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How to light a cigarette with a hammer youtube. I think you mean conservation of energy. This looks more like an example of the heat generated by metal fatigue. Edit: Actually I think we're all right :- Friction is the common phenomenon that we're talking about.

We're just viewing it from different perspectives. Take a look at "Internal Friction" on that page near the top. I'm don't think compression is at work here. The material is free to squish out the sides as it's being hit, so it's being deformed but not compressed. It is the internal friction. It would get just as hot if you were to pull the metal apart rather than hit it with a hammer. It's not friction but i think the heat is created by rearranging the crystal structure of the metal by compressing it.

The idea is that as moons move through their orbit, they are being pushed and pulled by jupiter's and other moons gravity. This creates a lot of heat within the moon by physically stretching its core. Repeatedly hitting a piece of metal with a hammer is similar in principle. At least, that's the first thing that came to my mind.

I'm looking back at that original comment now and realizing how tired I am. I sort of assumed that everyone on the internet is in my head partaking in the internal conversation. Very nice connection I believe the process you described is called tidal heating. But the hammer never touched the cigarette. This is like saying how to light a cigarette with a dollar and then buying a lighter. Technically, he wrote the comment using computer software, the keyboard was just the instrument that acted as the middleman.

Could he light the cigarette using the hammer? My guess is that for a very short period of time there was local heating of the hammer head equivalent to that of the rod, but due to the mass of the hammer head there weren't enough BTUs generated and the heat was instantly drawn away into the mass of the head where it dissipated. Now, if you were to hit that hammer head with an even bigger hammer fast and hard enough then you should be able to generate enough heat to light the cigarette with it.

No, the rod was plastically deformed generating heat. The hammer was sufficiently hard so that it did not plastically deform. Short answer is no. The rod got hot because it was deformed repeatedly by the hammer. I think its called work hardening or tool hardening i forget. Anyway, the hammer isn't being deformed enough to heat up much, further more, it would take much more energy to heat the hammer to the required temperature anyway since there is more mass and more surface area to dissipate heat.

After that, the tool steel in the hammer would maybe be too brittle to survive this treatment, like if you were hitting it with a sledge for example. Edit : Nevermind, I forgot about the crack lighters, they're becoming rare where I live.

Gas stations. The shitty non Bic ones. Who's going to watch this and tell me what it is I've started my forge this way when I forget the lighter, works much better with iron than todays mild steel. So bad ass. It's not even the science aspect. Its the fact that he beat the shit out of that until it gave him what he wanted.

Most people could not wield a hammer close to that. For stealth smokers whose parents freak at the click of a lighter. They won't suspect a thing. I think the Johnny Cash cover is better. Never been a big NIN fans though. Think Trent Reznor is an excellent song wrong, in the same vein that Bob Dylan was an excellent song writer.

However, in both cases, I believe their songs are performed better by others. That's nothing, there's a guy who once lit a cigarette with a nuclear explosion. Cracked link in case the above one doesn't work. Omg god help you. I would have said the heater but that doesn't seem to be working.

If I was you I'd pretend I have to go to the kitchen and make a piece of toast, and light it of the toaster. If you have a lighter WITH the flint but no gas left in it, spray deodrant in a plastic bottle, keep as much of the deodrant in there as possible, then quickly strike the flint of the lighter over the open bottle.

As deodrant is highly flammable, that will start a small fire inside the bottle, and you can light your cigarette. Trending News. Newly obtained call adds fuel to Falwell scandal. Jenna Bush shares dad's reaction to infamous photo. Belichick shows rare emotion over loss of mother. Police: Black man killed by L. Ex-Pence adviser: Trump bungled virus response. Do you happen to have any toothpicks lying around?

Remember that stove? Another great little trick is to use a candle, all you need to do is to get the wick lit and you can light your bowl directly from that! Bonus points if its a kush-scented candle. After that, you can remove any excess wax from the wick by placing it in the boiling water and allowing it to drop off.

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How To Light A Cigarette Without a Lighter! Using Car Battery And Jumping Cables! › how-to-light-up-cigarette-without-a-lighter. m members in the videos community. The best place for video content of all kinds. Please read the sidebar below for our rules. Tobacco manufacturers now use color-coding to allow consumers to differentiate between regular and light brands, using lighter colors and silver for "light".

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