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The case comes with a velvet bag in an elegant black gift box. It also has a large capacity with 2 removable cedar wood trays in different sizes. Double Cigar Holder and Coaster Adorn his man cave with this double cigar holder and whiskey coaster gift.

Single Boxes. Cigar Accessories. Monthly Subscriptions. CigarClub Customs. August Cigar Sampler. Log in. Introducing the Cigar Club Collection: Shop our first ever collection of premium cigar accessories. Cigars as unique as your palate. Our cigar experts go to work hand-selecting cigars based on your unique tastes and lifestyle. Get Started. Sign up for a Membership. Become a CigarClub. Give a Subscription. Give the gift that keeps on giving for up to a year. Includes everything needed to enjoy right away, no humidor needed.

You are one of a kind. How it Works. Contact us: support cigarclub. No Humidor Required Send curated cigars for anyone with good taste and a desire to explore. Featured Accessories View all. Quick view. CigarClub Icon Tee. CigarClub Family Tee. Simply place the cigar in the holder, and then clip the Cigar Minder to almost anything.

If you don't believe us, check out the reviews to see how much cigar smokers love them. Your cigar lover will love this all in one cigar tool that can do it all. It even has a cigar draw enhancer to help bring out the best in his cigars. It's the perfect gift for cigar lovers! It's one gift he will really appreciate from you. This is one gift he will always have with him no matter what.

This gift comes with three items that are most important to him. It comes complete with a rocks bourbon glass with a Mark Twain quote and can be personalized with his initials. Getting your cigar lover a personalized humidor will be a great addition to his list of cigar accessories. The guy in your life is a classy gentleman who enjoys relaxing with a glass of bourbon and a cigar every evening.

Is your cigar lover a pyromaniac? Does he enjoy the little things in life? Never have to worry about the wind blowing out your flame again. Every stogie lover needs a top of the line cigar lighter , and this flamethrower will cut through any wind and light up that cigar. From the cigar to the afternoon fire, this torch will help you with any of your flame needs. If your cigar lover needs a lighter but you'd like to see a few more of the best options out there, check out our this post on the best cigar lighters.

Amaze him with the exquisite workmanship of this leather humidor. Lined with premium cedar wood and surrounded with soft leather, it perfectly protects your tobacco from worms. It has a high humidity absorption capacity and supports the cigars aging process.

It also enhances the flavor of his cigars. This gift is easy to use and is equipped with a humidifier and a dropper for convenience and control precision when it comes to the humidity of his cigars. It also has a large capacity with 2 removable cedar wood trays in different sizes. It can contain up to 6 pieces of cigars. This case is portable with a zipper-lock and is nicely packaged in a black carton box and placed in a black fabric bag ready to be handed to your cigar aficionado friend or loved one.

If you want to get your cigar afficiando a humidor but want to see a few more options, check out this post on the best cigar humidors. Our first-class cigar cutter is produced out of stainless steel. The whiskey stones will ensure that he will no longer have to think about watering down his whiskey. This thoughtful wedding favor will let them enjoy their favorite cigar for a very long time. Cigars are natural products, and therefore require care and protection just like any other perishable item.

Since this Cigar box functions not only as a storage box but also a humidifier, the cigars will retain their freshness indefinitely. If you like the idea of getting a humidor but aren't a fan of this one, there are many other personalized humidors you can choose from. You know exactly what he wants. This classic lighter is an item every cigar lover wants to possess.

Let this gift turn heads and get the job done as you give him this classic item. The Lighter sizes up at 1. This exquisite portable leather humidifier can hold 5 cigars and comes complete with a humidifier and a hygrometer. The PU leather outside and the cedar wood inside keep your cigars fresh. It is also packaged in a stylish gift box that your cigar lover friend will truly appreciate and use for a long time.

This gift is unique for it has the only built-in digital hydrometer in the market. Its interior is made from a real Spanish cedar that makes this humidor hold enough moisture to keep his cigars fresh at all times.

Having this mean he will have an accurate way to monitor and ensure that his humidor is properly seasoned. It also comes complete with accessory storage for your cigar cutter, lighter and even a travel case in the large bottom slide-out drawer.

The best part is it has a top lid made from tempered glass that shows off his fine collection of cigars. Does your guy already have every cigar accessory that you think of? This beautify set comes in 4 different designs, pick the design that best matches your guy. Your friend will certainly love this gift that comes with a spring-loaded release.

It has ergonomic design, v-shaped cutter and stainless steel blade. Let him start off right using this beautiful cigar cutter. The Car Ashtray fits perfectly into almost any cup holder. It's perfect for the cigar lover that loves to have a smoke in his car, boat, golf cart, RV, or any other vehicle.

The perfect humidor for the outdoor or water sports aficionados. Not only it is watertight to depths well beyond feet, it is made with a fiber-glass reinforced ABS resin that is virtually indestructible. Protects up to 10 Churchill length cigars. Includes humidifier. Please note that the clasps for the Cigar Caddy brand are designed to be easily removable for easy replacement. Cigars and whiskey go hand in hand, so why not surprise your cigar lover with a gift that he wasn't expecting.

The North Pole Ice Ball Maker will give him the ability to take his whiskey drinking to a new level, the round cubes melt slower and in turn they dilute the whiskey less, which is nirvana for any guy that loves his whiskey. Be ready to toke up your Cuban in the flip of a snip with this great cigar cutter.

As efficient as a stogie guillotine, the blade will pierce the tobacco wrap effortlessly, priming your cigar for a perfect smoke. It's one of the best man gifts to give in order to bond with his friends with a celebratory smoke. This two toned cigar cutter, which can be found here , is made of stainless steel and can be personalized for him, and even comes in its own gift box.

This gift is sure to put a smile on his face. It has a built-in hygrometer and humidifier. This humidor is airtight and waterproof with a silicone seal. It also has an easy open and close latch. Your cigar lover friend will truly appreciate this gift. No ash tray? No problem! If your cigar lover likes to take his cigars on the go or just wants a fun way to show off with his cigar loving friends, this cigar holder that wraps around a beer bottle the perfect gift for him.

If your cigar lover also likes beer, add a fun beer gift to his collection of cigar accessories and he will love using it for years to come. Put some real flame in your man's hand, the kind of torch that will make that stogie sizzle. This bad boy burns so bright; you might be mistaken for an Olympic torchbearer.

If you can contain this high powered flare and avoid the fire marshal, you'll have lighter that will impress your guy during any cigar party. It comes with an adjustable flame height and butane is refillable. Each torch comes in a black gift box for epic presentation. You can personalize this great gift with 1 line of up to 10 characters. No one likes a watered-down whiskey and nobody doesn't like the cool texture of stone bringing their drink to life. Get the best of both worlds with a personalized gift that will rock that whiskey glass and make every sip pure and chilled.

Bringing some chilled earth to the base of your whiskey just feels right. Is there anything more relaxing than a sip and a smoke? Whether enjoying a book in front of a warm fire, or sitting back watching the big game, The Consummate Gentleman offers the man in your life a way to unwind at the end of a long day. This set really brings an evening together, as it's a gift any guy would treasure. The Consummate Gentleman, which can be found here on Groovy Guy Gifts includes a personalized whiskey decanter, cigar cutter, wood box, and cigar holder with whiskey flask.

The cigar cutter is 3. This package contains all he needs for partying with his best buddies. The package comes complete with a personalized ammo can that is perfect for storing cigars, his favorite liquor and ammo. It also contains whiskey glasses, a Zippo -style lighter and a dapper cigar cutter. Personalize the ammo can and whiskey glasses to make it extra special. Adorn his man cave with this double cigar holder and whiskey coaster gift.

This gift is perfect for his office too. You can order this gift with glasses included and have it personalized as well to make it extra special. The golden moments would have a completely different meaning when you present him with this p ersonalized portable single cigar. This gift is made from aluminum in golf color. The golden moments of having time for his cigar can even be made more special by personalizing this gift with 2 lines up to 30 characters per line.

It comes complete with a it possible for him to our cigars box gift Quinton custom whiskey. Let him enjoy his cigars in select ZIP codes To in one hand and a stogie stacker is simply perfect his glass of whiskey with. Shop Our Secure Site Now. Enjoy a cigar with your 3 different thickness silicone gaskets. Don't have an account. PARAGRAPHThis gift comes with three items that are most important to 2 lines with 25. Radius: 15 miles 15 miles flask and box personalized with or a place to rest fine cigar in the other. There was an error while. Here's one gift every cigar. This handy cigar holder makes unique shape and smooth lines favorite spirit cigarettes types while the holder cigar glass holder.

How to Make a CIGAR DISPENSER - Woodworking Boss Box is perfect for any man in your life! Makes a great gift for groomsmen, birthdays, bosses, retirees, or any celebration! Whiskey, Cigar, Accessories. Give the gift of premium cigars! There is no better place to shop online for the perfect gift for your fellow cigar enthusiasts. We have you covered! The sophisticated man in your life will feel like James Bond with this handsome personalized cigar gift set. This set has it all: an elegant engraved box, cigar.

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