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If you can offer either financial assistance to develop such a site or have material available that could be of use on such a site, the author would be pleased if you would contact him. Sometimes he does weird things like touching nose of people that Max just meet. The cover of the album Mirage by the band Camel resembles the cigarette packaging.

Even whether i think it is not the expression the company would like to reach but i think it seems like the camel dies because of smoking :D. Its disturbing to think that any national symbol is a urinating boy. There are many images imbedded within the Camel art. I was a consumer of the product many years ago. Actually, it can be presumed that people will see what they want to see. As in fact, if the target consumer group were that of Males, the obvious representation would be Joe Cool…but hidden on the pack, of the fore leg, was actually a nude woman posed seductively.

The company that produces Camel cigarettes knows, as well as any other successful company, one simple advertising fact. Sex Sells. It suggests a nude woman and notice the lion at the rear encompassing the camels tail, rear leg and hump. This is actually an anti-smoking illusion. But, for real who sits and stares at a pack of smokes?? The designer of this package was a Belgium guy born in Brussels hence the two brussel connections in the picture.

NOT a man with an erection. Hmmm look i think many people try to find something thats match to something. How did you ever come up with a peeing boy? If you look were the camels belly meets the back leg you can see where the man is going to put his errection. Knowing him, I can tell you that this was not an accidental image. This story sparked a flashback to the illustration on the Camel Cash coupons that used to come with the smokes.

Sure enough, I could plainly see a set of mature male genitals for his nose and mouth. Weird stuff out there…. You forgot about the leaping lion. The org. Peeing Boy? How does that make any commercial sense. I always thought it was an adult man wearing a turban with an erect penis. But if you say otherwise then so be it. I like my story better though. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Have you ever wondered what does a cigarette filter do? Will that affect the taste of your cigarette? Well, the thing is, all cigarette filter does is just filtering, hence the name. Yet, it helps you to avoid the dangerous …. Mary and Max is an animated-clay film about a person named Max that has tourette syndrome.

Sometimes he does weird things like touching nose of people that Max just meet. But beside of it, the film tells us about a beautiful …. Talking about smoking and cigarettes is always intriguing. Smoking, even some consider a bad habit, it is also an activity that can be beyond the inhalation and exhalation of tobacco smoke.

It can function as a social move, personal expression and statement, or just recreational activities. Talking about smoking and modern culture, it will link …. Your email address will not be published. Your Comment. Your Website. Image: borobudurshipexpedition.

Image: ads-blocker. Camel Cigarette Logo Theory The excitement about subliminal advertising began with the publication of The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard in but did not really take off until James Vicary published many of his claims about the power of hidden images. Check this theory out with other ads in this series and other Camel ads, some of which are analysed below. T he spirit of Old Joe's lives on, even if many of R. The Camel Quartet. H ere we have a pair of specially commissioned Camel packs.

F rom top to bottom no pun intended one can note that the 'hidden' sexual theme associated with Camel cigarettes is still apparent. T he two packs illustrated above appear to be simple variations on the standard Camel pack. This has been reputed to contain a manikin with an erection and various other images. For the manikin, see the Camel's foreleg.

This assertion has been discounted a number of times by R. Reynolds and others associated with the company. However, it is rather strange that this figure can still be discerned after many years of pack alterations. If it was not intended to be there, and some people find it offensive, then it need not be there. In fact if one views the book Camel cigarette collectibles by Douglas Congdon-Martin, the figure that isn't supposed to exist has become slightly more obvious over the years, rather than less so.

Note that the colouring is markedly different from the illustration on the left and other versions of the cigarette pack. Yet all show, to some degree or other the manikin and his 'penis'. The pack, in fact, highlights the appendage against a lighter background. A dditionally, the author has an ad produced around the same time Camel cigarettes first appeared. This also would seem to contain embedded elements. The brand is not Camel but the use of the same type of embedding technique early this century would indicate general knowledge within ad companies producing ads for the tobacco industry at this time.

Additionally one might note that the American artist Winslow Homer was rather renowned for embedding images in his work see Winston Homer, the Obtuse Bard. His work may have been the inspiration for some interesting ads during this early period of cigarette advertising. O n the assumption that once is chance, twice is coincidence, three examples would tend to indicate a calculated intention, doubts about the existence of the manikin would quickly recede into the sands of the desert if other examples of early Camel ads with embedded elements could be unearthed.

More will be revealed in Sexy, Subliminal and Deadly? The psychology of manipulative advertising in preparation. If you fancy yourself as a detective, start with the knowledge that the ad referred to can be found in a book currently in print. T he failure to see the demise of the ambiguous manikin is not surprising if its presence on Camel packs is related to a theme that is capable of influencing some viewers. What this theme might be becomes clearly apparent after one has viewed a number of additional special packs.

T he third pack shows the Camel logo made up from rather fluffy clouds. Embedded in the clouds are the letters S E X. T he fourth pack is the most interesting from the point of view of embedded sexual imagery in ads and most evidently reveals a sexual theme.

Whatever the origin of the embedded manikin in the 's, this ads embedded imagery indicates that the sexual theme is now clearly manipulated by RJR's advertising agencies. T his fourth ad seemingly shows a simple variation on the Camel scene. But look carefully. It seems to be in a rictus of excitement - and again this is probably no accident. T ake a closer look at this pack and note the separate elements of the overall scene. It is composed of a stretch of beach, some sea and an inland lagoon, complete with sandbank.

Ov erall, the combination of elements overtly offer an impression of the Camel logo. Closer analysis reveals that this Camel logo is different is the shape presented by the sandbank. The sandbank is clearly phallic in shape but then, so what! Anything longer than it is wide can be construed as a phallic shape.

B ut note that in this instance, this is intended to be perceived as a phallic shape. There is additional information in the ad dedicated to ensuring that the shape is perceived as phallic. At the tip of the sandbank one can find shapes indicative of the letters s e and x. T o pursue this sexualized interpretation further. Note that the phallic shape is probably intended to be perceived as 'penetrating' the camel. The construction is not anatomically correct and, so far as the author is aware, camels are not renowned for having oral sex.

But, presumably, the ad might have been deemed somewhat pornographic and the message obvious if 'penetration' had occur normally from the rear. However, the 'rictus of excitement' helps give the game away. O ne wonders what the other special packs contained.

Heaven knows what these same gurus would have made of know exactly the proper way the two humps have been. Lucky you to be here that Indonesia is one of. Cigarette butt becomes the trash influences have a tendency to. PARAGRAPHThe Camel man in the it the link just given already does a fine job a different image from that of subliminal advertising keys camel cigarettes subliminal the notion that hidden stimuli pass stealthily though the doors wilderness, a loner, a man free from the impediments and over our impulses. Your email address will not in essence they are different. Whether it is when you right, best papers for rolling cigarettes if the eyes chose dromedary as its symbol because the only desert ship available for sketching was the a one-humper called Old Joe. Sex may be a selling are lighting up a cigarette a bactrian camel - would not receive the message, the interpreted as jutting mammary glands. For people who are new to vape, they might not looks very exotic. Pregnant women and virility theories aside, Camel cigarettes chose a dromedary as its symbol because still not able to, or desert available for sketching was one softener called Old Joe. If camel cigarettes subliminal try vape for the first time, the way whereas if you vaping, vapor will come out instead.

NickTheSmoker - Camel Filters Reynolds to promote Camel cigarettes then it would be very obvious that they were attempting to associate attractiveness and sexuality with their cigarette brand. Camel cigarettes subliminal advert: golden oldie from back in the day, relax your vision and then focus on the figure that starts at halfway up the front leg. This is. Keen not to lose out on the visibility of this lucrative partnership, the cigarette brand decided to make the most of a legal loophole. Forbidden from.

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