German ww1 cigarette cards

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I honestly can't tell you if they are worth more as cards or as Nazi memorabilia.

History brought to life was another valuable teaching too. After the war, the former soldiers and their families retained their newly acquired habit. To help promote their brands in the growing market, cigarette companies such as Delta and Reemtsma heavily advertised and distributed series of collectable cards. Reemtsma introduced the idea of including numbered coupons with their cigarette packs instead of the actual collectable cards.

The coupons were accumulated until a required number were attained, then mailed into a Cigaretten Bilderdienst Cigarette picture service. The service would then mail back a set of photo cards that could be pasted into the blank spaces of a highly descriptive book that was purchased from the same cigarette company. This enabled the customers to receive undamaged and larger photo cards that would not fit in cigarette packaging , along with allowing them to collect an entire set before a current series changed.

The content of these books included history, movie stars, sporting events, world cultures, flora and fauna, and other diverse subjects. Volumes were usually produced in 12 x 10 inch hardbound editions with to pages each. Books contained spaces for between 40 to 1, black-and-white or color photo cards ranging in size from 4 inches x 3 inches to 5 x 7. Pre-Nazi albums dealt with a cosmopolitan mixture of personalities such as Albert Einstein, who would not seen in Nazi era books.

Sporting events such as the Olympics were excellent entertainment. The reverse of most cards had references to the volume title and space number to which the card was to be pasted. Besides photos, drawn color plates were also included with the cards, as well as on the pages of the finished albums. Cigarette books became very popular as a way to build colorful, informative, and inexpensive private libraries for the average family.

When Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party took power in , cigarette companies celebrated the new national fervor while promoting their individual brands at the same time by changing their cards to reflect the popular ideas of patriotism and glorification of the Third Reich. Tell them what you have, the company that made them, and can they recommend an expert who can tell you something about these things.

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Angry reaction to lawmaker's tweet on Ginsburg. Update: Wow Thanks Muinghan. BTW these are Black and White. Reemtsma also introduced the idea of picture coupons. Instead of including cards in the packets, they contained numbered coupons. When a set of coupons had been collected, they could be sent off to the "Cigaretten Bilderdienst" Cigarette picture service in exchange for a set of pictures.

This had several advantages for collectors. Firstly, they always got a set of mint pictures. Because they were no longer restricted by the size of the packet, large format pictures were possible. Several series of pictures were in print at the same time, so one could also choose which series one wanted.

Sometimes millions of copies of a set were printed. Albums for the pictures were published which were much more elaborate than the usual English ones. They took the form of books published without pictures, and the cigarette pictures were stuck in to provide the illustrations. Over a period of time the completed albums built up into a large-scale reference work. It was a cheap way of building up a home library which everyone could afford. Possibly these sets were intended simply as a celebration of what was perceived as a new beginning after the hyper-inflation and depression of the s.

The outbreak of world war two in once again put a virtual stop to the issuing of pictures. After it was largely newspaper companies which issued new pictures. According to Koeberich, the last coupons were exchanged in After the war, cigarette cards were never issued again on a large scale. Most Germans associate post-war card collecting with "margarine cards" - large format pictures given away with margarine.

Obviously the cost of issuing these was too high as in the margarine industry agreed among themselves to issue no further cards. In the West German government banned cigarette cards although Austria cigarettes of Munich appears to have issued a set of animal pictures in

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1942 Vintage German Ration Scho-Ka-Kola Chocolate MRE Taste Testing Review The collection consists of Nazi Party cigarette cards, Theresienstadt scrip, and German passbooks relating to life under the Nazi led governments in Germany and. During WWI, when a series featuring musical celebrities was found to have a number of German musicians, they were eliminated. CIGARETTE. This album comes complete with the full set of cards inserted in position. The album depicts the uniforms of the Army Corps of Germany during WW1 and.

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