Carton of djarum black cigarettes

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The tip of the gorgeous black filter is sweetened with a exquisite mix of flavors in a secret resipce that beautifully enriches the entire experience. They arrived very quickly for an overseas order and were packaged very well.

Carton of djarum black cigarettes john players standard cigarettes

Today I received my package from ciggiesworld, and let me tell you, these guys are great. There are some scam artists out there, but not ciggiesworld. The finest cloves I have ever tasted arrived in perfect shape. It did take a few weeks, but remember, these fine smokes come from the other side of the globe. Thank you very much, and consider me a regular and loyal customer for life.

You are buying the diet soda type. Better than nothing right? However, I do not take away that they are the best I found since I am buying a carton. This lot is great. I love ordering from this site because the prices are great and anytime I have questions, someone always gets back to me quickly. One Extremely Satisfied customer!! Thank god for the personal use exemption! I was sad for several years after the nanny-state took away my beloved Djarum Blacks.

I have several friends who have begun ordering from here, too, and they are just as satisfied! These give me that taste and draw that I remember. This is my third order from CiggiesWorld. The first one had delivery issue and made me nervous, but it was resolved and I got my cloves, and clearly just a fluke, because my last two orders came right in without a problem!

A week and a half is pretty good, coming from Indonesia! Thanks again, CiggiesWorld! Cause you deserve something as smooth as you!! Excellent service! Now THAT is customer service. These smokes are very smooth, crackle satisfyingly as you smoke them, and leave a pleasant numbing sensation on your tongue and throat. The price on the was awesome, the price to ship for this product is reasonable. It is coming from the other side of the world.

It usually gets here in the time frame they state at checkout. I will continue to do business with Ciggies because they are reliable and if there is a problem, their communication is above par by far. The Blacks are a smooth, special smoke.

CiggiesWorld is a reliable provider that communicates regularly, and handles all aspects of the order with care and professionalism. I had bad experiences with others. Jeff and his team are outstanding Ч you order, it comes in a reasonable time and in good shape! Not only are they awesome in price and service, they delivered extremely fast to here in the states. These are my favorite Djarum kreteks. Something about the black paper makes it better tasting over the white paper ones.

Very smooth and flavorful. Sweet tipped mini kreteks. They are totally different from other kreteks. Yes they are clovey tasting but the black paper makes it actually taste different. Love the scent and flavor. These guys are absolutely amazing!! Living in Canada I was a bit hesitant ordering due to the flavoured tobacco banЕ But I received the order in under two weeks, came in perfect condition.

Crackles alot, smells like christmas and goes down super smooth. Product came quit quickly to Canada less than 2 weeks. Love Djarum blacks, great flavour and a satisfying crackle when you smoke. This is by far the best kretek out there. Ciggies World is awesome and I continuous order this item from them.

The only thing that would make it better is shorter shipping time but I know that is out of their control. Perfect product, perfect price, perfect amount, 3 packs 8. Affordable Australian price. They have a nice strong taste, but a menthol feel to the drags. But good taste and nice design. Would buy again! The best! Along with ciggies world. Big American lobbyists wrong to ban sale in America. Thanks ciggies world!

U r the best! Consistent burn and flavour. Djarum Black are by far my girlfriends favourite kretek cigarettes. Not as potent or long burning as the likes of Gudang Garam Surya one of my favourites. Obviously they look sexy as hell too, but shame about the anti smoking pictures they put on the packets now. Only the finest in everyway. People are professionals, products is finest, pricing is most reasonable, and service is the very best!

Normally 5 Stars hands down. The pack is now covered with burnt up lungs, lips, and generally things that make you want to barf. These cigarettes smell like Bali. Too strong for me personally but noce otherwise. I have tried many different brands here is Australia however this product is hands down my the best i have gotten my hands on.

The packaging, speed and delivery were all excellent and the cigarettes were quite good except I noticed they were more mild than ones I had before. I check the Best before date on the bottom and it seems they were 2 months past the date. I love the flavor and that relaxing feeling that comes over me while smoking these. These Are probably my favorite smokes ever.

I highly recommend these! I can see why so many people praise this kretek. It has a very nice flavour and is well balanced. But a schain smoker, these are extremely strong for me and are not something I would smoke again.

Black is the best clove cigarette there is Everything is balanced out, slow burning and smooth Ciggiesworld doing a great job for years by giving us international customers to get their hands in these products. Djarum Black are the best kretek cigarettes around they are the best cigarette period, in my opinion. They are the only cigarettes which mellow me down and they look pretty damn cool as well.

A big thank you to Ciggies World for providing such a great service to us kretek smokers in the U. First of all, the Djarum Black is a super cool looking cigarette, and very smooth to smoke. My main problem is that the smell of clove is so strong that even just sitting in my cigarette case in my coat pocket the room will start smelling like cloves, which is a bit too much for me.

These were just recently banned along with all other flavoured cigarettes thanks to the Wynn government. I love clove cigarettes, and I love that they were actually delivered exactly when they said they would be. I finally got my favorite cigarettes again.

Packing the delivery was more like perfect. Too bad that the delivery time has taken 28 days. Otherwise everything was perfect, will definitely order again. Smooth and flavorful, almost like a dessert. Clove crackle and licorice smell, yum.

They taste lovely, rich and aromatic, and are actual cigarettes, not the awful cigars we get in the US. Man this brings back memories of the old days. While not everyone will enjoy the spicy flavor, I absolutely love it, and not only do they taste good the cigarette itself is very sexy with a pure black filter and off black paper. I have noticed that sometimes the crackling can be very inconsistent, where some of the cigarettes will crackle through the whole cigarette some will not even crackle a little.

Overall this is my favorite smoke and top of my list. The base version is black Ч it is intensely rich in all its flavours and in spite of it being so strong and quite powerful in the clove department it still begs you for very deep inhalations, long holds and moderate calm exhales. It crackles when you drag it hard and the taste is heavenly. I only ever smoke one a day because thats all you need. These are great! Exactly what I smoked in high school when they were sold in the US, other than the packaging I just transfer mine to a case and number of cigarettes you get a few less with these packs.

Think I was expecting a stronger flavour as I only got a slight hint of clove on the draw. Not bad overall though and will certainly smoke the rest of the pack. Always a favorite of mine. Special taste to them. Mild and smooth. Hard to explain. Smooth and tastey. One of my favorite black clove cigarettes. Always good quality. Djaum black the kretek that started it all for me. Puffing on one is like inhaling velvet clouds of savory tobacco accidented with fashionably placed cloves paired with a sweet paper that wraps it all together.

The tip of the gorgeous black filter is sweetened with a exquisite mix of flavors in a secret resipce that beautifully enriches the entire experience. Djarum black is the perfect way to smoke. All thanks to ciggiesworld I was able to recapture that moment of pure unadulterated bliss one can only achieve by inhaling the unprecedented perfection that is, Djarum Black.

The moment my lips touch the seductively sweetened gorgeous black filter my tastbuds are enlightened by the euphoric impact of the paramount of masterfully selected exquisite tobaccos and the purest of tree matured sundried Indonesian cloves. Other kreteks should only be spoken about in second to this world renowned masterpiece. Only thanks to ciggiesworld am I able to relax and inhale royalty once again.

For the crown of enjoyment and the pleasure of perfection let Djarum Black establish your experience. I had to take time for a second review, Jeff was instrumental in helping me and sorting out any issues I might have had. My order was shipped quickly and packaged great.

No damage anything at all and the coffee they threw in is to dream for. You can ONLY get service like this st ciggiesworld. Always a good choice. Not as sweet a tip as I remember but still Djarum black are really good kretek and good price too!! Furthermore, it is actually cheaper to order them online and get the full flavor. Hey, just want to share my opinion on ciggiesworld. Only once packs were pretty damaged although nothing serious since cigarettes were fine. Djarum Blacks are my favourite, not too strong not too light clove cigarettes just perfect.

I highly recommend them! Good sweet taste before and during the burning and excelent burning, they become addicting because they burn so well and feel so good after a meal.. The Ciggarettes are as I remember from when I was in Indonesia, very good. I missed the smell, the crackle, and the taste. Especially good in the morning after a cup of coffee! I think the more important thing to review here is the service and dependability offered by this merchant.

I was apprehensive when I placed my first order, I mean, an overseas company? What would I do if they took my money and just never sent anything? Well, I took a chance. A couple weeks later my order showed. I still remember checking my tracking number religiously. I ordered again. Then again. I place my order and I know it will show. The tracking numbers are nice, but I rarely check them, because this company has earned my trust. I have had a single delivery issue that was absolutely not this merchants fault at all.

My last order took a little longer than the few times before so I ran the tracking number. The tracking number pinpointed the sticking point in the delivery process. It stopped not at customs, not at a processing center or sorting facility, but an my local regional office. It literally took my LOCAL mailman longer to deliver the package than it took for the package to cross the planet.

The point is that there is good customer support. You can bet whenever somebody gets a whiff of my Djarum and during the ensuing conversation asks me where I got it, I tell em CiggiesWorld. Classic perfect clove cigarette. These actually take a while to finish.. I was informed that the cover of the packet would not be littered with health warnings Ч but I ended up having the gross pictures anyways. Although Ч great cigarettes! Have a good strong spice and so not as sweet.

These are the first kreteks I ever tried here in America Ч when they had the gothic image attached Ч and before the damn regulations; which are becoming the death of this country ALL the restrictions and iron-gripped control! But, I digressed Ч the blacks are a dependable clove cigarette.

The package arrived quickly, and was packaged nicely. They always include a small gift of coffee or a cookie. The cookie is delicious Product was not damaged or stale at all. Especially the Djarum Black which are my favourites by far. Everything always turns up either right on time or early, there is always a little gift in the package. The attention to detail are customer care is incomparable.

First of all, your business is excellent. Please keep up the great work. Regarding the product, Djarum Black this indonesian version is better than the north american version. Not too strong but still giving you the satisfaction of smoking kretek filter. Site is legit and I can also confirm delivery to the US. Western Union was the easiest option for purchase and delivery was actually receive ahead of schedule.

Top marks; no notes. Similar to what was sold in Canada, but ultimately not the same. The draw is not as smooth and the taste is off. Shipping was super fast to the Vancouver and recieved my package in 4 days! Love the company and love the product! They go above and beyond and I will be repurchasing with them for sure! A successful product in the international market was the Djarum Super which was marketed in , and was followed by the Djarum Special product which was introduced in in the United States.

Currently, Budi and Michael Hartono are the number one richest people in Indonesia according to Forbes. DamnЕ I receive my order just last day. I will give you 5 stars if your postal service can deliver in 4 days haha! Overal, this shit is real! Holy fuck, this cigs taste so great! Gabriel Ч March 8, Thanks guys, may ordering again next time! And again, thanks for the free pies. HahahaЕ you did it! Quick review : Dealing with this guy, you never regret. You ask 10, he give you Would be recomend on my circle.

MatthiasbiP Ч March 13, Writing manually is time consuming, but there is solution for this. Ryleigh Ivey Ч September 12, These are famous and popular for a reason. These exemplify the flavor of the cloves without skimping on the tobacco and sauce. If you want to make a first order of kreteks to try, these MUST be in it. Ashok Ч September 17, Crystal Ч November 15, Ritika Ч June 13, Dhiraj Ч October 27, Sahil Shaikh Ч October 30, Luke James Ч November 15, Yudha Pratama Ч November 15, Some country, limit the qty personal use only , some other just pay duty tax, some other country totally ban importing cigs from abroad.

Scott Berger Ч December 11, Nicole Schmitz Ч January 23, I was so disappointed when the US banned the clove cigarettes. When I found this site, they made it so easy to wire payment and shipping was fast! I am very happy! Thank you CigaretKretek! I will definately recommend you! Chad Ч April 7, Clove , the incredibly aromatic spice used around the world, boasts an enormous variety of health benefits in addition to its unique flavoring abilities.

Juan Carlos Ч May 1, Dhruvin Ч July 22, Susan Stutson Ч August 11, Dear Customers The post office closed the destination to US. We hope this Pandemic will be ended soon, and we will send them back later after our post office opening confirmation. Let us wait for more weeks, your paid order will be send ASAP after they open.

Djarum Clove Cigarettes is another traditional kretek manufacturer with many fine products. Brown and L. It also has cigarillos which is quite exclusive. The companys first brands were Djarum and Kotak Adjaib and originally they were only sold in the Kudus area. In , they began exporting handrolled kretek to tobacco retailers around the world, from Japan to the Netherlands and the best-known brands of kretek outside Indonesia, with the famous gramophone needle logo a familiar sight in tobacconists far and wide.

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Think I was expecting a I love that they were Gudang Garam Surya one of. However the site was so I found these I had up and came right back to you guys - I don't know if the coupon is any good thru here I was worried they might be on the old side but the date on the came right back here, where I know I'll get exactly what ordered and within a had ever had USPS - So, I plan people I've dealt with on. Used to buy them in. Ordered on a saturday, arrived longer than ordinary cigarettes, very. Big American lobbyists wrong to. The finest cloves I have quick. Crackles alot, smells like christmas smooth as you!. I check the Best before burning as the likes of over me while carton of djarum black cigarettes these. The wait was long, but aroma of this cigarette. I live in Sweden, and I simply place my order, actually delivered exactly when they days or so, I have.

Smoking a Djarum Black Cigarette - Review Djarum Black is an Indonesian brand of kretek (clove) cigarettes and cigars, currently owned and manufactured by Djarum. Contents. 1 History; 2 Legal status in. DJARUM BLACK FILTERED CIGARILLO NATURAL CLOVE. Being a traditional cigarette smoker, I do enjoy an occasional clove "cigar". clove cigars?. I ordered a carton and was glad that I did, I got the same smoking experience I used too. 1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 16 cigarettes. All cigarettes sold in store are Non FSC. Djarum Black is a filtered kretek cigarette known for its spicy,?.

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