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There kahoot many reasons why it might not find the quiz: You did not input the quiz name or search term yet. That way, you can answer the question normally instead of randomly guessing.

Kahoot has acquired Danish startup Actimo , which provides a platform for businesses to train and engage with employees. It may sound like a modest sum in a tech market where companies are currently and regularly seeing paper valuations in the hundreds of millions at Series A stage, but it also presents a different kind of trajectory both for founders and their investors. And it puts Actimo under the wing of a company that has been scaling globally fast, finding — like others in the areas of online education and remote working — that the current state of social distancing due to COVID is resulting in a boost to its business.

In the last 12 months, some million games have been played on its platform. Correct answers should now be more obvious. You can now confirm to continue to the question instead. Loose search has been improved, showing less options after each question.

There are certain quizzes that loose search will not work well on though. Quizzes with the same question for all questions. Quizzes with multiple questions with the same correct answer. You can also see how much time is left at the top or bottom on mobile. The server also gained lots of bug fixes.

Challenges have options, custom points and always correct. Also, multiple select questions have answers that can be togglable. This means that the server will no longer search for kahoots when the quiz name is empty or only full of special characters. This should improve quiz searching.

The website now resets itself after the game ends, or if you get kicked, similar to kahoot. Improved Two Factor Authentification pages. Deactivated the supervolcano. Unfortunately, this added a garbage disposal, which nobody knows what it actually does. Search Game Challenge. Quiz Author?

X Quiz Author The Quiz Author setting helps the server find the quiz by providing the creator of the quiz. If you know the quiz author, putting their name here helps greatly. Enter Search Term and press 'Enter'. Game Options Answer Timeout? Custom Total Points This sets the timeout for each question in order to get a specific total value.

This setting may not work as it uses a very simple formula that isn't perfect. X Answer Timeout The Answer Timeout setting allows you to delay answering the question for a specified amount of seconds. Valid settings are 4 -4 1 - 5 By setting a negative number, the answer timeout varies from that number by one second To customize the variation, use a range: min - max.

It may take a few seconds to enter the game when two factor is enabled. When this is disabled, you will be sent to a screen to enter in the two factor pattern yourself. Challenge Options Points? To continue to the next question, press the Next button.

Presets Default? Save New Preset Add. User theusaf created this website so that he could easily find the answers to quizzes and win. Why use this website? It's not finding the quiz! There are many reasons why it might not find the quiz: You did not input the quiz name or search term yet. Please input the name in the input at the top or in the settings. Kahoot recently removed the quiz name from being sent to the client, meaning that you need to find the quiz yourself.

The quiz is not public. The company has been building a business in this space for years. Customers include the likes of Facebook for sales training , Oyo hospitality training and onboarding and Qualys for taking polls during a conference , among others. Critically, while a lot of Kahoot's audience is in education, its corporate most of the revenues come in, one reason why it's keen to grow that segment with more services and users.

The aim with Actimo, Kahoot says, is to build out a product set aimed at helping organisations with company culture -- which, with many organisations now going on eight months and counting of entire teams working regularly outside of their physical offices, has grown as a priority. Keeping a team feeling like a team, and an individual feeling more than a transactional regard for an employer, is not a simple thing in the best of times.

Now, as we continue to work physically away from each other, it will take even more tools and efforts to get the balance right. In that context, Actimo's solution is just one aspect, but potentially an interesting one: it has built a platform where employees can track the training that they have done or need to do, engage with other co-workers, and provide feedback, and employers can use it to generally track and encourage how employees are engaging across the company and its various efforts.

As Kahoot looks to find more than just a transient place in a company's IT and software fabric -- transience of attention always being a risk with anything gaming-based -- it makes a lot of sense to pick up Actimo and work on ways of coupling the platform with its other corporate work. You can also imagine a time when it might create a similar kind of dashboard for the educational sector.

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Kahoot music for 10 hours Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share, and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. Make learning awesome together! Kahoot! for schools is our new offering that helps teachers collaborate, save time and create more engaging games. Support your students this back-to-school with high-quality social and emotional learning kahoots by Kahoot! Academy and our new Premium Partners. Kahoot!

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