Turning cigarette ash into a diamond

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Speak with one of our memorial diamond experts today. The carbon source of the diamonds are extracted and purified from the ashes or hair of the deceased.

Turning cigarette ash into a diamond breastfeeding and smoking 2 cigarettes

Alternatively we can use the same weight of bones. An alternative is to use 2 grams 0. Please ask us for advice and we will be only too pleased to help you make sure that you can create wonderful pet diamonds whatever the circumstances.

The pet cremation diamonds share similar aesthetic, physical, and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Carat ranges from 0. If you want to order a larger size, please contact us. Diamond color will come from your chosen color range. As carbon contents differ from pet to pet, when we turn pet ashes into diamond each will have a unique hue.

The carbon content can also influence clarity which varies from VVS to I. Follow the same process as cremation diamonds for human beings to turn pet ashes into diamond. If you have any questions or encounter any problems when placing your order for pet ashes into diamonds, please call or write to us. Remember me Log in. To start the process, carbon is extracted from the cremated remains, then purified. This material goes through diamond making machines, which transforms the carbon into real diamonds.

We are committed to handling every single step of the cremation ashes to diamonds process solemnly, with the respect, discretion and empathy that it deserves. Official Member of the Swiss National Funeral Services Association, for a funeral service that is fair, serious and honest as a counselor and accompanist to the bereaved families.

That is why our attention is multiplied in everything we do during the process. I hope that makes them feel better to be able to create an amazing diamond of their loved ones to keep close to them always. The ashes to diamonds price in starting price in USD. To order memorial diamonds in the U. We will then send you order instructions together with the ashes submission kit to your US or Canada address.

However, the exact amount may vary in the different crematoriums. The ashes to diamonds starting price in GBP is We will send you order instructions together with the ashes submission kit to your UK address.

The ashes to diamonds starting price is AUD. To order memorial diamonds in Australia, you need to contact our office in Sydney, Australia. We will send you order instructions together with the ashes submission kit to your Australia address.

Including the time involved for shipment and purification, the total time of turning human ashes into diamonds takes between 3 and 9 months, depending on the colour, the cut and the cremation diamond size required. You must provide at least g of ashes or 10g of hair which are the normal amounts required to grow a cremation diamond.

However, if you do not have enough cremation ashes or hair, family members can provide a supplement amount of hair that will be added to the ashes or hair already provided. The cost of cremation diamonds may vary according to the color, the size and the cut selected like it does for natural diamonds as well. Please, refer to our cremation diamonds pricing list for more information. To turn ashes or hair into diamonds, we first need to extract the carbon contained in the ashes of hair provided.

The ashes are placed in a specialized crucible which is heated to over F to make sure every element except carbon oxidizes, and then temperature is raised further so that the carbon can become graphite. During the last stretch when the press is working, the temperature in the room stays about F until the cremation diamond is formed. The bigger the cremation diamond's size is, the longer the ashes to diamonds process takes.

Bigger cremation diamonds take more time, thus cost more. Purely Colorless Cremation Diamonds also takes the longest to grow as it requires us more technical efforts. Different colours require different procedures in different synthesis environments, so the growing speed of the diamond will be different. Amber is the most natural colour, and a cremation diamond of this colour undergoes the basic process, which takes the shortest time: days.

If you want to create several cremation diamonds from one individual, it is possible, and you will simply have to provide us with more ashes or hair than the basic amount required of g of ashes or 10g of hair. A bigger diamond requires a longer growing cycle, thus generates a higher cost. The machine used is huge. The inside temperature and pressure are ultra-high. Extreme precision is required. A one carat colourless diamond can take hundreds of hours to grow. As a result, the technology used to turn ashes into diamonds is complicated and very costly.

Our proof comes in the form of a technical examination and the certification methodology of the cremation diamond's original source. Scientific proof and certification can be provided based on the carbon atoms and chemical density of the cremation diamond, which must match the carbon, hair or ashes that the diamond originated from. Cremation diamonds are real diamonds made from human cremation ashes. Firstly, the carbon of the cremation ashes is purified. Then, it is pressed into a cremation diamond with high pressure and high temperature HPHT machine.

Yes, cremation diamonds are real diamonds. They are chemically, physically, and optically the same as diamonds that have been mined from underground. Cremation diamonds are all certified to be genuine diamonds. The ashes into diamonds service is available worldwide, in countries such as the UK, United States, Australia and Canada. All cremated ashes will be sent to Switzerland, where they are turned into diamonds.

People who choose to turn loved ones' ashes into diamonds tend to have a strong relationship with the deceased. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, comprising people of all ages and more than 30 different countries. The diamond growing process is managed by its researchers in the field of High Pressure Science. For the U. The cost depends on the size of diamond ordered.

The larger the size, the higher the cost. The cost of purifying the carbon of the ashes is fixed. The cost of growing the diamond is dependent on the size of the diamond ordered. Step 2: Purify the cremation ashes to One of the reasons that cremation diamonds are so expensive, is because the creation of a cremation diamond is such a personalised process - each order is handled individually.

The extreme laboratory environment that is required to make a cremation diamond is another; the machine used is huge, and the operational cost of running it is high. A final reason is the complex technical procedures involved - it takes several months to make a cremation diamond. To make diamonds from ashes: Step 1: Extract the carbon from the cremation ashes or hair.

Step 1, separate the carbon from the ashes;. The carbon source of the diamonds are extracted and purified from the ashes or hair of the deceased. Definition What is a Cremation or Memorial Diamond? For memorial remembrance. To avoid the cost of burial. For convenience and mobility. Ashes to Diamonds: How to Order? Cremation Ashes and Hair Required Amount.

To turn ashes into diamonds, below ashes amounts are required. Cremation ashes. From Cremation Ashes to Diamonds Time 6 months to turn human ashes into diamonds. Turn loved ones' ashes into diamonds Steps to Place an Order:. Fill in the Order Form.

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Turning Pencil Lead into Diamonds Meanwhile, the ashes of their loved one are evolving into a diamond that they'll be able to Why choose Eterneva to turn a loved one's ashes into diamonds? +. The diamond growth process begins once your loved one's ashes have been purified into carbon in the form of graphite and then ground into a fine powder. From. 'They're so surprised when I tell them the diamond used to be my husband John. '?I paid ?5, to have a laboratory turn his ashes into the gem.

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