Kitty litter in cigarettes

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Antibiotic Treatment Bentonite clay is reported to have antibiotic properties Natural bentonite clay is also known to have certain antibiotic properties for aiding in speeding healing times when applied as a spot treatment to the skin. Pest Control Kitty litter can pick up the slack where your cat's left off Bet you didn't know that critters like mice, moles and rats dislike the texture and scent of kitty litter. Deodorize, Deodorize, Deodorize!

Just throw some dirty litter into their holes and consider that their eviction notice. One of the ways to do that quickly, easily, and cheaply is to use non-clumping clay kitty litter. To create a moisture-holding soil mixture, use even parts soil and clay cat litter. Mix them together well and then add it to your garden before planting or into a new pot while replanting.

Ice on sidewalks and other walkways is dangerous. People can slip and fall. But, some of the chemicals used for deicing them are bad for pets and the environment. As your refrigerator fills up with food, it can also fill up with odors. This mix of odors can then be absorbed by other foods. To avoid a foul-smelling fridge, many people place an open box of baking soda inside.

While that works well, so does kitty litter! Place a small open container with kitty litter inside your refrigerator and it will help to eliminate food odors in your fridge. Make sure you replace it every few weeks so that you can continue having a fresh-smelling fridge. Trash cans can take on even worse smells than your fridge, and if not taken care of, these repulsive odors can spread through the house!

To prevent that, sprinkle some kitty litter at the bottom of the trash can beneath the bag. This absorbs smells and any stray liquids should the bag tear. A common problem pond owners face is an overgrowth of algae. This can make it hard to see the fish and choke out other plants the fish need to survive.

A safe, natural way to clear some of that algae is to use kitty litter. Dump one pound of cat litter for every 2, gallons of circulating water in the pond. Although the pond will be a bit murkier for a few days, once it clears up, it will kill some of the excess algae so you can actually see into the water again.

It may sound strange, but you can save yourself a ton of money by using fresh new kitty litter for a facial mask rather than paying for an actual beauty product. Bentonite clay is a natural antibiotic that will cleanse your pores.

By using this DIY face mask once a week, you can have beautiful, young-looking skin. Sift a few handfuls of the cat litter so you just have the dust. Mix it with equal parts water to form a paste. Then, apply it to your face as you would a facial mask. Allow it to set for about 15 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

Getting rid of leftover paint can be tricky. When your shoes smell like sweaty feet, you may think chemical sprays are the only way to solve the problem. However, kitty litter offers a much safer and more economical way to keep even your workout shoes smelling fresh.

Pour a couple handfuls of new kitty litter into an old but clean sock. Tie it off to keep the litter inside. Then, tuck one into every smelly shoe you own. The cat litter will then absorb the odors, leaving you with non-smelly shoes to wear. Something else that could use some litter-filled socks is any seasonal gear you have. The cat litter will absorb any lingering moisture and odors.

Tuck your device into a sock or other thin material before burying it in a container filled with clean cat litter. This will prevent any of the litter dust from getting into the small crevices which can do just as much damage as water. A great way to cut back on the amount of odor an ashtray produces is to add some kitty litter to it.

Although you should always seek medical care when necessary, some small cuts and scrapes may actually benefit from an application of cat litter. Bentonite has some antimicrobial properties, so it can help keep minor wounds from getting infected. Another medical use bentonite clay kitty litter has is anti-itch. If you got into some poison ivy or got eaten alive by mosquitoes, you may benefit from applying some cat litter. Make a paste by mixing one part cat litter to one part water.

Then, spread this mixture over any areas that are itching. It will help alleviate that itching and its antimicrobial properties can help accelerate healing from bug bites. Spray paint can be extremely difficult to remove, especially from paved surfaces. So, if you find yourself needing to remove spray paint from the sidewalk, you may need some help from cat litter.

Just grab some litter and a scrub brush to get started. Once all the dirt has been removed, you can start getting to the paint. Make a paste of kitty litter by mixing it with water in a one-to-one ratio. Apply the paste to the concrete. Rinse away the litter, then repeat as needed until all the paint has been removed.

The produce you buy from the store is covered in all kinds of unpleasant things. It may have bacteria from the soil, and all kinds of toxins leftover from pesticides and whatever else the crops have been sprayed with. But, kitty litter can help. Submerge any fruits or vegetables you want to clean into the solution and allow them to soak for about ten minutes.

Then, rinse with purified water and allow to air dry or dry with a clean cloth. You can instead use cat litter to fill them. Kitty litter makes this task a bit more manageable, however. All you have to do is sprinkle some cat litter over the vomit. Allow it to absorb the liquids for a few minutes, and then you can simply sweep it all up. Kitty litter has you covered! You can use it to make your own weights to lift from the comfort of your own home.

Litter can be used for everything from filling ankle weights to making your own sandbag weight. And when you consider both the odor-eliminating and absorbent power of cat litter, it actually makes perfect sense to use it to fight other odors on other surfaces!

So this method can help keep those sorts of items fresh in between washes! Pour a generous amount of cat litter into the trash bag. Use at least a few cups of litter, or more for larger items. Tie the trash bag so it is sealed up tightly, and let it sit for days, or up to a week. If your item really smells, leave it alone for a full week. When the wait is up, remove the item from the bag and shake off any excess cat litter.

The item should smell fresh and clean. So there you have it! I just want to give another quick shout-out to Caroline for sharing this brilliant tip with us. I believe we should all love the place we call home and the life we live there. Since , I've been dedicated to making One Good Thing by Jillee a reliable and trustworthy resource for modern homemakers navigating the everyday challenges of running a household.

Join me as I share homemaking and lifestyle solutions that make life easier so you can enjoy it more! Every day I share creative homemaking and lifestyle solutions that make your life easier and more enjoyable! Continue Reading. Learn 3 simple and foolproof ways to avoid offensive garbage can odors here!

These quick and easy tips will help you freshen things up fast!

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Cat pee stinks, and so do cigarettes The Kitty Litter in Your Cigarette Allows Tobacco Companies to Avoid $ Billion in Taxes. K. Maggie Lange. 03/01/13 AM. Filed to: Gross. This popularity has been attributed to their similarity to cigarettes, lower Edney A. Tobacco Firms Save $1 Billion With Kitty Litter in Cigars. In order to avoid a tax increase, tobacco companies began adding fillers, including the type of clay used in kitty litter to their cigarettes.

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