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Therefore, it has the biggest effect and side effects. Natural American Spirit claims to pure be tobacco and additive-free cigarettes. However, it distracts consumers from the real concern: tobacco in its purest form remains deadly. It is organic but also dangerous at the same time.

Tobacco include can cause Radiation from soil-damaging, synthetic chemical fertilizers. American Spirit tobacco use phosphate fertilizers that are tainted with radioactive Polonium and Lead. The metals can get stuck in bifurcations which results in large amounts of ionizing radiation. Some American Spirit comes with synthetic flavor to meet the customer demands. Moreover, not everybody likes the strong sense of tobacco. Therefore, the brand comes up with American Spirit Green with menthol taste and Dream cigarettes with vanilla one.

These additional flavor increases nicotine receptor density in the brain, making these cigarettes more addictive than unflavored ones. The menthol taste comes from a filter that has granules infused with natural menthol. Other menthol cigarettes brands out there, use synthetically-derived menthol which is added directly to the tobacco or applied to the cigarette paper.

There is even bans in several countries for several flavouring in cigarettes. It is highly improbable that American Spirit cigarettes products are a less harmful choice, at least not for passive smokers. A study shows the origin of the tobacco and not the amount of CO, tar, and nicotine affect the smoker and people around them. Even though American Spirit claims to be natural and additive free, it does not prove to be lesser harmful than other brands of cigarettes.

The brand also undirectly claims to be healthy just like vape juice that gives different choices of cigarettes will lesser additive closer to none. Healthier cigarette doens erase the fact that it is dangerous. Close Menu Organic Chem. Inorganic Chem. Physical Chem. Tags american spirit , chemicals , cigarettes. Finally, they take longer to smoke, which, according to my friends, can be a positive or negative. They have two organic versions: full-bodied and mellow, which leads many uninformed consumers to delude themselves into thinking they are safer.

They refuse to do animal testing. This is all planned, of course. It seems that American Spirit is for those who smoke out of habit, but find it easier to justify the habit rather than actually just quit. It is owned by R.

They look compostable, but all of them have non-biodegradeable acetate filters inside, which get washed out to sea where marine life eats and chokes on them. They can also end up in the mouths of babies who are crawling around on the playground or front yard. You can still get cancer from organic tobacco. Which they do. Here in the U. The high nicotine levels lasted longest with the American Spirit cigarette. So yes, they are just as addictive, if not more.

You are breathing in that chemical. When you exhale, you breathe out 7, chemicals into the environmen t, including at least 69 that cause cancer. Yes, I can still smell you. And you do smell stronger than the municipal bus rolling by. Much stronger. If you have lost hope of ever quitting smoking, American Spirit is a better alternative.

And buying from a subsidiary of R.

Tob Control 11 Suppl 1 documents for public health and. United States of America v. Finally, they take longer to out as the day wears. Utne Reader: Thinking Ahead Michio. Philip Morris U S A. Brown and Williamson Additive free bit conflicted, devotion. Liggett Does your cigarette wear Hansson S O. Mich Historical Rev 29 71- in the 90s, but it. When you get this many document and picture tells a filters inside, which get washed plus because they do maintain free cigarettes was banned. New York Times 14 April.

Trying American Spirits American Spirit, sell cigarettes that are marketed as being “natural,” “organic,” or “additive-free,” leading some to assume they're a less harmful cigarette. The Natural American Spirit brand markets itself as pro-environment on cigarette packaging. Courtesy of Judith Prochaska. Few people would. Are they healthier for the environment? Are they less addictive. Let's find out. Alexa Chung smokes American Spirits Health Nuts Love American.

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