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It was extremely moist and burned hot producing tongue scorching steam. Pay attention to your health and not smoking this stuff certainly extend your life.

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As another reviewer said, you might as well stick a marshmallow in your pipe and smoke it. That would be a cheaper and safer alternative. Stay far, far away from this one if you know what's good for you. You'll thank me later.

Wet sweet American style aromatic. Initially I liked the taste but after several smokes I started being overwhelmed and having a burnt mouth. The taste is vanila and chocolate. I think this kind of tobacco can ruin your pipes. I bought this on a lark. There was maybe one or two puffs that were enjoyable but the rest was intolerable.

Obviously I'm never buying this again. Wet disgustingness which will leave a gooey mess in the bottom of your favorite pipe. Ok first off the Captain Black available today shouldn't even be considered. Many new to pipe smoking grab a pouch of this and say yuck! There was a time when the Captain sailed, pre Captain Black was quite different v than the present one. It was exceptionally good back when it was sold in solid metal cans with the little pry lever built onto the can.

I smoked this back in to about and it was different then, it was good! The ratio of black to Burley was more Even. The black had a smooth velvety feel to it, it looked pretty in the tin. The smell was rum and vanilla evenly, and it was sweet and zesty, actually tasted good! It was so nice and I heard the earlier pre 80s version was even better! It's a shame newbies co guy lent smoke it the q at it used to be. There are tobacconist that will make the old version or close to it. I have a local guy near me who blends it himself using all stokebye tobacco and no Lane slop.

It is as close as I remember to the old blend, fresh, sweet, colorful in contrast, cool, no bite, rum and vanilla flavor. As for the new stuff it is cardboard soaked in vanilla! The new stuff is not even rateable! I've dabbled in cigars for a decent amount of time and decided to try pipes. I got this and Borkum Riff to try out a pipe.

This is less offensive than the Borkum Riff, in fact its not really much of anything. Being used to cigars I expected some flavor, there isn't much to speak of. Now granted, I'm still learning the ropes of pipe smoking. I feel like each time I smoke I'm getting better at tamping and lighting. It just seems this is so mild I need something with more kick.

It's great for learning. It's not expensive either, so if you're trying to learn the pipe basics and want to do it on the cheap without being offended, try this. But know there's always a tastier leaf out there. This is absolute S T!! In the world of pipe tobaccos available why would anybody smoke this stuff?

It will burn your tongue to death, it tastes like pure chemicals, and its expensive! If your considering buying this stuff don't! Do yourself a favor and call Boswell's Pipes and Tobacco and get yourself some real pipe tobacco. This was my very first tobacco as it seems it has been for many new pipe smokers. I've been smoking a pipe for just two months.

I have to say, if I had to start all over again, I wouldn't select this brand. I'm confused by all the rave reviews of this tobacco, mind you, I am aware that this is all quite subjective. To each his own I've gone back to it mostly because I don't want to waste tobacco and I have to say, it's no better. It lights ok, burns unevenly, has a bit of a bite for sure and no one around me expresses any favourable review of the aroma. And its expensive. Well, relative to others. This was back when I lived in Oceanside, CA some 20 years ago.

Years go by and I order a 12 oz tub online, a few more years or so go by and I order some bulk on line to fill up my can. This afternoon I decided to bring the tub out of retirement and have some in my Oldenkott Porsche pipe. Upon opening the lid, I smelled the most wonderful smell impossible to describe. It probably is vanilla but I thought I read somewhere and I may be wrong that there was a little bourbon whiskey in this. All I know is it makes me want to smoke this.

I know I am drooling but I really love the smell of this intoxicating creation. Thanks to propylene glycol this tobacco is as moist today as it was many, many years ago. It has eternal life. I smoked my fill of smooth, creamy, wonderful flavor with billows of white puffy clouds.

In fact, I think I will have some more tomorrow. I read that the tin note was a babe magnet but the missus did not like it but then she does not like hardly any smell that waifs her way. Disclaimer: I smoke outside on the porch and she was more than the minimum COVID Wuhan distance of 6 feet, say like 20 when I asked for her room note review. No bite, great smell and taste and I am in the love it camp rather than the hate it. Also, nothing new here but it is also called Captain Black White due to the packaging but most everyone knows that.

I have resisted reviewing this, because I have never really liked it, and my grandmother told me "If you don't have anything nice to say It comes a little moist and takes an eternity to dry out any. It is mostly black in appearance and has a strong vanilla note in the pouch. The smoking experience is one that is uneventful, and there is not much tobacco in the flavor.

It is easy to overpack due to the moisture, and it requires a relight or two. I get a burnt marshmallow flavor and am told the room note is a pleasant vanilla. It has a fairly sweet taste with a chemical note to me, and I get the musty flavor I often get with black cavendish. The flavor is a little thin to me. In terms of things to recommend it, you can find it almost anywhere that has OTC tobacco in stock.

It seems to sell well. On the negative side, there is the flavor. It also ghosts pipes, and sometimes you get an estate with a persistent vanilla ghost that endures. It is hard to rate this, but for my palate it is a 1 really. The only way I can finish a pouch is to mix it with something to tone down the flavor and give it a little body.

Captain Black, was the pipe tobacco smoked by real men. Like our Fathers and Grandfathers and salty Uncles. Men who chopped cords of wood all day, took our Scout Troop camping or canoeing, taught us how to hunt, tie knots, build fires, in a phrase They weren't Lords or Dukes from England wearing panty hose and ruffled shirts and powdered wigs. The Captain is common. It's average. It's a known quantity. It's not something a tobacco mad scientist cooked up with 10 different ingredients.

And those around you don't wretch with nausea. It's mild, pleasant, and smokes cool and consistent. It's a drug store tobacco. It's a great beginner tobacco. But, reading the reviews on here, a lot of people are "better than us. Everything sucks, right snobs? Vinyl records suck, right?

Because now there's MP3's and streaming music on your smartphone!! And cigarettes suck because there's e-cigs where you can crank the Nicotine content through the roof and blast a cloud of vapor that used to only come from the stacks on a textile factory. And cameras and computers suck because your smartphone does it all with mobile Internet and a 12MP camera.

But everyone is entitled to their opinion, if yours is that CB sucks, then don't buy it. Apparently enough people still do for it to remain in business after all these years. I'm new to pipe smoking and thought I should give such a popular and mild tobacco a try. The pouch note was nice, a combination of vanilla and mild tobacco. It lingered in the pack I carry every day and was a pleasant reminder that I had the stuff with me and might get to try it soon. I must be getting better at packing and lighting as this was the first bowl of anything that stayed lit for a good while, even very moist right out of the bag.

But this is also the first time my Peterson System gurgled. I thought easy burning and liquid buildup wouldn't go together, but again I'm new. The smoke itself was mild in strength and flavor, but just tasted like a fancy cigarette, if that's a thing. I don't know what flavor I want; I just know I don't want a cigarette.

The room note was not good according to my wife and I agree based on what I smelled coming straight out of the bowl. On the plus side, I got no tongue bite, which has been an ongoing problem as I learn how to manage my pipe. So a Not Recommended from me. Why anyone would smoke this is beyond me, might as well stuff a marshmallow in your pipe and smoke that.

I don? Of these rather common and easily obtainable blends, I believe Captain Black is perhaps the most popular and in many ways the best one, although Prince Albert should be set aside in the sense it is one of the few non aromatic drug store blends.

In reading the previous reviews I get the feeling that most of my fellow smokers express a legitimate nostalgia regarding this blend. I couldn? The abundance of chunky vanilla flavoured Black Cavendish, with ribbon cut brown and light Burleys has become something of a classic. Not difficult to pack, though it may take some time before actually get it going, and virtually bite free, this mild to medium strength smoke is truly satisfying and pleasant.

Most non smokers or at least non pipe smokers readily accept CBW as "the" traditional pipe aroma, to the point that some friends once told me I should quit smoking that? With all of the above reviews I definitely recommend this either as a beginner? Have to reconsider the review below. In CB White was my first pipe tobacco in my very first pipe. I was 20 years old.

Now that I'm 50 I find myself returning to that good old standby that never seems to disappoint. A great first tobacco, and one to return to on those cold fall and winter days Smoked it for three years straight when I only knew one other pipe smoker and didn't know better. That powerful vanilla aroma brings back memories but as the taste buds mature it becomes something difficult to return to with any regularity.

This tobacco has a great smell in the pouch and the smell of the smoke is even better. Have always received nice compliments how good it smells when out in public. I enjoy this most early in the morning and walking in the woods on the nature trails by my house. This is good stuff so I keep buying it. The wife says it smells like cake. The taste is very smooth, not a bite in the bowl. I have enjoyed this often on since at least Highly recommendl, especially for beginners. From what i can tell through searching many blends in tobaccoreviews, this has to be one of the most conrovertial.

As a natural outcome, many will disagree with my opinion, mind though, its just an opinion. Tin note is indeed chemical. No way to identify the origins of the smell. Glucose is all i can relate it with. Burns hot like the devil itself. Tongue bite is unavoidable even through sipping. Its an one way to hell for your tongue if you are inexperienced. The taste is mild. Nothing fancy, nothing overpowering. Only plus is that it is unique.

Many say it tastes like vanilla but i disagree. Its a sweet taste like marshmellows or frosting or whatever, i cant put my finger on it, all i can say for sure is that it is sweet. Since it is a cavedish based blend, not much tobaccoiness going on here. All i can taste is the sweet artificial frosting. This tastes nothing like pipe tobacco.

Room note is its biggest advandage. The wife is in love with this blend, so use this in times of arguments and you will end up cuddling in bed like nothing ever happened. It is also an interesting way to approach the female sex, cause trust me, they cannot resist the sweet smell of this daredevil.

Overall i would not recommend it to begginers. This is not a tobacco that represents the pipe tobacco category. I would not recommend it even to an experienced smoker. Its an artificial blend which should only be used once in a while, to satisfy your wife, but definetely not your palate. A lot of people on here seem to be having some problems understanding this blend.

Gentleman - you're not going into this expecting a premium, hand crafted pipe tobacco. Some people are acting like they were expecting an 18 year old Macallan, but got Johnny Walker Red instead. The trick with this tobacco is to accept it for what it is. All of that said though, I still enjoy this from time to time, simply because I don't have high expectations for it, nostalgia, and the incredible room note.

Really, the room note is superb. No one will ever complain when you are smoking this. In fact, they will probably come up to you simply to get a better smell of what you're smoking. It doesn't offer a lot of nicotine, but the flavor is pretty nice. The vanilla is not too artificial I've had much, much worse or sickly sweet. I think the balance here is pretty great to be honest. I think this is exactly what the blenders were going for and they've accomplished that - a wonderful smelling tobacco which is easy to smoke, easy to maintain, and easy to enjoy.

And despite being pretty moist out of the pouch, it's not a blend that really bites, either. This is exactly that. It's not a gourmet offering and it was never meant to be. And while I do love my Dunhill's, Solani's and Gawith blends, I just don't look at this the same way. Captain Black White is like an old friend, one which I don't visit or talk to very often, but when I do, it's like we've never parted, and we pick up right where we left off.

Some reviewers make this out to be some horrific blend but it really isn't. I mean, if you want a really horrific blend, just grab a pouch of Borkum Riff Whiskey. Compared to that, Captain Black White is like a work of high art. So just take it for what it is and enjoy. It's a classic in its own right. I'd wanted to smoke this ever since I saw a guy reviewing it on YouTube, but with the U.

I finally stumbled across it on Smokingpipes. I couldn't remember if this was or wasn't an aromatic, but the pouch-note soon cleared that up. It makes it easy to identify the flavouring: vanilla. The pouch isn't factory sealed, the lids folded and secured with a little piece of tape, ergo, it's been able to breathe so it isn't too damp. Now, this seems to have had a bit of a slaughtering from many reviewers, but each to there own.

Well I'm in the three star camp, it's not worth four, but firmly worth three. The tobacco flavour that comes over initially is the black Cavendish, this, obviously, is heightened by the vanilla. As well as the vanilla there's also a detectible added honey sweetness, and a very slight dark fruitiness.

The tobacco flavours seem quite constant throughout: black Cav' in pole position, Burley second, and the Virginia last. I'm going to come right out and say that this is one of those tobaccos people like to make fun of or give the impression they are "better than" in some way. Is Captain Black the greatest pipe tobacco in the world?

Is it a master blend of flavor and quality? Is it a tobacco you can buy in the same store you buy couch syrup, band aids and deodorant? So for those who have given Captain Black bad reviews because they somehow feel like they are the only one telling the Emperor he isn't wearing clothes, I got news for you You aren't telling us anything new.

It's a OTC drugstore pipe tobacco, I wasn't expecting it to be the most fantastic tobacco I ever smoked for the same reason I don't expect a Big Mac to be the most incredible burger I've ever eaten in my life.

Now for the rest of us Captain Black Regular was the first pipe tobacco I ever smoked. It's a classic and even if it isn't the greatest tobacco in the world I enjoy a pouch of it from time to time. Whenever I meet someone who is interested in pipe smoking I usually point them in the direction of Captain Black or Half and Half. It's available just about everywhere. Most people like the smell.

Once you get the hang of it you won't burn your mouth. If you don't like it your only out a few bucks. It's like putting a Chevy Aveo up against a Dodge Viper Yeah they are both cars but one is built to get you back and forth to work I will let you pick which is which. So if you are looking for a high quality tobacco with subtle complexities and hints of this or that I wouldn't go with Captain Black.

If you are looking for a classic "Pipe" smoke that smells the way you remember pipe smoke smelling when you were a kid. Bingo this is it! At the end of the day Captain Black is a pipe tobacco that most people have fond memories of. You may have moved on and found better blends of higher quality tobaccos but you shouldn't look down on your humble beginnings.

It might not be an everyday smoke. It might be a little fake tasting now that you know better. It might be your guilty pleasure from time to time. But for a pipe tobacco that doesn't claim to be anything other than a pipe tobacco it's fantastic for what it is.

Personally I think it's great in a Cob around a camp fire drinking a few beers. Opinion: I think people who negatively review this, but really don't even smoke this type of tobacco are trolling, all Captain Black blends aren't good, but this is a fine go to blend. Opinion: You can't flavor tobacco without consequences you have to compromise something - in other words if you over flavor tobacco you get blends that are sticky, hard to light, hot burning steam etc.

I don't know why so many people knock Captain Black tobaccos. I rather like them, and I think extra points should be given for price and availability. The overall quality is better than most people judge. I don't smoke the cherry, but I do smoke the White, Royal and Gold. Of these Royal suits my taste best - it's a little more refined than White with a slightly deeper tobacco taste and less vanilla topping.

However the White Regular is also a good smoke with a stronger vanilla aroma and slightly less obvious tobacco taste than Royal. Overall a very nice aromatic smoke, more complex and higher quality than most people judge. I like it and always have a supply in my cupboard. Smokes nicely in my Big Ben which has a slightly wider bore and therefore easy airflow. No wetness. Burns down to a nice clean ash.

Well, I finally tried it. I suppose every pipe smoker must try it sooner or later. And now I can readily understand its iconic status: easy to pack, easy to light, stays lit without problem, has a pleasant room note, and gives off easy billows of accessible, pleasant, nondescript vanilla-ish smoke, with only an inoffensive hint of chemicals.

Or, in a less generous mood, as Countrygent puts it, "Think supermarket cupcakes; sweet, vanilla, burnt marshmallow, yellow spongecake somewhat cloying aftertaste. Basically, it wasn't bad at all. I suppose there are good reasons why it's endured for so long: it's the quintessential, easy, inexpensive, decent blend that would make for a fine all-day tobacco for those who just want to smoke on auto-pilot without any fuss.

A lot of people listen to nothing but top 40s radio, watch nothing but Hollywood movies, and drink nothing but Budweiser or table wines. It's a comfort able smoke for those lucky souls who don't have a desire to delve further into more refined pleasures, and that's just fine. After all, the quest, once embarked upon, though fun, becomes interminable and expensive. How much simpler it would be to forego all that! As agentlemanfromindiana says, "Despite some of the review on here, it really is a pretty decent tobacco, aka its not great or awful.

Ah, Captain Black White. To me this is much like Old Spice is to cologne. A old favorite in a white container with a ship on it that regardless of the more fancy stuff I buy to replace it, I always go back to it. Both were my introduction to their respective products. Old Spice being my first cologne and aftershave while Captain Black White being my first ever pipe tobacco.

The aroma alone brings back great memories. But above that is just an all around great smoke. It has a slight vanilla taste that is just great never over powering. While not a complex tasting blend, I simply adore its honest simplicity that I never tire of. Perfect to smoke in my cheapest corn cobs to my most expensive Meerschaums. I actually use this to break in all my expensive pipes as it never builds up a lingering flavor or aftertaste and grows a nice even cake.

I would recommend this for beginners too since you really have to try hard to get it to bite and when I first started smoking a pipe I was strictly a cigar smoker so I tended to smoke the pipe hot and hard that caused bite in almost every other tobacco I tried. Not with the Captain. Always smooth and inviting.

The room odor is classic pipe and the odor that entices one to take up pipe smoking over cigars or nasty cigarettes. Very easy to locate and if bought in the can instead of the pouch, also one great bargain. I have spent more on tobacco and do have expensive blends in my rotation, but over all if I had to pick only one tobacco ever to smoke again this would be the one I would choose over and over. Consistently good, rich, aromatic and pleasing to the palate time and time again.

Total pipe smoking perfection. Captain Black is one of the most popular "drug store" tobbacos out there, and quite frankly, I'm surprised that I was the first to write a review on it. Aroma right out of the pouch is unquestionably vanilla. Just the right humidification too. Packs easily and evenly. Easy to keep lit with vitually no bite at all, all the way to the bottom.

The tobacco is made of black cavendish and burley. The taste is a farly mild to medium tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla, much like a toasted marshmellow at a campfire. The room aroma is just as tasty. I find this to be a regular smoke for aromatic smokers, but not for those who like English blends. This is my everyday, all purpose, working in the garage, balance the checkbook smoke. It can be found just about anywhere and is inexpensive. Captain Black, a relatively inexpensive Cavendish tobacco produced by Lane Limited, is considered one of the most popular drug store pipe tobaccos and sells readily across the country.

The pouch aroma of Captain Black is that of vanilla. This tobacco has a heavy casing, which imparts the somewhat monotonous candy aroma to the blend. Packing of this blend is easily accomplished and the initial moisture is at a decent level. Captain Black becomes lit almost instantaneously without any problems. The initial burn seems even. The room note can be said to be fair and similar in respects to the fragrance of burning sugar. As the smoke continues the moisture becomes progressively worse and the pipe gurgles more and more.

Giving the tobacco time to dry has no great affect in diminishing the moisture that accumulates while smoking. Considering all of these characteristics, the humectant, Propylene Glycol, is certainly utilized in the manufacture of this blend and undoubtedly is applied in an overly liberal manner.

This unfortunate over usage of the humectant is the culprit of the wet, goopy smoke. The taste of Captain Black can be quite harsh. Hardly any real tobacco flavor and thus true substance can be detected over the overbearing candy taste of the applied casing. A somewhat horrid aftertaste completes the experience.

Little bite is given off by this blend and the tobacco does yield a decent amount of white aromatic smoke. It is widely understood that Captain Black is either a beginner? With all things considered though, this is a very poor tobacco. Many tobacconists carry other low-priced bulk aromatic blends by Lane Limited that are quite similar to Captain Black but far superior in quality.

Captain Black is the most popular tobacco in the United States. More of it is sold, than all bulk or tin tobaccos combined. Or, is it that Captain Black, is a good overall tobacco? Yes it is a sweet, cavendish style, flavor cased, tobacco. But is that bad? This is good stuff. It is cool, has a good ribon cut, is tasty, and has tobacco flavor. Some people say it burns to wet.

May I suggest they pack it right. I have never had a wet bowl smoking Captain Black. I sometimes think there are just too many snobs in pipe smoking, and that is one reason many people won't take up the pipe. So I say lighten up. Relax, and take a sail with the Captain. You'll like the destination. Everyone says that Capt Black white is a great tobacco for new pipe smokers. I like that it lights easily, packs in my pipe well, stays lit once I get it going, smells great, and does NOT bite.

I enjoy the nutty vanilla smell and taste. Yes, my local Walgreens drugstore carries this in the pouch size, which I suppose means that it is produced in HUGE quantities for the masses. Well, I am one of those masses, and being able to get it easily is not a drawback in my book. I may not smoke Capt Black white forever, but I will probably always have it around as a change of pace or as a "standard" between trying more exotic tobaccos. I am very surprised that this blend is not one of the top reviewed tobaccos in the database stats.

I am sure that the majority of the reviewers has tried this blend at least once in their lifetime. This blend can be habit forming. The vanilla is quite scrumptious. CBW is smooth, tasty, and soft no bite. Room note very pleasing. Anti-smokers will compliment it's aroma. This stuff can be found "everywhere".

It must be very popular. I know people that smokes this blend by the pound!! Although quite tasty, I have one big problem with this blend as well as for other "candy smokes". I can not have vanilla for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, supper and a nightcap. I have tried to smoke this blend as a daily, but by noon; I am sick of it! This initial description would apply to all the Captain Black blends today, over priced.

And the Regular is the top of the heap. Leans a bit more to the tingle of Virginia and is covered in Cavendish soaked flavoring. Burns easily to the bottom, leaving the bottom slightly wet at times. I am presented with the cocoa on opening the pouch. A light and a tamp will bring out the vanilla, although a bit artificial in flavor.

The tingle of Virginia breaks through the Burley at times but controllable. I enjoy this blend and would suggest it to others who want a somewhat wet pouched product. This tobacco is probably responsible for attracting more new pipe smokers in the last 50 years than any other blend.

The aroma of this stuff is legendary and I , like many others started with this blend because those around you especially the ladies just loved it. If your lucky enough to have a fellow piper with some years on the briar, you probably get steered into something more meaningful.

I smoked this drugstore blend for 20 years till I was fortunate to meet the late Joe Harb, the noted reviewer who helped guide me into the world of English blends. So for the next 20 I learned to appreciate both the worlds of Aromatic and English. Room-note Hall of Fame candidate. This tobacco is made with high quality leaf. I don't get where other reviewer's are getting chemical smells and other nonsense. It's made with food grade flavorings.

Lane is one of the most respected blenders. They are not going to mess up a good thing like being one of the top pipe tobacco distribution companies by putting junk in their blends. You have to like aromatic tobacco to even consider enjoying this. Is there better blends out there? Of course. But this isn't floor scraps from a blending house like some people would want you to believe. This is a nice mellow, sweet, tasty non biting aromatic. The taste is very mild, and the room note is absolutely lovely.

This is a great after supper smoke. This is not a good pair with morning coffee. But if you want a nice mild cool smoking tobacco that your better half will not complain about, reach for Captain Black. Younger pipe smoker here. Not a lot of places to buy pipe tobacco, let alone the good stuff. One thing the Internet seems completely wrong about is this blend. The flavor is surprisingly deep and complex. I get a lot of spices like cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, maybe some nutmeg which I assume has to be the cavendish, followed by some mild dark and smoky flavor that seems like an old dark cellar which is more enjoyable than it sounds.

I assume this is the burleys. This tobacco at times feels much older than me. It has me nostalgic for a time long before I came into this world. To me it feels like a winter smoke, though I could smoke it year round no problem. I like to think this is as classic as Coke or McDonalds and should probably be treated as such. It lights well, smokes consistent throughout and has enough variation to be interesting but not overly complex or too underwhelming.

If you let it dry a bit and get a little age on it, it can develop into a nice smooth creamy smoke. Right out of a fresh pouch might be a bit wet and harsh. I would suggest if you smoke strong English blends and want to give the captain a second chance, allow your pallet to adjust to the more sweet and subtle flavor of this tobacco.

Pat: Right off the bat, there's an overbearing sweetness, but as you progress through the bowl after the initial light, you get a bit more pleasantness from the fact that the sweetness is overcome by a nutty characteristic. Overall a very enjoyable blend in my opinion. Dan: I profusely enjoyed this blend which delivers far less of a tongue bite than some others that I have tried.

This tobacco is also a slow burner that requires no relight which allows for interludes of contemplation. The flavour is initially one of tangy sweetness but progresses towards roasted nuts. Overall a very satisfying blend. Since McLelland is gone, along with my beloved Frog Morton, I figured everything else is just tobacco, so in protest, I figured I would just go cheap and easy.

I got a big surprise. I was very depressed over the loss of the Frog, and was not expecting much, especially from a grocery store. But when I opened the pouch, a wonderful aroma of vanilla and molasses greeted my olfactory. The tobacco was just about right, moisture-wise, and appeared to be a mixture of burley, a little lemon Virginia, and Green River Black Cavendish. It is a cube-cut, so I figured it would burn nice and cool, which it did. It packed easily, and the stems were minimal.

It lit very easily and once it settled down, I was treated to a nice, almost creamy mouthfeel, and the taste was of burly, a hint of Virginia, and the wonderful sweetness of the molasses-like black Cavendish. The top-notes were of vanilla, pecans, and sweet, but not too sweet molasses.

It smoked smooth, with no bite, never tried to go out, and absolutely no tongue-bite whatsoever. My wife said the room-note was incredible It burned all the way to the bottom, to a fine grey ash with very little dottle, and never any gurgling, or goop.

I can understand why this is the 1 selling pipe tobacco in the US. I've never been fond of Aros before, but that may change. I can easily see this being an all-day smoke. And the best part is that it is available just about anywhere tobacco is sold, and relatively inexpensive.

I still miss the Frog, but maybe the Captain can help me get over it Seriously, for the price, and the availability, this is a great tobacco. I am ashamed I've never tried it before. Better late than never, I guess These fake pipe smokers that leave these bogus reviews like "when I put my nose in the bag I smelled the chemicals" what chemicals?

There is no chemicals besides alittle a glycerin or maybe a small amount of PG but this blend is a high grade pipe tobacco with high grade tobaccos. People have been smoking this blend for years and years and its not one of the best selling pipe tobaccos in the world for no reason. For the beginner pipe smoker its a perfect blend to start off with, then there's the seasoned pipe smoker like myself who have been smoking this blend for years and still loving it.

Funny thing is I think Lanes RLP is pretty dang close to this one and I love that one to but back to Captain Black this whole yuppy new schooler mostly amateur highly immature this is a OTC crappy drug store saturated with chemicals gross tasting nonsense and I mean total bull nonsense this pipe tobacco blend is awesome and super smooth, it taste wonderful and don't be fooled by these no nothing fools the burley and cavendish mixtures with bright Virginia ribbons topped with a sweet vanilla giving off a almost nouget flavor but not to sweet letting the tobacco taste shine.

When you smell the bag what you really get is a sweet tobacco smell with a hint of raisins and chocolate and a light vanilla smell with NO chemical anything, that's just the cool poser yuppy thing to say cause monkey see monkey do or in this case say. I can assure you this is one heck of a smoke and is very satisfying in taste and quality. Most pipe smokers enjoy Captain Black they may not smoke it all the time but for alot of us it out first smoke and I do come back to it over and over.

But when I get my coupons I go buy a few bags. If you never smoked Captain black I recommend the white pouch, gold pouch or royal for the original blends then feel free of course to try there newer lines, now I dont care for there other stuff but those three blends are very good in there own unique ways and a suggestion I can make as well is to try Lanes HGL if you like this blend but also like latakia, HGL will float your boat.

I highly recommend Captain Black white pouch it truly is a all American classic pipe tobacco that is really good and worth trying. Ignore those reviews about chemicals and that OTC drug store smack!!! I bought some Captain Black you see But the chemicals were to much for me I fell over and grew a new eye All that goop I wanted to die. I smoked and smoked till I could stands no more A drug or grocery a special OTC store I traveled far I traveled long But the chemicals were far to strong.

My pipe was new it was very clean It had a shine a star like gleam That Captain Black with all its goop With a life of its own IT took a poop. Oh me oh boy my poor pipe has died That jerk on tobaccoreview totally lied That goop it pooped all in my pipe Now my bowl like a litter box is awful and ripe. Ripe like Ammonia or something from a nuke That awful goop that took a duke Captain Black OTC chemical wait I'm not a poet But reading this crap you would never know it.

God bless all you pipe smokers, take care of yourselves and have a good day!!! Thanks for reading my review Great aroma. Altough it's vanilla aroma, it isn't oversweetened, due to some cured fruits notes, which gives nice balance. It's quite wet but acceptable.

It is also well accepted by non-smoking people in surrounding. I would give 4 stars if it would be a bit more dry and better burning. Compelled by some strange siren to take up the craft of pipery, I have enlisted as a cabin boy in the service of Captain Black, that salty seaman.

I packed only the corn cob pipe my late father had left behind that fateful morning, and set off to ply the angry seas. I tell you, friends, that a week past I did not know the difference between a Dublin and a Diplomat, and thought Burley and Cavendish were some English lawyers.

Having endured both the depredations and the tender ministrations of the Captain, I feel I am, at least, a little wiser. When we were at sea, the Captain presented to me a plain white pouch, proffered with a knowing look. The leaf within looked and smelled enchanting to a young man raised on tales of swashbuckling and naval derring-do. Moist, with the aroma of vanilla and raisins, and perhaps old books. A comforting scent.

The leaf was golden, it was dark brown, it was the color of high seas adventure. I greedily accepted. When first I reached into the Captain's stash, I packed it but lightly, and burned it hot. Many's the seasoned sailor who laughed at my scorched tongue and bewildered look. Through trial and error, I discovered the virtues of packing tighter - but not too tight! I learned of lights both false and true, and charred that leaf with the dexterity and precision of some Bavarian docktor.

In short, friends, I believed myself the captain's equal. A short week of working the cob and packing the leaf had filled me with a false confidence. I took shore leave at Carter Hall, and felt myself the master of all domains. But once more upon the seas, I learned that my confidence and my mastery had been left upon the shore.

I was ready for the billowing gales that blew through the Missouri Meerschaum. I slowed my rhythms, I managed the burning heat. But 'pon the wind came a sweet smell, and in my mouth I perceived the taste of some foul chemicals. Had some knave filled my pouch with that pinkish concoction they call "sweet and low? I confess I am but a greenhorn still, and no able captain nor even a bosun's mate. But this muddy mixture of Black's, while containing some pleasant aromas, still contains traps for unwary navigator.

I found myself unable to reconcile its sweet aroma with a flavor that hid a bitter, chemickal taste within its breast, as a treacherous whore might hide a knife, the better to relieve some poor cabin boy of his loot. When the waves subsided, I contented myself with a mild, pleasant taste of tobacko. But the memory of the gales, and that sweetness, shall forever mark me.

I have endured the rough and sometimes unspeakable initiation of the dread Captain. I shall hoist my cob in my calloused hands having learned the hard lessons of the seas, and join that fraternity of men who earned their scars, and their smoke, honestly. My fresh supply of BCA is still a few days away, and I was whiling away a bit of time in a local convenience store, and noticed that they had a few tobaccos on hand.

Having never tried CBW, I succumed to the experimentation genie, and bought a pouch. It was dry enough, and had a pleasant bag note, which came through as a mild vanilla upon lighting up. Contrary to some reviews, I got no bite, and it was cool enough in the bowl, with a nice room note. But, that's where it ends. There's just little taste to it, IMO. It wasn't objectionable, just bland, with almost zero tobacco taste. At least it won't go to waste.

Just two stars. It's not bin-bound from the jump, but I wouldn't buy it again, for my tastes, which definitely do lean toward aromatics. Guess I'll just have to go camp out near the mail box this week, and wait for the "BCA delivery gnome" to arrive. I tried Captain Black White after decades of trying various other pipe tobacco's. It was the very first pipe tobacco I tried when I purchased my first pipe and I smoked it until I became a "serious" pipe smoker who wouldn't be caught dead smoking a "drug store" tobacco like Captain Black.

Recently while purchasing a can of lighter fluid I saw a pouch of Captain Black white and decided to try it again on a whim. I was surprised. I've read the reviews on here which are mostly negative. Very negative. But I guess I'm now getting old enough that I don't particularly give a damn what the majority think and I'll join the minority ranks of those on here who admit that they actually gasp!

LIKE it! I like the taste, the room note, how it burns, and in short, I think it is a very good tobacco. It has no bite and I like the kind of sweet taste of it. I like a good cigar when I'm in the mood, I like a good English, and I like a good aromatic, and this is a good aromatic. Would I want a steady diet of it? Of course not, but I wouldn't want a steady diet of any of my tobacco's, just like I don't just smoke one type of cigar.

My advice is try it and don't be ashamed of it. Smoke what you like. I've long since given up on deciphering every bit of taste and nose from a glass of wine and now just simply drink- and enjoy- what I like; I'll leave the tasting notes to others. If it isn't' "complex" enough for you But like I said, I was pleasantly surprised trying it again. Captain Black regular was one of my first tobaccos. The Captain -- he's easy to find, but you can always do better.

Syrupy, flat, invites gurgling, and burns the tongue. The only positive is that it smells nice. Ugh, double ugh, triple ugh, one million times ugh. Why do people like this? It's awful. It has no discernible taste other than cigarettes, and it leaves a nasty cloying smell in the pipe.

There's nothing subtle, nuanced, enjoyable or anything interesting going on in this tobacco. It's a flat and dull smoke. We may as well smoke cardboard or inject nicotine into our jugular veins. Probably most known and famous pipe tobacco for everyone and probably most known and famous worst pipe tobacco for experienced pipe smokers. Pay attention to your health and not smoking this stuff certainly extend your life.

Note: this stuff is helpful by two ways. One is you can unpack it and put in the car,smells so good and secondly if you go to picnic burn it with some kindling and smell,it may dominate also barbecue fume. I had to try it at least once, and I'm glad I did. I had very low expectations, but the blend exceeded them not by much.

This is a very mild smoke with a very strong pouch aroma, and a very pleasant room note. I detect vanilla and rum, which is also perhaps producing a false cocoa scent. Very low in nicotine. The aftertaste is strong, and rather artificial unfortunately. But the first half of the bowl is OK.

It has bitten me, so be careful. The price is somewhat absurd -- I could get an SPC blend for two more dollars. But you can't beat its availability. I encourage you to try it. Access to this Site is limited to persons of legal age. Access is not authorized for users under 21 years of age. We believe that youth should not smoke. We take no actions to encourage youth smoking, and supports programs designed to discourage and reduce youth smoking.

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Captain Black Classic Cigarillo Review Today, Captain Black pipe tobacco and machine-made cigars are sold in the United States, the Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. With its?. Captain Black is likely the most recognizable brand on the market. Shop America's best-selling pipe tobacco here at CI. Buy the best Captain Black by Alexanders Cigar Merchants, cigar & tobacco distributors in Australia. Review more Alexanders Cigar Merchants products now!

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