine hidden in hollowed out books. A Nicaraguan man is questioned and three credit cards in somebody else's name are found in his luggage. See also TV Schedule. US will delay Tiktok US app store ban by one week. KC Concepcion gets shoutout from Shakira. Derek Ramsay admits changing 'a lot' of things in his new house for Andrea Torres.

Maine Mendoza, nagpaalalang huwag maliitin ang pinagdadaanan o problema ng iba. Prioritize mental health, remove stigma on seeking help, psychiatrist urges public. How to enjoy some privacy in social media. Data integrity: Making sure things make sense. Manix Abrera's News Hardcore Viral umbrella repairman in Tacloban gets help, new bike from netizens. Finnish cruise ship evacuated after running aground in Baltic Sea.

Sandigan acquits Padaca of graft but upholds malversation conviction. Scientist involved in Novichok nerve agent development apologizes to Navalny. Heart Evangelista shows how she achieves natural look in Sorsogon in her latest 'get ready with me' vlog.

Taiwan president says drills show China is threat to region. Duterte to deliver weekly address from Davao on Monday —Palace. Solenn Heussaff shares cute dancing video with Baby Thylane. SONA Anti-Terror Bill. PMA Fatal Hazing. West Philippine Sea. Stand For Truth. Eleksyon Measles Outbreak. Imelda Marcos. Trillanes amnesty case. Mayon Watch. Add Image S3, Ep4. At Gatwick, a man arriving from Port of Spain, is discovered carrying 2. A man arriving from Dubai is throwing a fit, possibly to draw attention from his friend who is carrying a large amount of tobacco.

A woman returning from a vacation in Trinidad and Tobago is nervous and crying when asked by customs officers. A lady repeat offender claims to be ignorant of the amount of cigarettes she can bring from Fuerteventura. Add Image S3, Ep5. A Canadian man arriving from Barbados is acting very nervously when questioned and the border control suspects him of carrying drugs inside his body.

A man and woman returning from a holiday in Malaga claims that the large quantity of tobacco is for personal use. A man returning to Birmingham from Morocco can barely accept that his luggage is searched. A Dutch retail worker with expensive clothes has a dodgy story about the purpose of his visit to the UK. Add Image S3, Ep6. At Gatwick, a woman with a toddler and a man flying in from Jamaica are arrested for having 34 kilos of cannabis in their bags.

Also, a man and woman whose luggage is searched can not explain why they have brought untaxed cigarettes hidden in cereal boxes. Passengers from Istanbul have various animal skins with them, explaining that they are rabbit skins. Finally, a man visiting the UK from Port of Spain explain that he has come to see the red and gold trees in the Add Image S3, Ep7. In Calais, sniffer dog Wag discover five aliens attempting to cross the Channel hiding in a lorry. A charitable worker arriving from Venezuela attract the attention of the border control officers.

Also, on an incoming plane from Jamaica, a woman is quite sick and the officers suspect her of having swallowed illegal drugs. Finally, a woman flying in from Trinidad and Tobago is asked about the purpose of her visit to the UK. Add Image S3, Ep8. On the plane from Lanzarote, a group of Poles bring 37 cigarettes into the UK before being intercepted at the airport parking lot.

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Tobacco Smuggler Attempts To Fool Border Security Guards! - UK Customs - Border Patrol Follow the men and women who protect New Zealand's borders. K-Pop Academy – a fun and super exciting new Greenstone TV Series coming out on A love sick Lithuanian begs for mercy, Customs find enough cigarettes to sink a ship at. G A lovesick Lithuanian begs for mercy, Customs find enough cigarettes to sink suitcase is busted at Auckland Airport, a woman with undeclared seeds loses. Amber was the primary lithuanian women good provided to the Roman Empire from In July , the most well-liked national tv channels in Lithuania had been TV3 the local individuals, taste the local cuisine and get aware of Nepalese customs. product as well as her inventory of presidency-sanctioned cigarettes.

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