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The San Cristobal brand was created in and is another Nicaraguan made brand of the Ashton Cigar family.

Newman's childhood home. The home was the only brick house in the neighborhood and also served as the town tavern where locals and travelers alike could drink, smoke, and socialize freely - everything cigar smoking represents. Cuesta-Rey has become world renowned for its rich history, exceptional quality and flawless construction. Stanford Newman dreamed of making the best cigar in the world with no regard for how long it would take or how much it would cost and this dream was realized in the Diamond Crown cigar.

Handmade at Tabacalera A. Fuente by the very best Master Rollers, the Cuban-seed filler and Dominican binder contain a complex blend of six to seven individual Dominican tobacco leaves. Each Diamond Crown cigar undergoes a thorough inspection process ensuring only cigars with the perfect appearance, firmness, and wrapper textures are released to cigar lovers. La Aroma de Cuba is one of the hottest and fastest-growing cigar brands in the world today.

La Aroma De Cuba cigars are a marvelous re-incarnation of the original 19th century Cuban cigar. The regular La Aroma De Cuba cigars boast gorgeous, chocolaty Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers that surround a rich, spicy blend of only the most prime Nicaraguan tobaccos. The flavors within this cigar are tremendously complex. Beautiful, seamless, pumpkin-colored wrappers embrace an enchanting Cuban-esque blend of rich, well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. These wrappers are cultivated in Ecuador under direct sunlight from Cuban seeds.

The flavors are medium to full-bodied, rich and zesty. The core is all-Nicaraguan leaf with a double binder. The smoke is a Medium to full-bodied brimming with notes of earth, cocoa, espresso, spices and a smooth, semi-sweet finish. Gorgeous chocolaty-brown Oscuro wrappers grown in Mexico from Cuban seeds accompany a beautifully-bold blend of the finest, most diligently-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Full-bodied in strength, this new masterpiece boats a rich and decadent flavor-profile defined by regal notes of earth, spice, cedar, and a luscious chocolaty finish and are featured in a traditional Cuban-style box-pressed finish.

Arturo O. Fuente, Jr. Its mission is to promote and preserve the rich tradition and cigar heritage while keeping the history of this landmark cigar town alive for its customers and the surrounding community. In a collaboration between Stanford J. Newman and Carlos Fuente, Sr. Carlos selected the sizes and the two men came up with a blend they both enjoyed. La Unica is handmade using Cuban-seed Dominican long-filler tobacco and a delicate Connecticut Shade or rich Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

With the help of Loyalzoo, we are now letting customers earn Reward points when you buy an item in our online store. Sign up today to start receiving your Rewards to use on future purchases! Our authenticity and quality are what separates us from the rest of the cigar shops in Florida! The making of cigars in Tampa has been our legacy being carried over for years that simply aims to bring the finest-cigars made from the genuine tobacco leaves.

You can simply place an order by clicking on the desired item! Our list of items goes from mild cigars to full-bodied cigars! Our special Sampler gift pack is specially curated with the choicest cigar options in a single pack! Looking for the best in class hand rolled cigars near Tampa, Florida? At Tabanero Cigars, we ensure to give you the absolute value for the money with our unique and rich creation of cigars.

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